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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: gaibim, gabimm, gaibiu, gaibid, gaibthi, gaib, gaibit, gabit, gaibde, gaba, rogba, gebaid, gebat, gabsu-sa, rongabus, gabais, gabis, rogab, gaibthir, rogaibther, gaibtir, gabthar, gabthe, rogabad, rogabath, rogabtha, gabthi, gabaid, gebsa

v see Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 527 . O.I. Pres. ind. 1 s. gaibim, Thes. ii 2.35 . gabimm, Wb. 16d4 . gaibiu, Trip. 54.14 . 3 s. gaibid, Wb. 9a3 . Ml. 64c12 . (with pronom. suf.) gaibthi, Sg. 26b7 . ni gaib , Wb. 3d8 . 3 p. gaibit, Sg. 200b10 . gabit, Ml. 38a8 . rel. gaibde, 76a16 . Pres. Subj. 3 s. gaba, Wb. 28a20 . rogba, 15d40 . Fut. 3 s. gebaid, Wb. 8a7 . 3 p. ni gebat , 4c8 . Pret. and Perf. 1 s. gabsu-sa, Thes. ii 291.7 . (ceín) rongabus , Wb. 23b18 . 3 gabais, Thes. ii 238.16 . gabis, i 495.1 ( Ardm. 77a1 ). rogab, Wb. 2c21 . Pass. Pres. ind. s. gaibthir, Wb. 16d7 . (hó) rogaibther , 13b13 . p. gaibtir, Thes. ii 295.16 . Subj. s. gabthar, Wb. 29b5 . Pret. and Perf. s. gabthe, Ml. 55c1 . rogabad, 14a14 . rogabath, 24d13 . p. rogabtha, 133b2 . verb. necess. gabthi, 76d4 . Vn. gabál, q.v. For later forms see IGT Verbs § 23.

I Trans. lays hold of, grasps .

(a) takes hold of, possession of ; passing into sense receives, accepts . With co and reflexive pron. takes to oneself : admits of, allows . Ní gaib cen (acht) insists on. Supports, upholds (= congaib) ; sometimes almost = fogaib.

(b) With pers. obj. receives, admits . g.¤ nech in receives as : g.¤ ar considers as.

(c) takes by force, captures ; takes away ; g.¤ lám, g.¤ búaid.

(d) More rarely holds, maintains (against an enemy).

(e) affects, takes hold of (lit. seizes, possesses) of a mental condition, etc. ; affects injuriously (illness, etc.) paralyses, bewitches .

(f) puts, applies .

(g) puts on, assumes : g.¤ arm assumes warrior status ; g.¤ caille, colann, étach, etc. With imm and reflexive pron. puts on (clothes), cf. inf. V (g).

(h) g.¤ cuan, port, etc., reaches (a destination).

(i) g.¤ dúnad, longport pitches a camp .

(j) chooses, fixes (a day, meeting, etc.).

(k) sets about, begins (an employment, etc.).

(l) conceives (a passion, etc.).

(m) thinks, infers . (m 2) takes down from dictation; edits (?).

(n) conceives (offspring).

(o) With for and reflexive pron. takes on oneself (responsibility, etc.).

(p) With co and refl. pron. assumes .

(q) takes a path, traverses, reaches .

(r) ? celebrates (a festival).

(s) suits (late).

(t) A legal idiom (?)

II Intrans.

(a) goes, proceeds .

(b) lands, settles, takes up one's abode (esp. of starting a community).

(c) holds out, remains .

(d) Gram. is declined ; also is subdivided.

(e) holds sway, reigns .

(f) takes hold or effect .

III Perfect forms= subst. vb.

IV sings, chants, recites , etc.

V Further uses with preps. :

(a) g.¤ ar (1) holds back, restrains (2) distrains (rare).

(b) g.¤ de hinders, holds back : also g.¤ ní de neuch.

(c) g.¤ do (1) sets about . (2) attacks . (3) covers, fits .

(d) g.¤ fa attacks, charges at.

(e) g.¤ for (1) assails . (2) begins, sets about . (3) overtakes . (4) outshines .(5) includes .

(f) g.¤ fri (1) holds out against . (2) warns (doubtful). (3) receives, welcomes (late). (4) commences, begins .

(g) g.¤ imm (1) refuses, refrains from, conceals, withholds . (2) distrains . (3) makes good, compensates . (4) adheres to. (5) dresses, arrays oneself.

(h) g.¤ in assails .

(i) g.¤ la accepts, sides with.

(j) g.¤ oc. (1) sets about, begins . (2) sides with, stands by ; passing into sense is partial to, lets off.

(k) g.¤ ós gains supremacy over .

VI Used in phrases with nouns to which references are given.

I Trans. In widest sense lays hold of, grasps .

(a) takes (hold of, possession of) ; passing into sense of receives, accepts (with mat. obj.) : amal náṅgabimmse didiu ni gaib Lucas, as I do not take it (of a payment), Wb. 16d4 . rogabad gabáal dóib leu, 7a7 . gebid A. in n-id inna láim, TBC-LL¹ 581 . focherd a bunsaich ... condagebed re toitim ... so that he would catch it before falling, TBC-I¹ 518 . gab a Eba in t-uball-sa, Ériu iv 114.2 . rogab ... in mac ina ucht, RC xxiv 192.1 . adubradar nach gēbdais coma ina sārugud, ZCP viii 274.18 . Giabud-sa coma uaib, xiii 240.14 . dogab Buinne na comhadha sin, IT ii2 140.445 . `in ngēbthái cís no cáin uatha ? ' ... `ní giabthar,' ZCP xiii 226.9 - 11 . do-ghéabhainn ... eineaclonn, TD 3.52 . Analogous : roghabhsat a ndíorma `they sent out their squadron' (i.e. took and got together), AFM v 1812.15 . geibid Brigit e fri baithis `B. holds him at the baptism,' Fél. 110.27 . g.¤ ech gets (and makes ready) a horse : gabhthar a ghabhar do Ghuaire, RC xxvi 374.22 . gebid ar n-eich co escaid, vii 296.114 . is gabtha indiu in gabar bán, SG 243.32 .

