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Forms: mleith, bleithi, bleithi

n f. Mid. Ir. form of mleith, q.v. b.¤ ┐ mbleith ┐ meilt, cóir, beilt lochdach . . . b.¤, beil a dhénmhus neith, IGT Introd. § 66. bean bheilte na brón—(cóir), ibid.


(a) act of grinding, milling: foremthes a b.¤ (barley), Thes. ii 335.31 . ocbleth bron, Corm. 14. bla muilind b.¤ the exemption of a mill (is when it is) grinding, Laws iii 280.4 . b.¤ a muilend; b.¤ a (leg. for ?) lam-broin dichmairc; b.¤ for libroin (see (b) below), v 474.3 , 4 . gen bes muilend for a b.¤ `as long as mill shall grind' ( Ériu xvii 74 § 7 ), Laws iv 218.13 Comm. focul fair iar na tirad cen b.¤ . . . iarna b.¤ , ZCP xiv 348.10 ( Laws ii 242.11 ). b.¤ i muilenn ná bróin, Ériu ii 202.1 . docuaidh . . . do b.¤ coda na manach go muilenn, BNnÉ 294 § 20 . naoi gcearna arbhair do bh.¤ nó do mheilt a bróin, Keat. ii 5232. Fig. of armed forces: tuc b.¤ mulind tuathbil forthu threw them into disorder, CRR 25. b.¤ muilinn tuaithfil orra, Cog. 198.34 .

Attrib. g s. fer bleithi ` grinder ', Laws iii 280.7 Comm.

Form obscure in: gelair scor glethe i ngurt ḟeóir / melair blethe sech mulleóir `the meal is ground', Metr. Dinds. iii 96.16 .

(b) act of grinding, sharpening (weapons): bai dono ben and fri bleth arm, RC xii 94 § 124 , cf. Laws v 474.4 above. a nairm do b.¤ , BLism. 226 vb11 (Acall.). fodhmhoir . . . ag b.¤ a ḟíacal risin cartha cloichi sharpening his teeth on the pillar-stone, Ériu iii 166 § 23.

(c) act of rubbing, chafing or applying massage to (the skin): conéraig in banchuire imbi ocon dabaig dia mblith ┐ dia fholcud a chind, TBFr. 256.

II Legal act of tending cattle (at a pound); `wages of attendance on cattle' (seized by distraint), Plummer MS. notes, `costs of (levying) the distress', Manners and Customs i cxci 1 See Binchy, Celtica x 48 f. : fogeiltad, ┐ mb.¤ (inbleith, 272.1 Comm. ) `(expenses of) feeding, and tending ', Laws i 258.16 . ar fogelt na ar b.¤ , 102.3 Comm. a naimsir fogelta ┐ blethi, O'Curry 2716 ( Eg. 88, 60 va ). dligid dib i forus fri mb.¤ `it (i.e. cattle taken for distraint) becomes liable for expenses of tending in the pound', Laws i 210.26 . fri mb.¤ .i. in screpall (sic leg.) .i. log fir fognama ┐ meich, 212.16 Comm. foghail ┐ bleth: foghail .i. na meich, ┐ bleth .i. in logh fir foghnama , O'D. 1564 (H. 5.15, 3b). Attrib. g s.: broga for aghaib bleithi `shoes on tended cattle', O'Dav. 322.