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n m. a male pig or boar (?) : fitheann .i. muc fireann, O'Cl. rucht fothuind f.¤ fói (illustr. of fothond .i. muclaithe), Corm. Y 662. Bruchst. i § 157 .


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Forms: fotheasa, -tésar

v nibbles; gnaws; cf. focul fothuind .i. ... is focul fotein in scēlsa, ACC 138 = ... fotheind cach uch ... i. focul fothendas cach, LB 240b15 . To this Binchy would assign the pres. subj. 1 s. co fotheasa (gl. quo ... mordeam) Ml. 3a9 , comparing -tiasar, Laws v 486.11 , which he would emend to -tésar pass. subj. s. of the simplex 1 teinnid, tennaid.


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n f.¤ .i. muclaithe iarsindi bis fo thuind amail in cerndubhān, ut dixit Fer Mumhan: rucht fothuind ..., Corm. Y 662 . Meyer Bruchst. § 157 suggests a sow's lair (muclaithe = muclaige). Name of some aquatic or burrowing animal ? but fothuind may be an adj. descriptive of some kind of sound; see fothuind below and Studi Celtici iv 238-39 .

? fothuind

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Forms: fo thuind

n focal fothuind (.i. is focul fotein) `wounding' (?) ACC 138 . Possibly fo thuind. Cf. fothond.

2 rucht

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n a noise of some kind, cry , etc. rucht .i. ro iachtadh, no ro-éigheamh no gláodh, O'Cl. See Hermathena xxi 2 . rabert-sun a rucht míled bar aird, TBC-LL¹ 2960 . Of an animal: rucht fothuind . . . andord ela grunting (?), Corm. Y 662 , cf. Bruchst. i § 157 (where Meyer connects it with Lat. ructare). rucht ruip, Anecd. ii 48.17 . Of a sword: concechlastar rucht claidib Conchobuir mar glimmaig n-archon, TBC-LL¹ 5583 . atchloss r.¤ claidib Conaill, CRR 39 . Cf. ruchtgal.