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Forms: forbtha

n f. (for + buith ? See Gwynn, Hermathena 1930 70 and cf. 2 forbaid). Apparently that which is upon (something), a covering: bratt ... forbbaid oenḟir a oenur, Metr. Dinds. iv 330 . darat a laim darsin forbaid immach (of a corpse) past the shroud (?) LU 9728 ( ZCP iii 218 ). luid ... as a forbaid o tuisdib na macamh for lar tighi (of infant Hercules) BB 416a34 . fororbairt leis ... co mbatar .uii. n-airtim di forbaidh saille for a sruib, Dinds. 112 . for slegaib remra rind aithi for forbaid aduair adétig (of the soul in Hell) PH 8296 .

g s. ? bratt forbtha (stragulatum vestem), Thes. i 1.34 . brat formtha (sagana) Sg. 51b9 . fuan forptha imbi, IT ii2 243.1 (= forbthai ib. 19 ).

Cf. forbhaid ambí .i. úir the covering of the not-living, clay Anecd. iii 45 . Tlachta tulach ordain uais | forbaid [v.l. forbad, forba, forambidh] mór ríg, Metr. Dinds. iv 186 (`shroud' v 257 ).