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Forms: folomm

adj o-ā bare, naked (? Apparently the older form of 1 folam. see Ériu xiii 191 ) : tír ... 'sé folom follscide, LU 2144 ( FA 21 = folomm LB). Cf. slog ... forbrén folum fergach (of demons) PH 8102 .

Cf. 1 folum.


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n u, m. stripping, looting: i n-aittreb do thigi, ina f.¤ (.i. gait a tuigi dib), Laws i 162.24 (166.7) . i f.¤ do lubguirt, 166.23 . i f.¤ do mairb (.i. a etach do gait don marb) 174.28 (176.6) . i f.¤ catha plundering (the dead on) a battle-field 174y .

2 fuidrecht

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Forms: f., f.

n .i. folomrad catha .i. ... sloghadh fuidrechta `a fugitive host' Laws i 176.24 Comm. (`a host of fuidir-tenants '? Atk.). The translation is based on H 3.18, p. 243b3 ( O'Curry 457 ) : sloighe fuidhrechta .i. foderach uadha as a sloigid iar techt lais (= abandoning him when his army has gone with him ?). Cf. fuidrecht .i. frith ut est dina fornocht [ = fairnecht ?] f.¤ .i. dona airnechta fir nochta [sic leg. ?] innte which seems = f.¤ i.e. waif , ut est wherein stripped (despoiled) men were not found Ériu xiii 54 ( H 3.18, 61a ) (airnechta looks like pass. pl. perf. of ar-icc. Meyer ( ZCP xviii 333 ) took f. here to be pass. pret. of a verb *fo-dírig. See fuidrech). Cf. Ir. Recht 61 n.3 , where Thurn. dismisses Atk.'s expl. of 2 fuidrecht as an abstract and says fuidrechta in Laws i 176 Comm. belongs to `dī-rig,' the `fo' being added to agree with the lemma ( folom(m)rad). But the word can hardly be an ad hoc compd. Meyer's expl. seems more likely.