With non-mat. obj. : gēbaid a ainm dim anmaim[-se] he will take his name from mine, ACL iii 231.16 . ro gab ratha grene ┐ esca `took guarantees of the sun and moon,' MR 2.5 . caibdhi (caibghi v.l.) ler geab sí suirgi a bride-price for which she accepted wooing, IGT Decl. ex. 176 . geb as do thoil fen bás accept death, PH 6631 . gab maithim n-anacail accept protection, TTebe 1030 . níor ghabh umhlocht `did not receive homage,' TD 17.43 . ro ghabh a n-airi cur fir a ndobratar a ndraidhe fein riu it was borne in upon them, RC xliii 76 § 76 . g.¤ sossad (suide, etc.) : rogab á sossad he hath taken his station, Wb. 4b18 . gabsat ... a suide, BDD 59 . gaib do chuil isin charcair take thy corner in the prison, Thes. ii 290.8 . g.¤ ríge, tír, etc. takes possession of, takes over (an office, dignity, property, etc.) : ataat da n-orpe rogab A., Wb. 2c21 . cia dib gebus t'forba, RC xxiv 194.1 . resiu rogabtis tír tairṅgeri, Ml. 123a1 , or under (c) ? tria chumachta na hingine nogebtais tír, Ériu iii 138.2 . doguidhetar ... fá mhac ... dogébhed a nionad dia neisi, BNnÉ 190 § 1 . iar ndul adíu nogabad Tír an Dísirt `that he set up in T.' (of a bishop), BColm. 56.30 . i mbechbrethaib bech ... gaibte crann `bees that have taken up their lodging in the tree,' Laws iv 180.16 . gabaid M. rīge nEírenn, ZCP viii 318.11 . ... nar gaba rath na righi, Fen. 120.11 . Ri do gabustar righi, BCC § 141 . Cf. in lin rig rogab hErind, Fen. 58.14 . ar ghabh dá gcineadh Bóinn Bhreagh, TD 8.17 . géba apdaine ┐ cumachta fors-in domun, PH 2272 . Domnall o Conaill do gabh uadha e a nGaidhilg `took it down in Gaelic from him' (i.e. from his dictation), Plummer Colophons 16, n.4 . Often with co and refl. pron. takes to oneself, undertakes : ma ro gabsat daine aile cuca ar comairce, Laws iv 228.25 . gab chucat sind, a Christ, PH 183 . gabh chugat mo chomairche undertake my defence, Dán Dé 1.3 . blāith rogabais cucut corp, ACL iii 242 § 16 . dogab Serlus sin cuige co mor, C. took that greatly to heart, RC xix 278 § 204 (Fier.). níor gábh Eóghan chuige go maith an t-urfhuighioll sin, ML 44.9 . takes to witness : rogab neam, ┐ talam, Todd Nenn. 126.9 ; lxx 11 . admits of, allows : ni gabait etir na lestair lána a tórmach, PH 5480 . Ni gaband sí a cumdach le h-or no le h-airget, BCC § 52 (of a stone). beac ma gabann leighes quasi non recipit curationem, O'Gr. Cat. 205.21. Cf. dá ngébha an focal chuigi if the word will allow of it, IGT Introd. § 3 . ní ghéabhainn dol go clannaibh séaghainn Saxon I would not consent (?) to go, Gleanings from Irish manuscripts 8 § 5 . ná gabh toirmeasg `admit no hindrance,' TD 2.3 . Ní gaib cen (acht) will take only, insists on : ní ragaib cen chuit cána, LL 376a35 . nī gēb cen sē curu, TBC-I¹ 2274 ; 2260 . na geb-si cen cath insist on a battle, MR 42.19 . adubhairt nach gebhadh gan meisi dḟaghail mar mhnaoi, Ériu v 182.360 ; 209.21 (v.l.). adubairt nac hgébadh gan éraic d'fagáil, BNnÉ 89.9 . Nír gap uaidip gan bangcēd, Fl. Earls 68.25 . ní ghéabhaidh ód ghruaidh gan bheith feithmheach ..., TD 19.6 . ni ragab acht a anmnigud o anmaim (of Lifea and Mag Life), LL 159a31 . ni ro-gabsat uada acht a bréthir do comallad friu, PH 908 . nir gabhsat uadha gan a athchur, BNnÉ 236.31 . ni rogab acht oentech do denam imme, Anecd. i 9.11 . Also ní gaib co : nī rogaib A. co tarta rātha ┐ gremand fris `A. did not rest satisfied till securities and bonds were given to him,' Cáin Ad. § 22 ; § 26 . supports, upholds (?) glossed congbann : in tí na gaibh rechtge, ni tuilledh rechtge dó .i. in tí na congbhann in díretad, O'D. 712 ( H 3.17, c. 520 ). concerns, affects : comaithces ... is cuma no do gaib aire fri aithech, Laws iv 68.4 . In some cases nearly = fo-gaib : ni gaib airechas it does not get leadership, Wb. 3d8 . canas a ngabar índ aile dec `whence is the twelfth derived ?' Laws iv 198.1 Comm. 16.11 Comm. rogab lige n-úar i n-úir, Metr. Dinds. ii 36.4 .

