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Forms: f.

n rudh ┐ roilbe ┐ f.¤ tuaithi (places the entry on which by cattle does not constitute a trespass), Laws iv 124.26 Comm. ; f.¤ not translated. apparently some kind of waste or common land, `marshes or wastes?' O'Curry, Manners and Customs i p. clx ; in Laws Gloss. expld. as a kind of trespass.


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(n o, m. ? Cf. deach) (somet. with -ú-, but possibly a disyllable. On derivation see Marstrander, ZCP vii 365 ) a word ; a stanza or quatrain (poetic term) : fasach .i. fes-f.¤ .i. foach focal, Corm. Y 611 (cf. Laws v 12.6 Comm. ). fuach .i. focul, Corm. Y 447 . Metr. Gl. D. 26 ; Lec. Gl. 4 ; Stowe Gl. 389 ; f.¤ .i. focal ; .i. rann, O'Cl. f.¤ .i. rann, O'Dav. 858 , citing in f.¤ ellachtda, ar an fers lasan laidneóir as f.¤ a ainm lasin ḟilidh, Ériu xiii 15.3 . cf. go ḟ.¤ nuin ib. 29 . nocon ar f.¤ toltanach neich aile doniat sum an urfocru `at the voluntary word of another' Laws ii 310x Comm. deach .i. de-fuach .i. comruc dā sillab conristar and, Corm. Y 500 . Cf. deach .i. di fuach in tan is dialt ... de fuach in tan is recomrac, Auraic. 3570 . lorg-ga f.¤ unstressed syllables between alliterating words: l.f.¤ .i. iarmberla da silladh [leg. -ab ?], O'Curry 2074 ( H 4.22, 676 ). (l. f.¤ eter da focul) : as mo thoil féin ar in sál [end of st.] Imba sessach ... [beginning of next st.] imba is í in l.f.¤ , Auraic. 5351 ( LL 37c47 ). lān f.¤ firinde (.i. lan focal), Amra Sen. 2 ( ZCP iii 223 ). dofemat ferba f.¤ filid, Anecd. ii 75.1 . siansa a f.¤ (.i. a focal), ZCP v 483 § 1 . fer gan ainces a bfuachaibh (.i. i foclaibh), Leb. Gab.(i) i 130 (of an historian). ? gabsait gair thromm thri uair trede nad f.¤ fo fuair, LL 287a18 (rhet.). Cf. further : gle nad n-iadha rathaighes fior fri filedha f.¤ , Ériu xiii 21.27 . cia f.¤ feithes fiacha ? f.¤ maith 26.3 .