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ad-gair 1 sues, prosecutes, impleads, accuses 2 forbids, prevents
ar-gair 1 forbids, hinders, prevents; hinders y in the matter of x; checks, is a match for
con-gair 1 calls, cries, shouts (out, loudly) 2 to, at 3 summons, calls, invites
do-gair 1 calls, summons; calls on, invokes; utter?; calls down, brings (on oneself); proclaims, enounces; Absol. calls out, cries, shouts: 2 calls (by a name), names
do-im(m)gair 1 asks, claims 2 asks for, calls, summons 3 perpetrated (?); checked, punished (?); punished, subdued (?)
fris-gair , -frecair 1 answers, replies 2 answers (to), corresponds (to), is analogous (with), with DO; Counterbalances 3 answers, responds to, meets (a challenge, combat, etc. or an enemy).4 answers, responds to (a summons, call, duty, etc.), obeys; co-operate with; With acc. of pers. answers (the call of), comes (at the summons of); ? respond 5 answers for, on behalf of; comes to the aid of:
gáir a shout, a cry (of exaltation, grief, etc.), a call; excommunication, malediction; Fig. of a person battle-cry, rallying point; shouting voice; lamentation
1 gair 1 shortness; esp. a short time 2Rarely of distance a short space 3 shortness of quantity
2 gair word, command (?)
in-gair herds, tends, protects
reidgair , reid gair the foot or stand of a goblet