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ad-gaib gets back, recovers, takes back; In sense of goes, comes(?)
ar-gaib Seizes, captures, takes hold of; raises up, lifts up
con-gaib 1 contains, includes; maintains, preserves, supports, upholds; keeps 2 founds, sets up an establishment, settles (freq. of monas- teries, churches, etc.)
do-gaib 1 takes away, removes (with DE from) 2 lessens, diminishes 3 loses, parts with
etar-gaib intercepts
fo-gaib , fo-geib 1 finds, meets with, discovers (in a place); discovers 2 finds 3 gets, gains, obtains, procures 4 gets, induces (some one to do something) causes (something to be done)5 meets with, experi- ences, undergoes; dies 6 gets (an opportunity of doing), is able (usually with vn. obj.; cf. c, d).7 gets = spends, lives (through) 8 invents, devises 9`finds in oneself,' dares, pre- sumes (late) 10 imparts, communicates
for-gaib 1 seizes forcibly; Expropriates 2 attacks (thrusts, pierces) with some pointed weapon (cf. forgab); gores (?)
fris-gaib 1 opposes, resists
imm-imgaib, im-gaib 1(lit. goes around) avoids, shuns, evades 2 conceals (trans.)
in-gaib 1 reproaches, censures, reproves 2 avoids, shuns, refuses 3 guards ... (against) (trans.) 4 receives (with a view to protecting), undertakes the protection of 5 constructs, undertakes the construction of