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Forms: forchenna, -foircnea, forcenna, -foircnea, -foircnibea, fodarorcenn, forruchénsat, -foircnithaer, forcennatar, -foircniter, forceinfiter, forceinnfitis, forrumchennad, nirrufoircneda

v ā rel. forchenna, Ml. 118d6 . -foircnea, 102a15 . subj. pres. 3 s. forcenna, 132c11 . -foircnea, Wb. 20b13 . fut. 3 s. -foircnibea, Ml. 69b9 . perf. 3 s. fodarorcenn, Wb. 11a27 . 3 pl. forruchénsat, Ml. 100d9 . Pass. pres. s. -foircnithaer Sg. 6b28 . pl. forcennatar, Ml. 48a15 . -foircniter, Sg. 162b1 . fut. pl. forceinfiter, Ml. 56c19 . sec. fut. pl. forceinnfitis Sg. 6a6 . perf. s. forrumchennad, Ml. 127c10 . pl. nirrufoircneda, 94c18 . Vn. forcenn (forcan), q.v.

Puts an end to; brings to an end, finishes; in pass. comes to an end, is finished ; gl. consummare Ml. 48a15 , absumere 94c18 , exterminare 56c19 . In Ml. 69b9 : ni foircnibea, gl. non cum moritur accipiet omnia (on Psalms xlviii 18 ), the gl. seems intended for the general sense = he will not fully use up. ? is ann forcentai a n-ās reached their full growth [?] Mon. Tall. § 68 (an obscure passage). inna huile sluagu fororceansat [fororcansatar v.l.] a sentaid hi firinni, Otia ii 95 = Ir. Lit. 34 . is oín hua tinscanat ni oín hi foircniter (= they do not end in the same letter) Sg. 162b1 . lasaní forcentar o litrib sidi when they end in its letters 114a5 . fororcennta a ṁbríga `their powers have been ended' (of Herod and Pilate) Fél. Prol. 87 (fororcnait, forḟorcennta, etc., v.l.). Carries out, completes: math forcenda [ = ma forcenna] a thoil (= si libidinem expleverit) Ériu vii 146 § 35 . Rarely intrans. : cf. sechis forchenna ón (gl. tempus inculcat expletum) Ml. 118d6 . is i ndialt forcenda duan, i n-iarcomrac ... forcenda casbairdne, IT iii 11 § 15 . i recomrac forcennat sadcuibdiusa dechnada cumaisc, 9.7 . tamh muintire Parrtholóin dosforbairt dia luain ... ┐ forcennsat gus an domnach, CS 8.9 (= they had all perished by Sunday ?). Cf. ... atbathatar noi mile don tam sin cosin Luan n-aile, ITS xxxix 20 (LG).