(b) With pers. obj. receives, admits : manumgaibi ar charit (= Si ergo habes me socium), Wb. 32a16 . na gaph tescariut mar caruid, Ériu v 126.8 . rogabad som hirige, Ml. 14a4 . conadragaib ina munteras, IT i 74.5 . arroeta[t]ar (.i. ro gabadar) he co fáilti, ACL iii 30 § 81 . ro gabadh go honórach hé ón rígh, RC xxv 388.6 . sí ar feadh na gorta níor gheabh `throughout the famine he disowned her' (i.e. would not have her), TD 15.31 . g.¤ nech i n- takes, receives as (in the quality of) : gebtit iudei i n-apid `Judaei will receive him as lord,' Wb. 26a8 . Cf. gabsi cadessin abbaith, Thes. ii 242.21 . co ro-n-gabthar i n-ar mbraithrib do Christ, PH 7883 . do gab se 'na la ciunaiss dó fén é `he took it for a day of rest,' BCC 408.12 . A somewhat different idea with ar : gebidh in aimsir frecnairc arna huilib aimseraib he takes the present time for all times, Auraic. 84.

(c) takes by force, captures . duairci bas dun chach ṅgaibde whom they seize, Ml. 76a16 . condagaibtis intais amprom trianintleda that the wicked used to seize them through their snares, 31c6 . damsa bed gabthi (gl. nihil defuit ad capiendum me), 76d4 . fer gaibes fer beogabail, Laws iv 336.8 . Na mna ... rogabad la Creon rofhosclad dibh la Teis, TTebe 4907 . romgab in críne m'imlúad old-age has deprived me of my power of motion, Ériu iv 154.15 . co[r] gabatar tech fuirre they stormed the house in which she was, RC xv 323 ( Dinds. 23 ). Ro gabhadh an droichet forra, AFM vi 1992.5 . gébtáit ar tír frind, TBC-I¹ 172 . gabsit tír and ar chlaideb, ZCP viii 313.21 . gabsat tír im Themair Breg, Hail Brigit § 18 ( LL 50a10 ). For g.¤ láim expels, g.¤ láim for enjoins, see lám and s.v. gabál. Fig. dede huangaibter in descipuil oc eitsecht inna preceptorae `... whereby disciples are taken,' Ml. 122c2 . A Eua, cid arnotgeib ? (= ar-ṅdot-geib ?) what is the matter with thee ?, SR. 1693 . g.¤ buaid wins a victory: ní ba unus gebas a m-buáid, Wb. 11a6 . isóinfer gaibes buáid diib, 11a4 . gabsat búaid, Fél. Jan 28 ; July 6 .

(d) More rarely holds, maintains (against an enemy, etc.): ro gabsat co setrech ... in tech commatain, TFerbe 339 . Cf. ré fer ná ré mnái ... ní gabtar in t-aracul the little house is never closed against man or woman, SG 245.8 .

(e) affects, takes hold of (lit. seizes, possesses) of a mental condition or the like; more commonly affects injuriously (of disease, danger or other evil influence); esp. bewitches, paralyses: nachinrogba derchoíniud, Wb. 15d40 . nachas-ragbad torsi díachessadsom, RC iv 246 § 3 . gabaidh toirrsi mor M.E., Ériu v 72.13 . rom gab trist, TBC(C) 1058 . conidrogbad huall, Ml. 39d22 . nísgaibed tart nā līae, Hy. ii 29 . conidgaib codlad de, TBC-I¹ 371 . do gob ita iarsin iad 'thirst seized them', ITS xxxix 38 § 233 . ro gobustair ferg mor he 'great wrath seized him', ITS xxxix 38 § 233 . romgab imtholta im erscéluib Tāno do ḟaisnēis dam, ACL iii 3.18 . gabsai format, ZCP xi 108.2 . ní-dom-geibend ecal, Metr. Dinds. iii 152.18 . ma rangba crith, Ériu vii 168.30 . rongab failte, BB 493b30 . do gab gengairi ... é, BCC § 98 . in corrmíl bá in sengán nom-gaib isin crecht `that nips me in the wound,' BDD 162 . ni-mragba nathir, Misc. Hib. 20.1 . nin geib rind, TBC-LL¹ 3209 . nachumgabat gái, KMMisc. 256 § 28 . ní geibhtis renna ... he, RC xliii 46 § 45 . Ni báid usce he ... ┐ ni geba iarn, PH 7278 . ni gabad arm é, Ériu iii 166.36 . ros gabsat idain Moncha, CMMucr. 50 § 42 . re siu ro gobad galar `before disease took hold on him,' Ir. Review 1912.250 . RC iii 177.7 . gabais buidre a cluasa 'deafness seized their ears', Blathm. 96 § 21 . nis ragaibh lugha dighe thirst did not oppress them, AFM i 382.7 . Ro chansat-side brechta druidechta ina agid, co ro gabait a chossa ocus a láma so that his legs and arms were stricken, SCC 48 ( LU 4028 ). Cf. do gabhadh a chosae ┐ a lamha fair, ZCP x 14.4 . Lism. L. 3043 . rogabtha a cossae cona dernae figild, Mon. Tall. § 34 . gabtar cassa na n-each (i.e. by the power of St. Molasius), SG 26.19 .

(f) puts, applies: gabais iarom a mér ina bēolu, RC xxv 344.z . geibh ind uisqui put it in water, Lism. L. 2676 . gabhais minn ... fa a cheann, CF 903 . in t-aire rogabsabair foraib, ZCP viii 318.25 . ro-gabsat étach corcorda imme, PH 3295 . rogobad ola ... da churp oil was applied to his body, TTebe 2560 . geibid na claidhmi dar a n-aigthib doip `slash the swords over their faces,' CCath. 5163 . conid hé gebes claideb dó, RC xxi 386.14 . gabais tabaill dōib, TBC-I¹ 1100 . gaibthi dō he plies it on him, 1735 . `gebid dúrna dar a gnúis dó,' PH 2330 . RC xliii 28 § 25 . ord don Chrumm rogab he plied a sledge hammer on C., Metr. Dinds. iv 22.9 . geibidh otrach ... ┐ clocha dó, BNnÉ 34.14 . Idiom: Ní raghatt ... ar nach gabat in sluagh imchumhang an toighi form `lest the army pen me in the house,' BS § 55 ( BS² 1660 ).

