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agad, aiged 1 face, countenance; surface; expanse; front; shape, form, appearance; honour 2In phrases implying motion, intention; turns towards, makes for 3 before, in front of; towards, in the direction of; against; Up (of a slope, steps, etc. with I N-); opposes, contradicts; for; for the purpose of; on the point of, about to; as an offset to, corresponding to, instead of, etc. 4 forward, ahead; fairfaced; red-faced; flooded; broad-faced; front bones (shin-bones?)
3 aí 1on account of, because of 2 as regards, in the matter of 3 for the sake of, for 4 nevertheless, however
air- before, for but later also with merely intensive force
airchomair opposite position; ahead; In preparation for, readiness for; In hostile sense against, in opposition to; awaiting, in readiness for; for , with a view to; Corresponding with; Contemporary with
airḟeithem act of awaiting, viewing; act of assuming responsibility for, caring for , looking after
2 aiscid 1act of seeking, requesting; request, boon, favour 2 gift, present; without payment, gratis, for nothing; Without requital, in vain, etc.
anad 1 act of staying, stopping, remaining; waiting till; act of waiting for; act of agreeing to 2 act of withstanding, resisting 3 act of stopping, ceasing; stop, cessation; desisting from, refraining from; act of desisting from; refraining from, remaining away from
1 ar 1 before, in front of; before 2 for , for the sake of, on behalf of, etc.; for the sake of, by; on account of, because of; on account of it, therefore; instead of, in place of, as substitute for, in meaning of; counts as; in return for, in exchange for, as price of, in payment for, as equivalent of; preference; for the purpose of, in order to obtain; by virtue of, by means of, through; In general sense of in respect of, with regard to, in the matter of, relating to, etc.; about (of stories, books, reading, etc. In late exx. only. Perh. orig. for in this meaning); from; from; against
2 ar for , since, seeing that, for the reason that
at-reig rises (often also rises and goes, goes).; rises; Of arising from sleep, etc.; Of recovery from wounds; Of noise, emotions etc.; Arises, occurs, happens; Grows up, matures, extends; rises to meet, to attack, makes for; rises before
1 barr 1 top, tip, end 2Special applications. Of trees, top, branching portion; of plants, tip, flower-head; lock, stock and barrel, completely 3Of the extremities of the body 4 head of hair 5 helmet, tiara, diadem 6 crop, produce 7Gramm. enclitic (demonstr. or emph. pron.); an emphasizing pronoun 8 top, climax, end; crown, supremacy, preeminence, transcendence; superiority 9Of an individual, one who is preeminent, chief, leader 10 more (than, AR); excess, overplus, addition; as well as; for the purpose of; in addition
beirid 1 carries; In abstract senses adduces; infers etc. (of arguments, facts, etc.) 2 bears, brings forth, in pass. is born; Of animals; Of laying eggs; yields, produces 3 judges, passes judgment (usually with breith, etc. in figura etymologica and with FOR introd. indirect obj.); Hence of dreams interprets, expounds 4 carries away, takes (with one) (opp. of do-beir) (freq. with LA with reference to subject) 5Hence with meaning carries off absol. and in phrr. b. barr, búaid, cluiche, etc. secures, wins (highest place, a victory, a game, etc.) 6 gets, obtains; takes; Legal obtains, inherits (land, etc.); incurs (liabilities), is liable for 7 spends, lit. takes (time) (cf. D 207.51); Intrans. lasts, endures, keeps 8 carries off, away (from etc.) with prepp. A, AR, DI, etc.9 carries, brings to, etc. (with CO, DO, DOCHUM etc.) (= do-beir). (Somet. with LA, cf. IV); V. freq. with prep. FOR (later AR) catches up, overtakes, etc. 1011 For do-beir gives 12In greetings, salutations; malediction, censure, etc. with meaning takes (somet. = do-beir); gives, returns thanks; pays respect, honour (to); gets, obtains information, etc.
