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Forms: frithgnom, frithgnam, frithgnama, frithgnamai, frithgnamu, frichn-, fricn-, frichnamh, fricnamh, f.

n u, m. (vn. of fris-gní; `dem lat officium nachgebildet,' Thurn. ZCP xiv 336 ). n s. frithgnom, Sg. 106b12 . a s. in frithgnam , Acr. 5c2 . g s. frithgnama, Ml. 42c2 . n p. frithgnamai, 39d15 . a p. inna frithgnamu , 56b4 . In later manuscripts generally frichn-; also, esp. in classical verse, fricn-: frichnamh fricnamh, m. IGT, Decl. § 28 (fricnamh ∴ aitreabh, ex. 365 ).

In general sense exertion, pains, labour directed to a specified object, and in objective sense (esp. in pl.) service rendered, function: frecor ceill nó frithgnom (gl. exercitus = Gk. γυμνασια) Sg. 106b12 . (gl. operam [dare]) Acr. 5c2 . pl. (gl. officia) Ml. 39d15 . (officia [membrorum]) 56b4 . la fége f.¤ with keen diligence Fél. Prol. 331 . domelom fleda búana cen rithgnom without toil LU 9997 . na chured in talam a torad ... di cen rithgnam trebaire, LL 217a12 ( TTr. 7 ).

Of applied labour, handiwork, fashioning (metal, etc.), with DO or FRI of pers., FOR or IMM of thing; also DO-GNÍ F.¤ FRI: screpall rob fiu in bunad ... ┐ da screpall dorormacht ealadu ┐ frichnum air the material was worth one scruple and art skill and labour increased it to two (of an iron pot) Laws v. 18.1 Comm. Cf. (of training a colt) a leth ... don fear dorigne in eladain ... a leth ... don fir dorigne in frichgnum ... ┐ frichgnum in tsearraig ina agaid sim, 214.8 Comm . Cóic Con. 48 , q.v. curach gan frichnum imruma fair (= that needed no rowing), Ériu iii 152.16 . biadha brechtnaighthi tre frichnuma meats diversified by skilled cookery (?) BB 499b10 (= Alex. 1007 , where tre f.¤ is om.). Of rotation at the mill: trian do eladhain sair ┐ trian do biud ┐ do borbrichnum, Laws iv 216.22 . tir ... nach eicin do fricnam tuair na slige `application of manure or shell' Laws iv 276. 9 . etham frichnamha (.i. tir inbela i mbi maith cach clann) `labour-requiring (?) arable land (axe-land in which every plant grows freely)' 276.6 . Of elaborate work, ornamentation: daronad tra f.¤ mor aicce si imon crand ... na croiche do legaib lógmaraib, LB 231a38 . Cf. do loghmhaire ┐ do ḟriothghnamh ... a n-éudach `of richenes and curiosity in ... cloathings' RSClára 135a .

Earnest effort, striving: dorigne (Cairnech) frichnam mor for anmain Muirchertaig exerted himself to save M's soul RC xxiii 428y . o'tchuala ... Dia a frichnum (i.e. their supplications) PH 1008 . is cora frichnam immpe na fa anoir na colla, 7409 .

Attendance, service on a person (esp. with regard to physical wants): galur gin frichnam leighis `without medical attendance' (or application of remedy ?) Laws ii 166.1 Comm. Cf. slan frichnuma o fuachar fuil (.i. is slan ... dont i feras an ḟuil acht co nderna frichnumh fria), BCrólige p. 80 . déntar in uli frichnama ocainde fria, LB 134b49 . ag denam friochnama ┐ fritheolma fair (of wild animals doing service) BNnÉ 104.9 . friochnamh maith ┐ fritheolmha do dhenamh dona hóinmidibh, RC xxix 219 . friochnamh re Dia fa ndligheann to render to God the service due to Him Dán Dé xxv 5 . cīs frichnama issed cīs frithcnama doberad dō: leth mbairgene mbrechtain fo salann ┐ cua essa guirt, nige dō cind cach xxet aidhci, folccu cacha sathairn tribute of service, this is the tribute of service they give to him, viz. half a loaf, etc., H 3.18, 373b19 ( O'Curry 807 ). Cf. satharnd do richnamh, Laws iv 216.8 ( Ériu xvii 72 ) which seems to refer to tributary service at the mill .

Managing, directing (?), with gen.: iar mbeith fiche bliadhan ag friochnamh ┐ ag follamhnacchadh scol Eirenn AFM iii 14.2 .

Application (to learning, etc.), study: ni comairleiced dó cor lamha aire (.i. dul do sacarbhaic) cin foglaim ┐ cin f.¤ , Trip.² 244 (= nisi prius in praecipua eiusdem disciplinae schola egisset discipulum). a fricnum i feghadh na firmaiminti, CCath. 998 . Esp. of the cultivation of the art and science of the `fili': báoi filidh amra isin Tuadhmumain ... fer frithgnamai máir. eicsine laiside oc f.¤ , ZCP vii 305.9 . ... na n-ēigsine bātar oc f.¤ occa ib. 19 . ro boí in t-éices occ acallaim ind eicsine ┐ oc cur sula tar a f.¤ ro rathaigestar in t-éices mórmenmain ind eicsine ┐ lagat a frithgnama the poet was addressing the learner and noting his attentiveness; he perceived his great self-confidence and his laxity in attention Corm. Bodl. s.v. lethech (= Corm. Y 825 ; Stokes renders f. here ` diligence [in preparing the meat].'). failte fri dliged n-ecse iarna dagfrichnam (.i. ... iarna daghfoghlaim), Anecd. v 25.5 . Cf. searnar iar ndliged drengar iar frichnum (.i. ... iar frichgnam dō re foghluim), 27.1 . trachtaire raith ┐ frichnama imale (.i. frichgnam foghloma imalle frisin rath), 25.12 . ni direnar cutrumaib loge enech fri hoes ind frithgnuma, IT iii 23.28 . is a lethloighibh na seacht primhaisti doreanaiter a lloighi na nhí so ... uair cen cob tria frichnum atat ... is o Dhia a tídhnucul, 23.2 . ni direnar hi cutruma fri haes ind rutgnama, 28 ( BB 308a21 ). Cf. ib. IT iii 6.6 , cited above s.v. fris-gní. post congbhala ┐ cathaighthe d'aos foghlama ┐ friochnamha scholars and students [ = students and professors ?] AFM v 1684.8 .