(g) puts on, assumes: gaibid mod ṅargumint it takes the form of an argument, Ml. 64c12 . Ca delb rogabais ?, Ériu iv 104 § 53a . rogabsi delb fhir do Grecaib fuirri she assumed the form of a Greek, TTebe 3449 . Ar ghabhabhair do ghné an chróigh the ruddy hue you had assumed, IGT Decl. ex. 318 . g.¤ caille puts on the veil (i.e. becomes a nun): gabais caille la Patricc Lassar, Thes. ii 238.16 ( Ardm. 17a2 ). g.¤ arm (gasced) assumes warrior status: romoch lind ra gabais armu, TBC-LL¹ 1163 . `in gaisced gebis (gebes LU) in gilla ?', TBC-I¹ 562 . g.¤ colaind takes flesh: ro-gabais colaind ndoenda, PH 164 . g.¤ étach, etc. (usu. with imm and refl. pron.) puts on clothes: gaibid immib a n-etach macc cóimsa, Wb. 27b16 . lasse gabas immbi, 13d22 . dond fíanerred ... rogabastár-som immi, TBC-I¹ 1870 . 2038 . gab etach ... pendaite umat, PH 452 . gabhuis a éideadh aithfrinn, Irish Texts i 38.18 . do ghabh fa na ghealghlacuibh á lamhanna, Rel. Celt. ii 262.25 . Fig. na daoine ghabhas orra grádh do bhriathar-sa do bheith aca `such as appear to reverence ... thy word,' Carswell 61.

(h) g.¤ cuan, port, etc., gains, reaches (a destination): gur ghabhsad cuan they put into port, Keat. i 142.51 . ro gabhsat caladh, Leb. Gab.(i) i 224 § 150 . gabuis port curuch C.C., Mon. Tall. § 66 . in tan ro gabsat na curaig tír, LU 6922.

(i) g.¤ dúnad, longport fixes, pitches (a camp): gabthe dunad les fris, Ml. 55c1 . co ro gab longphort oc Muaid, RC xxiv 178 § 6.

(j) chooses, assigns, fixes (a day, meeting, etc.): Do ghabh sé tráth rer teibi he has assigned a time for our destruction, IGT Decl. ex. 160 . gabsat la catha, BNnÉ 10.7 . do gabhsad ... lā cuinne, Duan. F. i 13.23 . do gabatar lá a cend mís do fhregra chatha da cheile, L. Chl. S. § 12 . rogabadh coinne, Expugn. Hib. § 76.

(k) takes up, sets about, begins (an employment or occupation), usu. with vn.: gabais eigsi corbo sui, ZCP xiv 154.11 . Nás rogaibi gním cen gáis, Metr. Dinds. iii 48.13 . Ó rogabsat ... tochmarc Túaige, iv 58.17 . is é cles do ro ghabh an ingen ... dona hógaibh, RC xxix 110 § 4 . gabais cluche arísi, LU 1715 . gabaid ... imbirt a dornn foraib, TBC-I¹ 431 . gaibig (gabaid , LU) immān līathrōide riam darin nārmaig, 455 . rogab formalad na sin (sic leg.) began to extol the weather (Four Old Irish Songs), Rawl. 107a3 ; ni ragab si labrath cid acht, Irish Texts i 2 § 3 ; 14 § 42 . dianragabsa dībrugud isin tailm, 1054 . gebid cách díb ... leod ┐ letrad, TFerbe 728 . ro gab ... scaindred ... int ṡluáig, 732 . geibid glanad na hadba, Metr. Dinds. iii 246.61 . Cid imma ngabthar trebad ?, ZCP viii 112.17 . rogab torad tercugad, rogab talam olcugadh, ZCP vii 309.9 . do ghabadar na díbfergaig teichedh, SG 10.11 . o ro gabhus fogail, Moling § 16 . gabur aile do denam the fence is begun, Laws iv 70.24 gl. With infixed pron. anticipating the object of the vn.: romgab mo thēdi toghaois my wantonness has commenced to beguile me, Ériu ii 16 § 5 . Is labar tonn mara mair. rusgab in gaim comgabáil winter has begun to arouse it, Otia i 125 . Rosngap an mpachlach griseth the churl began to upbraid them, ITS ii 124 § 98 . (Cf. atároí astód he fails to stop them, LU 6793. ) Also gaibid for gaibid oc and gaibid fri, qq.v.

(l) conceives (a passion or emotion) the mental state being the obj. of the vb., a later construction than (e): gabaid feirg Cathal, MacCongl. 51.27 . geibhis aitricche ndiochra inn, BNnÉ 323 § 35 . rogab ét ingen R., Metr. Dinds. iii 94.13 . dogob nairi an ingen, iv 12.13 . gor gabh risin Fhein format, ZCP xi 43 § 44 . na gabh ... crith re gríoghail, ML 100.20 . an ní fá ngabhaim gúasacht, Studies 1921, 419 § 10 . co ngebtais ... ecla reimi, TTebe 2390 . ro gabustar-som uaill ... de-sin, RC xliii 14 § 7.

(m) thinks, infers . Sometimes with oc and refl. pron.: rogab a menma-sum robad budi la Grécu, LL 231b18 ( TTr. 1057 ). rogab a menma conad e Ænias in fer, Aen. 1591 . ni gebad delb eli dib acht `... would form no other conception of them but,' CCath. 782 . conid assin rogabad a tichtain a nelaip ciach, RC xii 58.9 . nī asa ṅ-gabtha, anything from which might be inferred, Rawl. 75a49 . ar mírbuil dino as gabtha do churp in Choimded dul isin tegdais foriatta, LB. 195a42 . Very frequent in Laws Comm. in this sense, e.g. Is ass gabar sin it is from this that that is deduced, Laws passim . na gebed ... nech aicce co mbad ... (= nemo putet ...), PH 6144 . na ragbam accaind ar dhíles na hindmusa do-ratait dúin (= ea non debemus retinere privata ...), 6123 .