benn 1 mountain, crag, peak, point; crest, summit; pre-eminent person; Transf. of outline of land 2 pinnacle, spire; gable; corner, etc. of building, structure, etc. ;; a high top, pinnacle; Hence in plant-name 3 wing of an army, fleet 4 horn of animal; (of a whale ?); a pledge given in respect of impounded cattle; a (buffalo) horn; hence drinking horn, goblet; Of musical instruments 5 prong, point (of various forked and pointed objects) 6 crest, diadem, etc. (of a helmet, head-dress, etc.); By metonymy (?) of a horse 7 yards; sail-tops; Of a shield; Of a garment; king of peaks (?), one of three classes of kings8 for ever (and ever) 9Freq. in nn. loc., usu. in senses point, peak, hill; In late use heed, attention, regard 10a steeple; tower; peaked crosses11 yellow-tubed; rugged-topped
1 bert 1 Burden, load; bundle; bundle, sheaf of thatch, rushes, straw, etc.; burden, weight (of grief, etc.) 2 Clothing, covering, clothes, attire, apparel; accoutrement; equipment 3 deed, exploit; feat, trick; effort, task; action, behaviour; move in a game, play in a game, game
bíth 1As prep. because of, on account of, for the sake of, lit. under the stroke of 2 because, for , since
1 bith 1the world; inhabitants (men) of the world, mankind, people; land, territory, soil; existence, life; in the world, in existence; hence developing to anywhere, at all; (follg. a noun) any, what(so)- ever, see also s.v. 1 cía; freq. follg. a noun in neg. sentences nothing, no(one) at all; whatever; everywhere 2 Age, period; for ever
bráth Judgment, esp. the last Judgment, Doom, Doomsday; Judgment of Cae (name of a mythical lawgiver; a legal precept; law inherent in such a precept, customary law; till Doomsday, for ever; in neg. sentence never; In wider sense doom, destruction; In vague general meaning great, terrible, awful
bráthach doom-like (?), eternal (?); for ever
bunad 1 origin, basis, source; unauthorized (?); dwelling, habitation 2Of families etc. origin, stock, race 3In Laws original stock, stock belonging to the family, etc.; Hence freq. fer bunaid owner; Of bees; Of water for a mill 4V. freq. in gs. as attrib. original, fundamental; native, hereditary; inherent, own, proper; basic, established; certain, veritable, real, etc.; feud; family name; the owner (?)5 in reality, actually; `originally' (in fact ?); always, perpetually, for ever
1 cenn 1The human head, head of an animal; in sense, reason, head and body; Of a head of hair; Cathead; Wolfhead; Horsehead; Snakehead; Of the head cut off in battle; front legs; head-wound, serious wound; mouth.; completely; utterly, entirely; headlong; head first; owl; billow, breaker; appears; Of buildings roof; a ribbed vault, a groined roof; covers, tops 2 End, end-point, termination.; sheaves; Of territories; Of the end or completion of an affair, etc. 3Of persons, chief, head person, leader.; battle-leader; headquarters, centre; end, goal 4 towards, in the direction of, to meet; for , to fetch; in the future, afterwards, later; next, following, ensuing; below, in what follows; later, following; in front of, before; awaiting, ready for, in anticipation of; of time in store for; face to face, at grips; to the end, to completion; till the end of, for the duration of; in return for, for the sake of, instead of, on condition of, because of, for; a quid pro quo; towards, against, for; within, during; about, concerning, with regard to, for the sake of, etc.; finishes, completes; falls down, topples; to, in the direction of, towards, against; in addition to; adds to; in competition or rivalry with, in preference to; at the head of for purpose of leading; in store for, destined; at the end of; together; simultaneously; successively; about, around; about, concerning, with regard to; in control of, in charge of; over and above, in addition to; overthrows, upsets, turns upside down; on behalf of, for the sake of, in return for, in lieu of, because of, for , etc.; in spite of, in violation of; notwithstanding; nevertheless; Of begetting offspring by a woman in spite of or unknown to her husband; notwithstanding the fact that, although; head-covering
cétamus 1measure for measure, tit-for-tat 2 firstly, to begin with, originally 3In wider sense however, moreover, indeed, even, etc.
