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n m. (late analogical form of 1 forba, often v.l. for latter) finishing, completing: forbhadh criochnughadh, O'Cl. f.¤ cacha fīr-uilc, YBL 304b9 ( MR 166z ). iar f.¤ a fogloma , RC xxiv 176 § 4 . iar fforbadh a aoisi, AFM iv 770 .

See also under 1 forba.


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n , f. (idan) purity, integrity: ind narbo lór iodne ind caich ..., `whether each man ... was sufficiently pure,' Mon. Tall. 159.17 . cech nóebán co nidnai, Fél. Ep. 99. tói, uimle, hidna, ainmne, Fél.² clxxxv 7. Among the qualities of good women : gáis, idna, indracus, Tec. Corm. p. 54 § 16. fo miad ... .i. fo airilledh ┐ indracus ┐ idna, Laws i 42.15 Comm. airilliud .i. im tochus ; inrucus .i. im breithir ; idna .i. im gnimrad, v 96.4 Comm. cid dobeir dire do neoch ? ... airilliud ocus inrucus ocus idna, 2 . ar idhna a mesraighthe `on account of the clearness of his judgment,' iv 356.19 . Four requisites for an ollam : na ceithri hídhna .i. idhna láime .i. gan guin, ┐ idhna lánamnais .i. um aen seitig, ídhna beoil .i. gan aír inddligthech ┐ idhna fogloma .i. um dá rann déc na filidechta, O'D. 1191 - 2 (< H 2.15A, p. 78b ) cf. LL 30d36 - 7 . foglaim co n-idhna, O'Dav. 1083. Idna Hérenn Inis Cathaig `The Purity of Ireland— Scattery Island,' Triads § 10. cen idna nglan, SR 1395. dēnatt idna `let them practise purity,' BColm. 98.28 . `iodhna' gach eineachlann, Metr. Gl. 28 § 43 (? because the payment of enechlann cleanses a man's honour, Plummer MS. notes).