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Forms: fusilis[s]u, fosligim, foselgatar, fuslegar, foruillecta, forḟoillechta, foillged, foillget, foillcid, foillech

v ( sligid, Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 632 ). The meaning of the root may be preserved in the gloss on Ecl. v 80 : damnabis .i. fusilis[s]u .i. re[o]s facies ut uotam tuam multi adorarent , Thes. ii 361 . Smears, overlays: pres. 1 s. fosligim (gl. lino) Sg. 183a1 , (delino) 173a7 . pret. 3 pl. foselgatar ... a tunig som do fuil, Tur. 128 . Pass. pres. s. fuslegar de imman delg `some of it is smeared round the thorn' Thes. ii 248.7 . perf. pl. lase foruillecta beóil in chalich di mil, Wb. 7d9 . forḟoillechta ... di littin they were smeared (of singed cows) LL 169a24 (the protot. stem is represented in the parallel passage : foillged [foillget, foillcid v.l.] littu ... 'mon búar, Metr. Dinds. iii 218 ).

Part. fuillechta, q.v.

For vn. see 2 follach, foillech (foillech) and 1 foillged.