2 cía 1 if, even if, in the case that, in the event that; that; good, fitting, permissible; although, in spite of the fact that, even though; however, nevertheless; even; as to, as regards, as for
comḟot equal length; grave; for so long, equally long; while; as long as; as far as
croüd 1 bringing into, caring for in, an enclosure2 stabling, stalling (animals)
1 dáig because of, for the sake or purpose of; for , since, because; for indeed
danó, dano 1 Also, further, in addition, besides, as well, too; comparison; condition; time; cause or reason; concession; also, again; further, besides, moreover; Often in the sense of `too' (`also') immediately after nouns and pronouns (or emphasising particles); or, or else; thus, thus also 2 Therefore, then, accordingly, itaque, et ita, igitur 3 then, accordingly, so, upon which, thereupon, now; further, again; introducing a new event or indicating transition to an entirely new subject: now, now as to, as for 4 However; however, but 5 even
1 de, di 1With intransitive verbs of motion, denoting departure, separation or moving away; arises from, stands up from; darts, springs forth from; removes from; went away, departed; springs from, descends from; springs forth, flows from, sprouts; falls; escapes from; comes; comes from; goes from; falls from; depart from; leaps from; parts with; separates from, parts with; departs from; ceases from; drips from; flees from; ebbs from; denoting removal, abstraction, expulsion, robbing from, &c.; wards off; sweeps off, casts out; takes off, cuts off from; wrenches, strips from; takes away from; steals from; gathers from; keeps from; keeps apart from; gains from; puts away from; removes, expels from; lowers; exacts (a tax) from; puts away, prevents from; cuts off; cuts off; leads from; removes; raises from; takes away from; takes off; keeps off from; lets go, throws, lets down; hunts; flays; throws from; sends; remove from; takes (away) from, keeps from; takes away from, lops off; steals from; clears away from, expels from; moves from; expels from; casts from; cuts off from; loosens from, releases from; sweeps or snatches away from; loosens from; takes off; transfers from; With verbs denoting salvation from, protection from, cure of; helps out of; rescues from; saves; saves from; After verbs denoting cleansing, clearing, purging, washing; cleanses from; With verbs denoting restraint, prevention or prohibi- tion; keeps back from; forbids; restrains from; hinders; restrains from; hinders; abjures; ceases from, rests from; re- vives from; becomes strong from; After verbs denoting surpassing, excelling; surpasses; surpasses, excels; prevails over, outstrips; In the construction of verbs denoting lack or want of; is wanting; remains, is left over; is left over, remains; After verbs and substantives denoting disgust, ab- horrence of; With verbs denoting buying from, receiving from; receives from; buys from; buys from; After verbs denoting asking, begging, demanding; inquires; begs; asks; After verbs denoting eating, drinking from; drinks from; drink from; sip from; eats; After verbs (words) denoting choice or selection out of a number or quantity.; has chosen; profits by, from; Expressing position with regard to, (north, south, &c.) of; denoting derivation, descent, source, starting-point or the like.; causes, effects; Expressing the origin or derivation of a name; name from; derived from; Indicating racial origin, descent; springs, descends from; is born from; of origin, descent, native place; of issue, consequence; makes a part of, belongs to; it follows, comes, results from; is because of; Indicating the material or substance of which anything is made or consists; is made of, consists of; builds up; creates, shapes; brings forth, creates; establishes; from without; on this side of; from the south; from yonder side; from above, de-super; (from the root) from the beginning, originally; from every side; from afar; from afar, of space; for long; away; this time, on this occasion, now; after; from near; at once, suddenly; on the spot; on the spot; hence, then 2 enjoins, commands; is victorious, wins; bids farewell; care; fearlessness, confidence; adheres to, cleaves to, follows; providence; provides for 3denoting part or quantity; forms part of, belongs to; a better warrior; a tribe; a drove; a herd, a troop; a drop; a little; a bit; choice of; a spark; an equivalent; enough; a flock; a burden; a shower; the full of; number; sufficiency; quantity; much 4to make or to do; to seize; to beat, strike, ply upon, scourge; to cut, shear, clip; to break, to injure; to wound, to kill; to throw, fling; to drive, drive away, expel; to destroy; to bind; to write; to shut; conceals; disturbs; makes, does; aids, heals; illuminates; burns; adorns; support oneself by; by means of, by the power of; arbeir biuth he uses, consumes; smears; satiated, satisfied; satiates; supplying wants; serves, attends; from, by, in consequence of, according to; therefore, for that reason, consequently; for that, because, since, cf.; why; of, about, concern- ing; to die of, to be sick with; to reprimand for, take vengeance for; to beat one for sth.; to do penance for; to complain of; to be or become angry for; to be proud of, to boast of; to be