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Forms: forcongur, forchongrimm, forcongair, farcongair, forchongair, -forgair, farchoṅgrad, forchongramni, forconger, forcongart, forrochongart, forruchongart, forforcongart, fororconggart, -forṅgart, forcongarar, forrorcongrad

v (gairid) O.Ir. forms: pres. 1 s. forcongur, Wb. 19d25 . (rel.) forchongrimm, 9d30 . 3 s. forcongair, Ml. 53a23 . farcongair, Wb. 13a27 . (rel.) forchongair, Sg. 161b5 . -forgair Sg. 161b5 . impf. 3 s. farchoṅgrad, Wb. 32d9 . subj. pres. 1 pl. co forchongramni , Wb. 11b16a (len. irregular). fut. 1 s. forconger, LL 121b9 . pret. and perf. 3 s. forcongart, PH 1115 . forrochongart, Wb. 20c9 . Ml. 145d7 . forruchongart 145d8 (both rel.). forforcongart, SR 1413 . fororconggart, Trip. 66.17 . -forṅgart, SR 3701 . Pass. pres. s. forcongarar Ml. 129b8 . perf. s. (with rel. inf., see GOI § 529 ). forrorcongrad, Sg. 199b1 .

Vn. forṅgaire, later forcongra, q.v., pp., forngarthe q.v.

Later treated as weak vb. with -f- fut. and -s- pret., see exx. below.

Commands, ordains with acc. or subord. clause of thing commanded and DO, FOR of pers. (rarely with pers. as direct obj., cf. cesad fo neuch forrorcongrad, Sg. 199b1 ) : a persainn ríg són forcongarar, Ml. 129b8 . is sain intí forc[h]ongair ┐ inti forsa forcongarar, Sg. 161b4 . lasinni forsa forgair, 161b5 . ní tú ... forta congair `it is not thou that orderest them' (viz. plagae) Ml. 59c11 . farcongairsom ... labrad ilbélre, Wb. 13a27 . is hed in so forchongrimm, 9d30 . comallait ... nanní forcongair Dia doib, Ml. 146a1 . in tan forcongair du doínib comallad a fírinne, 94b3 . amal forndacongair Dia doib ib. With Lat. infin.: forcongair intí Duaid expectare , etc. Ml. 53a23 . co forchongramni manducare , Wb. 11b16a . farchongrad baás do chách (gl. qui habebat mortis imperium) Wb. 32d9 . mina forngartar do ria n-écaib, Laws ii 270.28 ( ZCP xiv 365 ). O'Dav. 949 . amal forcongair athir dia maccaib, Ml. 129b7 . gusna maighnib ina forcongartha ... doib a cur in which they were ordered to put it Leb. Gab.(i) i 116 . ataat ... inneuch forrochongart Dia doib they are ... wherever God had ordered them Ml. 145d7 . forcongairfetsai ... dom ainglib co tisat, PH 1761 . co forṅgart dia mnaib cono tuctais ... in mac, SR 3701 .

With Lat. dat. of pers.: forrochongart ... spiritalibus ... ut ... instruerent , Wb. 20c9 . lasse forcongur fírinni dúib (referring to uerum dicens vobis) = announce ? Wb. 19d25 díaro forcoingair in Comdiu for ainglib ... oslocud in talman LU 1958 ( FA 2 ). forḟorcongair ... forru imtecht ordered them to depart LU 1861 . ro forcongair F. fora ṡlóghaibh gan a ndiubhracadh itir, AFM iii 292 . ro forcongrad o P. for feraib Eirenn ar co tistais, Laws i 14.12 . fororconggart P. fair a ethar do imrom, Trip. 66.17 ( forórcongart, 700 ). fororchongarsat forsan ffianlach ... sochaidhe dhíobh do thuidhecht, Hugh Roe 32.23 (f.9a) .

for na timnaib sin tra forrochongart Dia soíre domnaig do choimét `it is through these commands that God has enjoined Sunday to be kept holy' Ériu ii 200 § 16 .

Cf. forragart mor salm `has prescribed' BColm. 70.7 .