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Forms: fritataibret, fris-tarat, fritabart

v sets against, opposes: pres. dond fritobairt maill fritataibret na dorche don ṡoilsi with which the darknesses oppose themselves to the light Sg. 183b3 . perf. huandi fris-tarat (gl. obdendo) Ml. 51d3 . The follg. more probably represent do-beir in rel. constr. with prep.: ba mait[h] do briat[h]ar ... fri cech oen fristibre to whom thou givest it Ériu viii 173.14 (cf. do-beir ráth fri ...). ? is he les fristucadar aes in iarmorachta sin i ndiaid demain, ZCP x 166.21 .

Vn. fritabart.