envious or jealous of; to be thankful for; sad, mournful, tired, weary; thirst from; intoxicated; weak from; commiserates, has compassion on; for , during; at night; from afar; diligently; clearly, openly; usually, always; much; for the sake of, because of; with the consent of, of free will; over and above, in addition to; because of; according to the judgment; because of; with the permission of; away; on foot; from sorrow; because of; by the will of; by force; on horseback; willy- nilly; on my own account; by means of, in virtue of, on the score of; for fear; on account of the goodness or excellence of; in anger; in truth; in consequence of; abundantly, extra, in excess; through the oppression or tyranny of; in word or deed; continually, semper; for the honour of, under the protection of; in presence of, before; by rote, by heart; from hatred; by sea; ever; of one mind; at one birth; with one voice, unanimously; of one mind, intent; with one accord; together; with special aim, deliberately, exclusively; of one report, all together; according to; takes as a choice, chooses; for love; by land; on account of, owing to; on foot 5 THOUGHT, FEELING OR ACTION; of, concerning, with regard to, in reference to; is of, about; in subject-headings, titles of tales, chapters; speak, tell, preach, mention; asks, inquires; mention of; is called; sing of, write of; prophesy, prefigure; testify; instruct, teach; discuss, dissertate; blaspheme; hear, think, remember, forget; care for, provide for, be confident about, fear for; providence
dech 1it is best for; deems the best; prefers
didiu 1In logical sequence therefore, hence 2 for 3 also, moreover, further; In adversa- tive sense, however 4Often used to denote temporal sequence, then, there- upon
dílaid 1 satisfies, appeases 2 pays, recompenses, requites, compensates 3 expiates, atones for 4 exchanges, pays for; Hence in later lang. sells, sometimes in sense of betraying
dingbáil 1Act of taking away, removing; Warding off, repelling, keeping aloof; evading; In gener. of keeping off (an enemy, attack, calamity, etc.); Used of an enemy, passes into sense of holding one's own against, and hence by degrees to that of being a match for , an equal to 2a match for , equivalent to, worthy of; worthy of, meet for , due to, becoming to; it is worthy (of), right ( for ), incumbent (on); Absol. it is fitting, meet; Hence absol. as attrib. suitable , worthy, fitting, in later lang. used to denote excellence in gen.; adequately; that which is worthy of, fitting for, an equivalent 3As gramm. term privative case; taking away, removing 4 worth, excellence, merit
dlecht lawful, due, rightful, permitted; legitimate (?); due from; due to, right for; what is due, one's right; proper beauty
dliged 1an individual’s entitlement, right.; a right in respect of fair contract as opposed to naidm ‘binding surety’.; thing or action to which someone is entitled; debt, obligation.; as attrib.: rightful.; As adverb: rightfully.; calculation; argument; reason; form; maxim, rule; In sense of Lat. ratio, guiding principle, law, or theory (regarded as basis of belief or action); principle, rule, norm; dictum, authoritative statement; More loosely of a statement or saying in general; reason, argument; reckoning, computation (?); nature, condition, kind, manner 2 law in wide sense, of a prescript, code, or tradition based on authority of some kind and demanding obedience;; Esp. of civil law; legal lore; lawyer; Passing into sense of judgement or jurisdiction; Doomsday; In sense of abstract justice, right; unlawfully 3What is lawful or incumbent, duty, obligation; As pred., is d. (dom) it is right ( for me), it is (my) duty 4What is right or due (to someone); due, right, prerogative; conditions 5 Due, tax, tribute 6 Faculty of reason (an extension of I (d) above) 7 deserving
1 do 1 to that end, for that purpose; In follg. in sense of Eng. as (lit. for the purpose of being, to serve as) 2 advises; praises; I am concerned with him, have to deal with him; I am angry with him, have something against him; why (does) he . . . ?; whence are ye?
do-beir 1 brings 2 gives; surrenders, gives up; gives battle; takes heed; gives in exchange for, pays for; makes for , attacks; of compensation or retribution); gives, gives away; gives out, gives away, dispenses; Of an author cites, adduces; yields, produces; utters, pronounces; promises, (swears); deceives; turns; trusts; takes in hand, sets about; spends; causes, brings about, effects; occurred; makes, renders, causes to be 3 Puts, places, sets; lays upon, confers on, imposes on, inflicts on (both in good and bad sense);; enjoins upon, compels, instigates; put on; brings, puts (into a state or condition); sends; give and put 4 Brings, leads; brings, deduces, traces (of a sequence, genealogy, etc.); brings down, humbles (mod.); brings up, rears, educates (mod.); well-educated 5 Gets, wins, takes; takes from; takes a wife, weds; wins, captures 6 makes for; falls on, attacks 7 comprehends, understands; perceives, observes, is aware of; observe, note , know (common in med. texts); perceives, knows (by looking at); knows (from), infers (from); thinks, opines, considers; means, signifies; understands (of), applies or refers to (freq. in pass.)
