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Forms: forgnúso, forgnúsa, forggnuso, forgnuso, forgnuse, forgnuisi

n i, f. g s. inna forgnúso , Sg. 198a4 . forgnúsa, 203a2 . forggnuso, 216b3 . forgnuso, Ml. 40a20 . na forgnuse , Hib. Min. 9.304 . forgnuisi, Auraic. 1262 .

(a) face, countenance; superficies: déra ... dar forgnusib ┐ gruadhib, PH 4321 . do deochatar ... dorchai dar forgnuis in talman, Trip. 56.10 ( forgnúis , 568 ).

(b) appearance, form ; in gramm. form (of a word as distinct from meaning): ní hi f.¤ ... acht is hi cēill, Sg. 139a1 . i forgnuis ainmneda, Auraic. 1643 . tre forgnuis adrubamar na diglaime so `by a figure' Laws i 240.12 Comm. forgnuis oenlibuir dianechtair ┐ ilpsailim hi mmedhon, Hib. Min. 7.217 . gúbretha (.i. gó intib iar f.¤ ┐ fīrinni iar ṅdligud) Caratnia 1 . In Sg. 216b3 f.¤ seems to refer to Lat. significantia, cf. also hi f.¤ (gl. in commoditate) 137b6 . forgnuis cantana doroine int ugdar ann the author merely seems to say so (i.e. on examination his real meaning is seen to be different), Cóic Con. 39 § 55 .