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Forms: frigh, frigde, frighead

n -nt, f. (see Ériu xi 131.2 ) frigh, IGT, Decl. § 191 (where the g s. frigde is marked lochtach ; g s. frighead, cóir ib. Cf. falach na fride, Aithd. D. ii 256x ). Some kind of vermin, a louse (?), generally translated flesh-worm: tíscébad frigit fri foscod in claidib, LU 7366 ( BDD 99 ). co mbenfaide frigde [frige, frighid v.l.] friss ... ar shoillsi a cóemchniss `till the fleshworm might be crushed' Metr. Dinds. iv 142 ( BB 402b ). Used in comparisons to denote something minute or trifling : nicon rabi méit friged in nach ae dib sech araile, LL 281b18 . oired friged don anlann, Fél. 88.34 . cid becc—méd frighed—do locht, ZCP i 327 . urdail frighed vii 302z . giolla nárbh ḟiú fridh, TD 44.11 . tubuist nach fiu frígh, Ó Bruad. ii 282 . oiread na froighe, 170 .

? frigec

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Forms: f.

n f.¤ a frico ... frige fris .i. meil fris, O'Mulc. 544 ( = rubbing, grinding ? But gloss may be due to a confused reminiscence of the verse quoted s.v. frige from Metr. Dinds. iv 142 , where frige is the reading of 2 MSS.). See frige .


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x see frige