do-gní 1 does; does with (to); In passive often happens, takes place; fulfils, executes, carries out (a wish, command, etc.); stay; believe; depart; increases; turn it; instruct me; discusses (an argument), pleads (a cause); takes counsel, holds a council; levies; Of a calling, art, etc., practises, plies, performs:; holds, celebrates (a festival, etc.), observes, performs (a rite); journeyed; utters 2 Makes; creates, forms, constructs; forms (by aggregation of units), constitutes, makes up; prepares, gets ready; Of mental or abstract construction, makes, devises, frames; makes x of y = turns y into x; y is turned into, becomes x; makes (changes) x into y; makes much (etc.) of, accounts as; makes, renders; appoints, ordains, arranges; begets; conceives; breeds, increases; bred, raised (?); produces, brings forth; causes, gives rise to; is dejected; becomes intoxicated; wins, gains, obtains; proves, demonstrates 3 does, acts; obeys, acts according to the wish or advice of; deals with, acts towards; does without, neglects; makes for , goes
do-im(m)gair 1 asks, claims 2 asks for , calls, summons 3 perpetrated (?); checked, punished (?); punished, subdued (?)
do-ingaib 1 wards off, keeps away, averts (DI from); Esp. of keeping off an enemy or opponent 2 takes away, removes (DI from) 3 saves (from) (?) 4takes oneself off, goes away, departs
do-saig 1 comes, goes, approaches 2 goes to, approaches, makes for; seeks (oft. in hostile sense); In legal sense sues, claims
dúalgas 1 traditional right 2 custom, tribute or other obligation (due to someone) 3 by right of, in virtue of, on account of, by means of; for the sake of; reward?4 kin (?)5 reward
dúiligid desires, longs for (mod.); delights, takes pleasure (in)
dúthracht 1act of wishing, desiring, longing; wish, desire; I desire, long for 2 devotion, esp. of worship or prayer 3 devotion (to), zeal (on behalf of), good services; eagerness, zeal, goodwill, readiness to serve 4 free-will offering
dúthrachtach 1 desirous, willing, eager 2 devout, devoted 3 whole-hearted, fervent, earnest, zealous; diligent, careful 4full of goodwill, generous, kind 5 desirable, desired, longed for
1 écndairc 1 Absent 2 Absence; in the absence (of) 3 for the sake of; instead of
2 ed 1 gets beyond, passes, takes the lead of; throughout, to the extent of, all over (with ref. to movement or position) 2 surpasses; (of the patriarchs:)3 space, interval, duration, period; for a time; while, during, at the hour of; during, for the period of; whilst; until; as far as 4a unit of spatial measurement
2 éis 1 after, in succession to; remaining after, waiting behind 2 for , instead of 3 above, in the preceding context 4 after, later in time than, following, succeeding to; resulting from; after that, after- wards; After (the death, times of) a person: 5 after, left, waiting behind, surviving 6After the departure of, in the absence of; instead of 7 after in the sense of notwithstanding, in spite of 8 behind 9 after, later in time than, succeeding to; resulting from; according to (?); After (the death, times of) a person: 10 remaining after, surviving 11after the departure of, in the absence of 12 for , instead of
éric, éraic 1 paying out, disbursing 2paying an equivalent for, compensation (for an injury, etc.) 3as a legal term, eric-fine, mulct, damages imposed acc. to loss inflicted (cf. eneclann); Esp. of price paid to his kindred for a man slain, wer-geld 4 compensation, return (for something done or suffered); in return for , in requital for; offsetting
1 esbaid, esbud 1 missing, lacking, absent from; in want
1 étir, éter Able; possible, feasible; it is (im-)possible for me (in my case)
fáiltigid(ir), faíltigid(ir) 1 rejoices, is glad; rejoices at, is glad of; welcomes 2 makes glad; Rejoices for , is thankful for
feb 1 excellence, distinction, used of external condition, prosperity, appearance, and also to denote a high degree of a quality or state; for , because of (?); wealth, fortune, possessions, social status: in Laws the external qualifications of property by which (a man's) rank was determined:; divisions (i.e. degrees) of dignity; goods, pos- sessions; way, manner (?); in like manner 2 in the way that', as; just as, exactly as; as, according as, in like manner as; as, when; just as; as if, as though; of excellent generosity (?)
