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Last Revised: 2013


Forms: frecor, freccor, frecur, frecru

n o, m. vn. of fris-cuirethar. n s. frecor , Sg. 106b12 . freccor, Wb. 11b5 . a s. frecur, Ml. 43a2 , etc. a p. frecru, 30d16 .


(a) in the term f.¤ céill (vn. of fris-cuirethar céill) applying one's mind to, attending to, cultivating (for construction cf. airmitiu féid and airbert biuth. Cf. f.¤ ceille, H 3.18 , cited below) : f.¤ ceill no frithgnom (gl. Gk. γυμνασια) Sg. 106b12 . freccor céil ídol (gl. idolorum cultura) Wb. 11b5 . oc frecur céill Dae, 29d6 . fri freccur cheill De. fri frecur ceill Dae Ml. 43a2 , 79b2 (gl. cultus in both cases). du frecur cheill siu a Dae, 106d3 . recht frecoir chéill cruithnechtae (gl. frumentaria lex) Sg. 35a11 . cf. isna frecru ceill (gl. ... in cola) Ml. 30d16 . f.¤ ceil no trebad in talman, Alex. 968 . f.¤ ceille in talman dia torad fadesin, H 3.18, 11ay = Laws iv 98.15 . f.¤ céill na scor `to repair the camp' TTr.² 1271 = LL 407a40 ( TTr. 2138 ; cf. Dares xxvii ). bid oc f.¤ ceill dia mathair, RC iii 344.21 (the editor's rendering `He will be under the care of his mother' is certainly wrong. A possible rendering is : He tends (the land) for his mother, or emending Bid occa f.¤ His mother attends to him, this seems less likely. The emendation : Bid a ḟ.¤ suggested Aisl. Óeng. p. 48 is also doubtful. Ó Coileáin, Celtica xx 167-68 , dismisses the line as a product of the confusion of two originally separate glosses). tirfrecur céill agriculture (dist. from `fiadach') Ml. 137c1 . at buidig do thorthib in talman cen tír-frecur-ceill, Alex. 841 (= frecar tir ceill, Anecd. v 2.21 , where the infixing of `tir' is peculiar).

(b) hence (with omission of céill ; see Desid. Gloss. s.v. freacrughadh) attending to, cultivating, practising: freacar .i. friotháileamh, O'Cl. freacar .i. fiadhnaisi ib. seems meant for freacra (frecrae). doinenn dermar ... gur tairmisc frecar na talman um na treabthachaibh, AU iii 460 . a[g] rómhar ┐ ag freacar na talamhan dō, ITS xvi 94.28 . f.¤ n-oiged, Ériu ix 46 § 11 = fognom, LL 147b22 . gach indstraimint ... do foigeonadh d' esbog do frecur ecluisi Dé BCC § 252 . do bi foirbthe a frecur ecluisi Dé who were perfected in the service ... ib. ag f.¤ ecluisi Torón serving the church of Tours (as bishop) § 255 . ni ro mill a tol frecur a deg[g]nim uimi his passions never injured his practice of good works CCath. 1190 (cf. Luc. Phars. II 389.391 ). frecar na subailcedh, Parrth. Anma 2a17 . do ḟrecar Sacramuinte : `of the frequentation of the Sacrament' RSClára 135b . creud iad a chláonta olca ... ┐ an frecar do ní riú `what exercise he useth against them' 154a0 . tir-f.¤ tillage: (fig.) t. nime LL 371c35 = sirfrecar, Hib. Min. 41 ( Rawl. B 512 39a ). Cf. gan tirecor (v.l. tireguir) gan trebaire gan ar, TTebe 1929 where there is possibly a corruption of this.

II Lit. `a putting against,' hence objecting to, impugning, repelling: cf. air ropad frecor [frecorp MS] aitherrech forsan oin ainm `repetition of the same name would have been objectionable' Ml. 131a8 . tri fuile ná dlegat f.¤ `three bloodsheds that need not be impugned' Triads 154 . freccuir cach domaine (.i. do athchur ass) `to remove' Laws iii 22.11 (34) . in deoraidh frecair (a man for whom his `fine' have renounced responsibility ; expld. as one who is troublesome to the `fine' by his misbehaviour). deorad freacair .i. nocha n-icann a athair a chinta, v 236.2 Comm . (on : fear dobeir fine a freitech), iii 380z , cf. iv 250.13 and frecur .i. firathchur, O'Dav. 998 . deora f.¤ , O'Dav. 996 . (with subj. gen.) ni tualaing faosam tar freacur fine fear ... fingalach in face of the objections of the fine O'Curry 2252 ( Eg. 88 f. 18c ) = dar fricur f.¤ , O'Dav. 911 (where it is glossed : dar sarugud fine). dar urfogra ┐ freccor in athair [sic] O'D. 2290 ( Rawl. B 506, 27ac.2 ) cf. tar urfocra .i. riana denam, ┐ f.¤ .i. iar na denum, O'Curry 1996 ( H 4.22, 28 ). In phr. : i f.¤ in chatha : dorochratar sochaide mor ... i frecur in chatha LL 115b41 ( RC viii 56 ). LL 315c10 , 387a16 . bellum Cuirrich ... ubi ceciderunt M. ... ┐ D. ... hi frecur `in mutual combat ' (?) AU 781 , = in ro marbhadh M. ... ┐ D. ... hi frecar AFM i 382x .