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folud 1 wealth; goods and services owed in virtue of a contract; consideration; obligations arising from an offence,; substance, material; in the case of words, the idea they denote; in contracts, the objects or liabilities to which they refer; in the case of lords and clients the essence of their relationship; substance nature, essence (both of material and immaterial things); the thickness or thinness of meat or drink 2 substance, signification (the notion 3 substance, property, wealth; Esp. of cattle and stock 4in Laws, the pl. folaid is `a frequent term for the means, material or otherwise, by which a person sustains his functions or liabilities'5of contracts, the objects or undertakings to which they refer; of lords and clients, that which constitutes their mutual relation, their correct conduct towards each other in their respective capacities; Of an article borrowed for a definite period; price equivalent, price; what is payable in reparation for crimes (of trespass etc.) 6 equivalent, consideration; reason, cause