fecht 1A course, journey, expedition; a journey of (free) entertainment, visit of hospitality; an occasion of hospitality; a raid or hosting; a fight, attack, assault; transf. of persons making a foray, a (marauding) band; course, proceeding (?) 2A time, occasion; on a single occasion, once; formerly; theretofore; before; once upon a time, on one occasion; another time, on another occasion; at one time ... at another; On a former occasion; in the second place; again; on this occasion, now, passing later into sense henceforth; this time, now; henceforward; henceforth; each time, every time; every second time, alternately; once for all; on one occasion (only); at the same time, simultaneously
1 feidil lasting, enduring,; long-lived; continuously, for a long time (?); enduring, constant, faithful, persevering
fénach pertaining to (suited for , abounding in ?) waggons; full of waggons
1 fethid 1 watches, observes, pays attention to; watches over, guards (AR against) 2 waits; remains, endures (?); behold!; waits for , expects
1 fis, fius 1the act of finding out or ascertaining; knowledge, information; tidings, information; secretly, unnoticed; with my knowledge; so far as I know; to find out, to investigate (see also dús); to seek, visit; towards; that it may be known; to, towards; when revealed, made known; who knows but ? perhaps 2that which is known; knowledge; tooth of knowledge; occult knowledge, revelation 3a message, notice, summons; sends word to, sends for , summons; In pl. tidings, summons (somet. apparently messengers) 4 description, appella- tion 5 honour, generosity 6a learned man, a sage ?7 participle known; I know
fisrachan to inquire for (a person), to visit (?)
fissi that ought to be found out or known, worth knowing; to be sought for , in- quired
fo, fa, fá 1 under, beneath; under sun (heaven) i.e. alive; in the world; Esp. in sense of carrying, supporting; of direction towards, into, through:; undertakes, attempts; esp. of impact, collision, attack; turns on, attacks; assail; throughout, over, gen. of motion; on; about, around (contamination of IMM; Hence hard by, near (?) 2 under ;; thus; secretly; sub specie; in unison(?); on a course (?); of grammatical function, in Glosses (a particular appli- cation of preceding); actively ... passively; as a negative; in the neuter; underlying; under, subject to; submits to, undergoes; assumes; leaves at the discretion (mercy) of:; under (a name, head, rubric, etc.); under = less than; inferior to; according to, in accordance with; in that case, in accordance with that; like, corresponding to; lit. in proportion to i.e. in requital of (?)cf. (q); with numerals as multiplicative; twice; twice; at, by; usually means by that time but occasionally at (with) that; during; Of approximate time of an occurrence, at, about; on Sundays; in respect of, as regards; lavish of; About, concerning; Of mocking; On account of; along with, including (= imm); after vbs. of swearing, asseverating,; in return for ,3I intend; is liable for (?); impugns; is decided upon by; incites; I settle down; as (of manner) 4 rather, somewhat
1 fó good; hail!; I deem good, like, am satisfied (with; I care not, am indifferent; it is good (no harm) for me; `well-footed' [?]