(m 2) takes down from dictation; edits (?): Nicol hua hIceadha do gabh a nGaeidilg, NLI G2 248 . Ua Dubthaig do gab ┐ do scríb, NLI G5 f. 5v . See Angus Matheson Essays 88-89 .

(n) conceives (offspring). Common in later Church language. sul ar ghab sí C. ina broinn, SG 1.9 . Géabhair mac ón Athair, A. Ó Dálaigh i 7 . do bhrigh nach gabhthar ón Spiorad Naomh acht Mac Dé, Eochairsg. 120.5 . do gabhadh ón Sbiorad naomh, Ó Héodhusa 7. With object unexpressed: Gabhais an ógh ón Athair, A. Ó Dálaigh i 1 .

(o) g.¤ for, with refl. pron., takes (a burden, responsibility on one's self), undertakes . geibid foraib faisam in meic, TBC-LL¹ 934 . geib-siu ḟort na ticfa d'ḟortacht ... fer n-hErend, 4668 . gabaim-si immorro form ōn Coimdhe co nā ba lugaite di (= do) rath, ACL iii 309.14 . gabhuid sin ortha fein they undertake to do that, BNnÉ 159 § 16 . gabait forro ferta ... nach fétat do dénam dóib, FA § 28 . gabh ort mo choimhéad, Dán Dé iii 19.

(p) g.¤ co, with refl. pron., takes to oneself, receives, cf. TSh. Glossary. Leg. assumes (?): gabaimse cugam a breitheamnaibh nach tarrus aos láime, O'D. 1700 ( H 2.12, No. 8, p. 1 ).

(q) takes a path, etc., traverses, reaches: Is mair[g] mairg ... gabus in athgairit-si dochumm n-iffirn, PH 7608 . conar inna aithrige dia mbeth nech nodagabad, Ériu i 200 § 24 . rogabhsat an clochán astech, v 94.2 . an t-eolass comcoitchenn gabus cach docum an oilen, BCC 234.23 . gabhait in fhairrgi, Fl. Earls 8.19 . With neut. aff. pron. as cognate obj.: gaibte (.i. teit) Moling, Fél. 152.13 . gaibt[h]i sīar she goes west, ACL iii 1.15 . gaibthi inund, Ériu ii 24.7 . gaibhthe ... docum na meithle, Lism. L. xii 2.

(r) provides for, holds, celebrates (a festival): is de sin no geibed Flidais cach sechtmad láa di feraib Herend do bóthorud dia thoscid ocon Táin, LU 1631 . Conchobar ... fessin no gaibed in samuin dóib, Ériu iv 26 § 14 ( LL 106b30 ). a menain si con-gabaind an Chaisc dōib, Irish Texts i 7 § 23 .

(s) becomes, suits (late): is olc ghabhus tú h'atán `badly doth thy hat become thee,' TD 38.48 .

(t) ? legal phrase: is mor nodcuri ┐ nodgabai fein id dhalaib `greatly dost thou put thyself and take thyself (?) in thy causes,' IT iii 201.1 .

II Intrans.

(a) goes, proceeds, extends: gaibid in rí condeissid forsin cholcaid, SG 414.7 ( LL 279b10 ). gebid ... sair, RC vii 300.1 . car ghabh an crodh ?, xxiii 10.6 . rogab remi ar ammus mara, TTr.² 146 . ar fágcbail tslebi San C. ... gebair ... co mainister manach, Maund. § 49 . cualli iairn isin brutt ... co n-geib on gualaind go araile dó so that it extends, TBC-LL¹ 5387 . gaibid ind ōcben chucu draws near, RC xiii 375.18 . cor' gabh in clais sin ó imell an longphuirt co caladh in mara sís, CCath. 1740 . gabhaidh iar sin anfadh for an ath a tempest passes over the ford, RC xliii 86 § 87 . gabh go dún Í Dhonnchadha, Gofraidh Fionn i i 15 ( Ir. Monthly 1919 ). An ruibēr gabus go Louāine, Fl. Earls 64.15 . doirsi tré ngabhann an Críostaidhe, Ó Héodhusa 14. With imm surrounds: coro gabsat immut uli `es hatten dich umgeben alle,' TFerbe 47 6. Fig. dogabsat ara coradaib `they turned to their sureties,' Ériu v 116.47 .

(b) settles, lands, takes up one's abode (esp. of the founder of a religious community): co ragbaiset hi trácht Fuirbthi they landed on F. strand, LU 6921 ( BDD 53 ). co ro gabsat i mBrēntrācht, ITS xliv 12 § 379 = gabsat Brentracht, LL 1466 . gur' gab isin bruach eli, CCath. 2616 . anadh ait a ngabadh fom mo c[h]urach, Anecd. i 72.203 . ara ṅgabtais i purt Semeonta, LL 219b46 ( TTr. 200 ). gabsat ... hic Temuir, ZCP viii 305.25 . mad beich rogabat and `if it be bees that have taken up their abode there,' Laws iv 168.27 . sruth. ... ro gab for brú amnis (of an anchorite), Fél. 42.36 . is é gebhus i rRind Ruis B. `it is he who will found a community at R.,' RC xxvii 274.4 . Asi sin aimsir roghabhasdair F. ... a Sliabh Ealpa, Hy Fiach. 18.7 . a ndíochur as in maighin i raghbhaiset (of troops encamped), AFM iv 902.26 . gabsat ann-sin co mucha lai ara barach, RC xliii 62 § 63.

(c) holds out, remains: ro gab ina chind co maeth-tráth éirgi arnabarach (`behauptete [das Haus],' Wind.), TFerbe 393 . gabus C. ina righi ... cu tainic in bodhith, RC xliii 12 § 5.

(d) Grammat. t. is declined: ionann ghabhuid (i.e. fine, aicme, etc.) d'úathadh ┐ d'iollradh, IGT 37 n. 6 . A fig. use of (a) ? Cf. Clann Charthaigh 's gach gné i ngabhoid `each of its species,' TD 32.15 .

