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fot , fat 1 how long 2 so long 3 how long ?4 through; throughout; all over (?); through; throughout; afar, far away; Of time, for long; At length, in full; Absol. to the full extent, alto- gether; along, through 5gramm. length (of sound), long quantity 6 length and breadth 7 vigil, watching; long grass; long-headed; long-lived; long-winged
1 fót 1 a sod (of earth), a clod 2 a spot of earth (of a small and definite place) 3 soil, land, territory 4a sod of gore, a scene of carnage; land of bewilderment (?); a spot apart; `sod on altar,' land given to the church 5a lump, mass, heap
2 fót watchfulness, vigilance, caution; art, skill, sense, knowledge