1 fochell 1 attending to; attention, heed, respect (?);; reward 2 anticipating, preparing for; of being in readiness for; being prepared to face (dangers, enemies, etc.); expecting
fochmarc Asking, inquiring (with DO of person); (asking for , soliciting, seeking (with gen. of obj.); a wooer
fochraic 1a reward, recompense, payment; Esp. of heavenly reward; Fee, hire; heaven 2 purchase-money, rent, esp. in Laws.; on hire, for rent 3 compensation
fo-cíallathar 1 pays heed to, takes care of ( for ), provides for; gets ready, prepares for , provides for beforehand; gets (something) ready, provides; esp. of anticipating enemies, dangers, etc., bewares of, is on one's guard against 2 Appoints, engages, employs (a pers.) (?); attends upon, ministers to
fo-cren 1 buys, purchases, gives an equivalent for (something); is value for (something) 2 pays, hires, recompenses
fo-émid, for-émid 1is unable, fails; refuses, shirks
foichlidi that must be prefiared for , anticipated
foimtiu Being in readiness for , antici- pating, being on one's guard against
fo-loing 1 bears, sustains, supports; of bearing burdens; Transf. supports, main- tains; Freq. of maintaining one in sickness; Upholds, observes 2 sustains, endures, holds out against (an evil, enemy, etc.) 3 cannot (could not) sustain, endure to 4 endures, remains 5 undergoes, suffers 6in Laws (text) is liable to, is responsible for (a duty, payment, etc.) ;7 brooks, suffers, (with vn.) allows
1 for , 1 on, upon; over, above; on, at, by; upheld, supported by; being worn; carried by; over, up; attached to; in, amongst; forming a portion of; on, over, to, towards 2of form, appearance, hue, etc.; of arrangement, state, process; division, classifica- tion, naming; of point of time; coincidence of occurrence; on; with words expressing quality, talent, success, etc.; over, of rule, sway, superior might; upon, in addition to; in succession to, after; on i.e. affecting, afflicting; governing object of blessing, cursing, punishing, etc.; on, by means of; relying on; depending on; in; at; is incum- bent on; owing from; expressing worth, value 3 on, upon; over, above; on, over, above; Often = in; above ground, anywhere on earth, in existence; alive; Of wounds, bruises, etc.; Of approximate position, juxtaposition, on, at, by; Freq. in sense upheld, supported by, also being worn (esp. of weapons, ornaments; IMM is regularly used of clothes) or carried by; after vb. of placing, hoisting, over, up; Of things attached to, or forming part of a body, etc., as, parts of weapons; hair, limbs; leaves of trees, etc.; In, amongst; forming a part of, mixed with; After verb or vn. implying motion on, to, towards; Across, by way of 4 on (of that by which something is evident, known, recognized, etc.); over (of rule, sway; superior might); upon, in addition to (see do-formaig); in succession to, after; in addition to, along with; on, i.e., affecting, afflicting (of emotions, physical or mental states or conditions, joy, sorrow, fear, anxiety, sickness, pain, hunger, etc.;; existing on, by means of (a food, diet); a similar use is relying on, depending on; some- times = content with; in (a state, con- dition); in exile; in error; in the right; inclined; `by dint of' (cf. j); At, engaged in (an occupation or task); in despite of, to the detriment of.5 on account of, because of, for the sake of; on behalf of
2 for , far, bar, uar 1 your, of you
3 for , far, bar says, said, quoth
4 for addition (?)
foraer a calumnious or exaggerated (or superfluous, un- called-for ?) satire, lampoon
for-aicci 1 Overlooks, surveys, hence is hard by; Contem- plates (?) 2 is valid for , extends to: [the judgement-path] `cert' serves for sales, contracts, etc.
for-aithminedar Calls to mind, commemorates
for-ása grows, increases; Trans. increases, enlarges
for-beba dies, perishes
for-beir 1 grows, increases; Rises (in value, rank, etc.); Increases in number, multiplies; Increases (in wealth), prospers; Grows i.e. comes into being; Trans. increases, makes greater (?) 2 subsists 3 waxes strong, stout, insolent (against); prevailed over; attacked ?4 outgrows; surpasses, prevails over
for-ben strikes, smites, cuts.
for-boing breaks, subdues
for-brissi Breaks down, crushes, over-powers; Oppresses, violates
for-cain Teaches, instructs; admonishes, enjoins, tells; Prophesies, predicts
for-cenna Puts an end to; brings to an end, finishes; in pass. comes to an end, is finished; Carries out, completes
for-cí looks at; watches
* for-cluinethar, forcluin overhears; hears
for-comai 1 keeps (in possession), preserves, retains; reserves, assigns 2 keeps, observes, practises
for-comairc questions, inquires
for-congair Commands, ordains; announce ?
for-critha causes to tremble, shakes (?)
for-crotha shakes
for-cuirethar 1 casts upon, throws upon 2 overthrows, overpowers; Esp. forces, violates 3 lays hands on, appropriates (?)
