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Forms: fordiuglantaid

n i, m. a devourer: lorc didiu angbaid nó lainn-fordiuclandtaid (= avidus devorator), Dinds. 9 (= BB 357a46 ) = fordiuglantaid , O'Mulc. 780 .

1 lorc

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epithet (probably in origin of Láegaire son of Úgaine Már and brother of Cobthach Cael Breg. The various explanations of lorc in Cóir Anm.. and Stowe Gl. 449 below suggest identification with his grandson Labraid Loingsech Māen with whom, according to O'Rahilly ( EIHM p. 102 ), he is ultimately to be identified. The other glosses probably have the same origin. From him the territory of the Laigin was called Lorcmag. Laeghaire Lorcc .i. Laegaire garg, nam lorcc garg dicitur. Nó l.¤ .i. sladach. lurcos enim dicitur .i. rapax deuorator. Laegaire Lorcc tra .i. finghalach .i. fingal dorighnedh fair ┐ dorinne for nech. nam lorcc .i. finghal, Cóir Anm. 176 . l.¤ .i. balbh, Stowe Gl. 449. Lec. Gl. 299 . l.¤ lurconenim Graece, auidus deuorator interpretatur Latine. l.¤ didiu angbaid nó fordiuglantaid , O'Mulc. 780 . l.¤ .i. lurcon a greig deuorator (sic leg.) interpretatur latine. l.¤ didiu angbaid no laind., O'Curry 1291 ( H 3.18, 537 ). is ainm do garg `l.¤', Metr. Gl. p. 25 § 24. Laoghaire L. . . . ionann l.¤ ┐ fionghal, Keat. ii 2493. Cf. also Life Luirc, LL 7351 ; and Cellach ro slat leirg for Lorc, LU 4154 where Lorc seems = Laignib = Lorcán: ma ro bith ua Breasail Bric / . . . / ní ticfa Laighnech fo lorc (= Lorcán mac Faoláin, rí Laighen whose death is recorded here), AFM ii 648.16 .

Compd. ¤mag the territory of the Laigin: re rígaib Lorcmaige, LL 6901 . do laechraid lūaith Lorcmaige, ZCP viii 117 § 1 .