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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: corrg[ui]nec[ht]

x cf. corrguine. See Celtica xxiv 24 : corrg[ui]nec[ht] gl. sciomantia, Thes. ii 235.18 . corrguin[e]acht .i. cerd cumainn, ut est danaib corrguine .i. in tidnacul dogniat tre corr tre corrguin[e]acht, O'Dav. 457 . c.¤ .i. beith for leth-cois ┐ for lethlaimh ┐ for lethsuil ag denam na glaime dícinn, 383 (see 1 glám and BDD² 562 ). corrguinecht .i. dealbh da-nither da criaidh ┐ go ndentar a guin ag cantain na glami digeind, UR 114 § 24 . corguinecht no tothfond forco co mbrister gl. hi fuba do grega (of stampeding horses), Laws i 164.14 Comm. in bleogain o durnn, no an diul, no in chorrdhainecht cethardha, O'Curry 980 ( H 3.18, 423a ) (charming away milk from neighbour's cows? Plummer MS notes). c.¤ fognitis na draithi, Fen. 122.16 . romor in chorrgainecht for a tai, RC xx 40.3 (ACC Introd.), cf. corraigecht and 1 corr compds.