(e) holds sway, reigns: dia éis ro gab C., Arch. Hib. ii 85 § 48 . ro gab ós Mide, 82 § 6 . na ríg rogabsat ō Chimbaeth co C., ZCP viii 326.17 . espoc S. .i. cetna comharba roghabh iar Finnén, Lism. L. 2633 . gebaid mac in duinn nadeig, Fen. 150.16 . BNnÉ 254.10 .

(f) takes hold, takes effect: as tene gabus gu grod `a spark that kindles quickly,' Ériu iv 212.11 dinin disail for gair gabhaidh takes effect on a short [syllable], Auraic. 1547.

III Perfect forms with neut. inf. pron. (ron[d] gabus, ron[d] gab, ron[d] gabsat) are used in O.I. and survive in Mid. I. as periphrases of the pres. ind. of subst. vb. in nasalising relative sentences, esp. after `amal' or its equivalent. In origin an idiomatic use of I (a), i.e. `I have taken it,' GOI § 781. Pedersen Vgl. Gr. ii 436 . Phil. Soc. Trans. 1899, p. 12 . nobiad chách amal rongabusa as I am, Wb. 9d25 . ceín rongabus i carcair as long as I am in prison, 23b18 . ni fitetar amal rongab they know Him not as He is, 27a11 . [ita] rongab scientia lib as there is s. with you, 6d12 . rongab remcaissiu Daé dinaib dulib, Ml. 20c3 . fobíth rongab torsum ┐ tortum, Sg. 172b1 . amal rongabsat in túisil olchenæ hi tuiter, 71a11 . co ceoluib ┐ ligbothaib amal rongab fo[r]na seacht ndealba ind richid, Ériu ii 106.14 . anruth ... ni nascar fair, amail ro gab rig Erenn, Laws iv 358.19 ; 334.6 . atat araile pectha ... sicut rongabsat fingala, RC xv 488.5 . is maith rongabus fritt I am good to thee, LL 249b1 . is si in derbhfine amuil ro gab bruinne in duine, O'D. 548 ( H 3.17, c.436 ). mar ro gab mét a sochraiti because of the number of their host, Cog. 66.23 . Cf. amail ro gaba (pres. subj.) as it may be, as for instance , O'Curry 2298 ( Eg. 88, f. 22 [23c] ).

IV sings, chants, recites; declares (cf. similar use of canaid). Oc cormaim gaibtir dúana, Thes. ii 295.16 . nosgaibtis for clais they used to sing them in choir, Ml. 2b7 . tre ailli gaibther re proinn, Wb. 28c20 . gabis ailli (gl. benedixit), Thes. i 495.1 ( Ardm. 77a1 ). gabais doib inna rundu sa sis, LU 3307 ( SCC § 11 ). gébdait mecc beca na runda sin, MacCongl. 17.16 . ro gab ceol, Fél. Nov. 27 ; Ep. 114 ; 173 . dogabsat gloria glan aingil, ZCP viii 114.7 . Aedh ... do ghabadh moran dana, AU iii 196.21 . is de gaibthi igitur it is of this that he says `igitur,' Sg. 26b7 . dorumenatar combad fou nogabthe isint faithsini (sic leg.) they thought it was uttered in prophecy, Ml. 35b18 . gaibthir tra déde isin testiminse two things then are treated of in this text, Wb. 16d7 . gabar in pater i sanais, PH 7995 . in tan gaibther ecnaircc neich, Rule of Tallaght § 21 . In leigenn gabur co hard, Ériu v 22.9 . geib t'aiccept, a mic `repeat thy lesson,' Fél. 12.19 . cidbe gabus sin for nim no liun ní bia irchoit de (of an incantation), Laws i 2.22 Comm. `Rogaub an rand sa dam dia gabāil doid-se.' `Gab!' ol sé, ACL iii 1.16 .

V Further uses with preps.

(a) g.¤ ar

(1) holds back, restrains . connā gebethar ar lúamairecht lám dó, TBC-I¹ 1872 = TBC-LL¹ 2528 . na maidid in t-echt, noco ngaba fo thrí ar a anáil until he thrice holds in his breath, Mer. Uil. 135 . neach nach gabhann ar a ghuth, Ir. Monthly 1927, 308.3 . ar mh'osnaidh an uair ghabhuim, Ir. Monthly 1927, 361.41 . gabail ar a fual, Mon. Tall. 147.21 . gabam ar ferge (ḟergaib MS) fīrbruth, ACL iii 321.5 . aithchim ... gabháil díbh ar bhar ngáiribh ... restrain your laughter, Content. xvi § 88 . distrains: gaibter ar a fine comfocus do, co nimcuimet aire, O'D. 2180 (cf. Laws iv 128.5 ). g.¤ for = g.¤ ar: ni raigebthar fort you will not be stopped (i.e. from giving largess), LL 277b6 . dia ṅgabad forsin rúin if he tried to hold in the secret, Ériu iv 32.2 . dia roghabhduis inniu fora n-ítaidh ..., Lism. L. 4404 . Cid forsna geib glas na slabrad ?, ZCP xiii 274.3 . nach gebhtha forra tocht an conair, Hugh Roe 36.20 (10a) .

(b) g.¤ de hinders, holds back: nī gēbasa ( gebsa LU) dīt ēm I shall not stand in your way, TBC-I¹ 1588 . ní gebam dít trí ḟornert, TFerbe 83 2. mani gabtáis na mórchoicthi díib, TTr.² 1092 . ma dethbir gabus de if necessity prevent him, Laws ii 58.16 Comm. mine gabad naire dim, Aen. 680 . Also with direct obj.: ní boi ní nogabad díbsom tabart fochaide foir, Ml. 33a5 . Nicongebsa ón dítsu ón cid cossin n-echaire théisi I shall not hold you back, TBFr. 314 ( LL 251a40 ). nī gabt[h]ar dím dul cech conair, ZCP iii 33.18 .