for-cumaing 1is made, created, done, brought about; happens, comes into being; happens, occurs, takes place; happens to be (in a place, etc.) 2 creates, makes 3 is able (used through false archaism for con-icc)
*for-diben smites, slays, destroys
for-ding Crushes, oppresses
for-dingair signifies, expresses
for-diubair deprives, defrauds
for-diuclainn devours, swallows
for-dlig is entitled to
for-dring climbs upon, mounts
for-dúna shuts, closes, fastens
*for-eclainn selects, chooses
for-ecmaing 1 came upon, alit 2 happened (to be)
for-érig rises before (in respect)
for-éta is able; possess, have at their disposal
for-feid carries over
for-fen 1 finishes, completes, brings to an end; In pass., ends, terminates 2 fulfils, achieves (a duty, task, etc.) 3 puts an end to, uses up, destroys
forfid additional (?) letter (see fid, sect. d), name for an Ogham character (see s.v. Ogum, sects. a, c) represent- ing a `défogur' or double vowel
for-finnadar finds out, ascertains; knows, knew;
for-fodla divides; distributes; dispersed
for-foím receives, accepts, agrees
for-gaib 1 seizes forcibly; Expropriates 2 attacks (thrusts, pierces) with some pointed weapon (cf. forgab); gores (?)
for-gella 1 gives superior testimony; testifies, attests, passing into sense avers, affirms; Declares (an intention, etc.), vows 2 calls to witness, invokes 3 enjoins, commands
for-gní prepares, brings about, performs, contrives
for-íada shuts up, closes; Con- cludes
fo-rig 1 holds back, detains, delays, keeps waiting; remains, abides 2 keeps, preserves, prolongs; retains in possession 3 binds 4intrans. remains, stays, continues:; waits for
for-indet tells, announces, discloses
for-len follows, adheres to
for-lína 1 fulfils
for-ling Leaps on or over; Assaults
for-loisci burns, sets on fire, esp. of malicious burning, arson
for-lúathar flutters, flies; moves with (excessive) speed
for-maig adds, increases (?)
for-midethar pronounces upon
for-moinethar envies
for-múcha stifles, smothers
for-naisc binds, (a pledge, condition)
for-nessa strikes, kicks, tramples (?); spurns
foróil, furóil, fuláir 1 in excess 2 excessive; is necessary, incumbent; it is not too much for me; I need, have a right to; I may as well, I ought; I deem it too much, excessive; I deem it proper, fit
for-osmen instructs, enlightens (?); illumines him
for-osna 1 lights up, illumines; Brings to light, makes manifest 2 lights, kindles 3 shines
for-prom ravishes
for-reith 1 runs on, proceeds
*for-rét rides
for-scaíli spreads, disperses, distributes.
for-snáidi protects, guards
for-tá 1 is over or remaining, is left, remains, sur- vives; is still to come; is on, over, dominates 2 is on, is upon 3 is incumbent on, is due from 4 there ensues, further- more, also, item 5 is over, is above, with notion of superiority; excels, dominates (cf. I b, II a)
fortamlaigid prevails, gets the mastery (over), with FOR
for-teinn gnaws, nibbles on
for-tét 1 helps, assists, succours; Confirms, corroborates 2 takes pre- cedence, prevails
for-toing Over-swears, proves by oath, attests, deposes
for-tuigethar covers; includes (?)
for-úaisligid 1 ennobles, exalts 2 overpowers, overcomes; loosen; Surpasses 3intrans. prevails, gets the mastery (?)
foscnam going towards, making for
fo-sisedar 1 stands under,2 confesses, acknowledges, admits 3 professes, avows 4`stands under or for,' acknowledges, goes bail for , becomes responsible for; Supports (?)
fossaigid(ir) 1 makes stable, establishes, fixes, stations; Brings to a standstill; establishes, con- firms; keeps up, maintains (a combat ;; supports, provides for 2 remains (in a place), stops, halts
fot, fat 1 how long 2 so long 3 how long ?4 through; throughout; all over (?); through; throughout; afar, far away; Of time, for long; At length, in full; Absol. to the full extent, alto- gether; along, through 5gramm. length (of sound), long quantity 6 length and breadth 7 vigil, watching; long grass; long-headed; long-lived; long-winged
fota, fata 1 Long-continued, enduring; long- remembered; I deem it long until ..., I am eager, impatient for; I deem ... long, it seems long to me; I think it grievous, am sorry for (without notion of time) 2in prosody, long (in quantity) 3 long ago
frecmarc inquiring of, consulting (a pers.) ;; asking for or about (a thing)
frecra(e) 1the act of answering or responding; an answer; answers 2 answering to, corresponding to; a counterpart, equi- valent 3 answering to = referring to 4 answering for , accounting for , taking responsibility for 5 answering (a challenge, attack); repelling, retaliat- ing 6 responding to = complying with, obeying, satisfying; Assisting, second- ing 7 responding to, i.e. undertaking, fulfilling, discharging (a duty, obligation, etc.); to exercise, practise (?)