(c) g.¤ do:

(1) sets about, undertakes: do gab dá admolad, SG 309.5 . rogabh A. ... do comrag la F., ZCP xiii 174.33 .

(2) attacks, `goes for': dobeir cesti do chách et ni maith less cia gabthar do, Wb. 29b5 . rogabsat dó ar gach taeb, ZCP vi 79.26 . gabar doib co taethsat ann let them be pressed, MR 128.1 . ra gabhadh dhóib ... do chlochaibh, TFrag. 146.15 . ib. 186.7 . mad gabtha gāi dūaine dō, Bruchst. no. 28 .

(3) covers, fits: con-gebethar dóib o thaul co aurdorn (of mail-clad horses), TBC-LL¹ 2544 . con-gabad do o thana thaib co tiug a oxaille, 2561 . clíabinar ... co ngebethar dó co barrúachtar a dondfúathroci, LU 6557 . go ngabhadh dhó ó fhosadh-mhullach a chinn go a cholpa, ML 112.

(d) g.¤ fa attacks, charges at: ro ghabh fotha amhail faol fo chaorchabh, TFrag. 166.8 . ra ghabhsat ... fo na Loclannaibh, 174.13 . ? gébthir fo mac n-imraichni, Imr. Brain 27 § 57 (see EIL 217 ).​

(e) g.¤ for

(1) assails; attacks: ar gebaid in scol for aréli `one school will attack another,' Wb. 8a7 . gabsait do lorcuibh ... forro, Marco P. § 148 . gebtait forn, Rawl. 132a53 ( Cymmr. xiv 114.13 ). ra gabastar de chlochaib ... bar feraib hE., TBC-LL¹ 4618 . (ar = for) roglac bata ... ┐ rogab orra, ZCP vi 57.26 . Keat. iii 1430 . gabhaidh dá earball air, TSh. 2608.

(2) begins, sets about: gabsat for ól ┐ for aibnius, TBC-LL¹ 999 . ro-gab for toirsi moir, PH 3025 . doghabh for tairchetul, Lism. L. 929 . Marco P. § 114 . (ar= for) rogab ... ar buain in ghuirt, Ériu v 116.2 .

(3) overtakes: gabaid adaig forra, BColm. 78.1 .

(4) outshines, beats, defeats: rogab do chlú for a chlú, LL 50a31 ( Hail Brigit § 25 ). gebthar oirb a dtir nEireand you will be defeated, MR 62.20 .

(5) includes, comprehends: cia hænfocul gebes forna ceit[h]ri ernaili ind Auraicepta, Auraic. 1260.

(6) rules over: gebaid do ṡil ar Erinn, YBL 329a12 ( TMoméra 152.9 ). gēbaid for Liphemaigh, B. in Scáil § 31 . gabhaiss foraibh finnuibh coruibh, ZCP viii 197.6 . gabais for dōine domnaib, Ält. Ir. Dicht. ii 10 § 5 . mór ríg ro gab for Mide, Arch. Hib. ii 82 § 2.

(f) g.¤ fri:

(1) holds out against, prevails over: ni gebat frib ... i cathaib, SR 4835 . ni gébat frit' gnuis ṅgargdai (sic leg.) buidni borba barbardai, 5015 . ni gébad fri feta in serriti óc amulchach sain, TBC-LL¹ 1961 . ni ragbad riss no resistance was made to him, TFerbe 322 ( LL 255b27 ). nícon gébtar cath no comlonn frit, RC vi 183.10 . xviii 181.z (Tig.). gebaidh side fri dam (of a fence) `it will be a defence against oxen,' Laws iv 112.6 . claideb ... frisna gabtís lúirecha, TTr.² 1000 . ni gabtha friu ar a n-aicenta (of women) they should not be impugned (?) for their natures, Thurn. Zu Ir. Hss. i 20 § 11 . gabhaid sealad fri ḟeoil ... ar crabhudh they abstain from meat, TFrag. 124.10 . an tan no-gabdais caingni fer nErenn fris when the affairs of the men of Ireland were too much for (i.e. harrassed) him, ZCP xiii 262.15 . nocho ragaib Find ra ech `F. did not rein in his horse,' RC vii 294.87 . do chogainn crann a chraois[i]dhe (sic leg.) ... go a hionnsma, ionnas gur ab é a cró cruaid ... do ghabhastair re a gheal-dhéadaibh that offered resistance to his teeth, ML 62.19 . nochor béo-sa īarum oc gabāil fris nī bas sīriu, RC xiii 383.8 .

(2) warns, threatens (?): rogebad frind dia caithmis co fuidbemis bas ( LB 110b51 ), MacCarthy 52.15 .

(3) receives, welcomes (?): ro ghabh O Ferghail fris, ┐ do rad ferann dia cethraibh, AFM iv 1018.17 .

(4) commences: gabais fri grisad Cuind, LU 3169.

(g) g.¤ imm

(1) withholds, hides, conceals, refuses, refrains from: is annssa do dāinib gabāil im rūnaib rodochtaibh, Otia iii 49 § 9 . ba galar ... don gillu gabāil im a rūn, 48 § 5 . mian mna torrcha ... ocus ar daigin secdachta ro gabadh im in mbiadh, Laws i 180.6 Comm. ma ro chuindigh sí in biadh, ocus ... is e a fer ro gob im in mbiad, iii 550.14 ; 552.4 . doni eisinnroic don airchindech, mas e gabus uime, v 120.15 . duine do fédfadh maith do dénum ocus gabus uime gan a dénum, SG 40.33 . táinic in fer ros-buail (sc. in liathróit) ina diaidh. Rogab in cerd uimpi, the craftsman refused [to surrender] it, ZCP iv 240.10 . mad ro gabustar gataide im in fiadnaise if the thief withheld evidence, O'Curry 536 ( H 3.18, 265b ).

(2) Leg. distrains (in the matter of) : gaibead imme co n-ímcua `let him be distrained until he fences,' iv 128.4 = gaibet aire, O'D. 2180 ( Rawl. B 487, 66a2 ).

(3) Leg. makes good, compensates, condones (?) : o gebus iman fogail sin, Laws iv 16.13 Comm. foghal no fuaibread duine do denam, o bus cara no coibdeileach do no gebad uimpe, conad ínann do ocus no gabad budein ímpe, 16.18 Comm.

(4) adheres to (?) : mas tria comraiti rucustar ... in gu-breth (sic leg.) ocus ata ac gabail impi if he deliberately gave the false judgment and persists in it (?), Laws iii 304.8 .

(5) refl. dresses, arrays (oneself): lasse gabas immbi (gl. cum ... induerit), Wb. 13d22 . gabais Fráech immi cona muntir, TBFr. 351 ( LL 251b27 ). geib imut is imthigeom, SG 363.28 . Ériu v 156 , 178 . corragbat impu that they may dress, iii 100 § 24 .

(h) g.¤ in assails, belabours : ni gebthar inniut ... rotbia falti, RC viii 52.16 . tallsat in slaitt as a láim cor gabsat ina chend di, PH 3299 . gabhuid do ṡnáthaduibh i súilibh Lionóideach, Hy Fiach. 336.11 . gur ghabhadar da ngaothaibh ann, Keat. iii 3255.

(i) g.¤ la

(1) accepts, sides with, stands by : co ragbatar fir Alban leō ar connalbus, Otia ii 88.1 . gabhaim-si ... let (in answer to an offer of marriage), ZCP vi 283.3 . gab lind mar bar bfilidh féin, ii 348.19 . gin go gabhthasa leam, x 286.9 . gabhaidh Dia leis tar a locht `God forgives him spite of his sins,' A. Ó Dálaigh l.3 . feadh mo ghalair níor ghabh leam Pádraig ... P. did not help me, Dán Dé xiii 5 . ro ghabh an tír ... la Tepoitt, AFM vi 2012.28 . mo rí Gabhra an ngéabhadh lam, TD 12.11 . do ghabh ré n-a dhearbhráthair mar mhac `adopted ... as a son,' Keat. ii 5008 . gabhuimsi lé Pádraig (i.e. instead of the Reformers), Mac Aingil 4333 . prouensi ... gabhus le rīg na Fraingce, Fl. Earls 12.13 . Cf. 190.24 (fri).

(j) g.¤ oc (1) sets about, begins : ro gab ic fostud ... in t-ṡlúaig, TBC-LL¹ 470 ; ib. 1494 . gabaid oc neméle moir, ┐ oc aithrige, PH 814 . gabaidh ... ac snechta, SG 35.8 . gabhmaoid ... ag iompódh a intinne `we attempt ... diverting his mind,' TD 8.27 . (2) sides with, stands by ; passing into sense is partial to, lets off : gab got c[h]omarsain mad fann, ZCP vi 272.3 . dlegar ... co ro-gaba ... ic na fannaib, PH 4157 . a Césair ... ro gabhsum acut, CCath. 541 . sellach slan ... gaibes oca cach nirt ocus cach folud an onlooker (at a deed of violence) is exempt if he comes to their support (i.e. of the injured parties) with all his strength and substance, Laws i 242.7 . gabuid ac lucht mo cille, BCC § 277 . a thigerna, gab agum forgive me, ZCP vi 94.30 . TSh. 3593 . nach gabhann an bás ag druing ar bioth dona daoinibh (i.e. does not pass over), TSh. 50 . gur geb (v.l. gab) gá gáeithib | fúair gach fer a dháeithin díbh till he spared (?) his darts, IGT Decl. ex. 644.

(k) g.¤ ós gains supremacy over : mórrí ... ro gab os Herind, LU 4041 . ro gab ós Mide mongréid, Arch. Hib. ii 82 § 6.

VI Is used in combination with a number of nouns. See achmusán, áilges, aiss, athgabáil, cairdes (alliance), 1 cath, 1 cet, cíall, coinne, comairle, commairge, desimrecht, fáilte, flaithius, forbais, geis, gnáth, goim, 1 grád, 1 gráin, greimm, inad, lám, leithscél, maidm, merg (rust), nert (also trén, 1 treise), ríge, tech, 1 tír, tuinide.


Cite this: eDIL s.v. ladar or

n ā, f. IGT Decl. § 37.

(a) fork or space between the fingers or between the thumb and the rest of the hand; grip, grasp . Freq. with follg. g p. glac, lám: na hēisi ina ladair riam sair, TBC-I¹ 3399 . not gēbsa im . . . ladair co mmebsat t'asnai, LU 6092 ( TBC-I¹ 1620 ). imscothis iarom na fertse culind tria ladra a glac, LU 5260 ( TBC-I¹ 784 ). nos tairṅged tria ladraib a choss ┐ a lám, TBC-LL¹ 1409 . tria ladraib mo lám rolass / a grád imm anmain attas love for him which swells in my soul has shone through the spaces between my fingers (referring to love of God obtained when fingers were held over face in prayer), LL 15405 . illadair a mugairnd, Cog. 196.3 . ar sgoltadh ladhra a ghlac do mhu[gh]dhorn a chloidhimh, Ériu i 87.2 . ro ḟriotháiledsiomh a ndennoibh a glac ┐ a lámh ┐ a ladhar uile íad (i.e. spears), ITS v 138.4 . tuillidh sí ar lár a ladhra / gallgha 's as lán dí a derna, IGT Decl. ex. 967 . eirridecht co tri fa tetaib .i. . . . tet ana gabul ┐ tet ceachtar do da ladhair, ┐ dul do ar in fairrgi amlaid sin, O'Curry 1875 ( 23 P 23, 21a ). bradán . . . i ngach ladhair leis `in each of his forks', Misc. Hag. Hib. 111. 25 . = bradan gacha ladhra lais / eter cois is laimh leabhair, 118.23 .

(b) space between the toes . Of casting the Gae Bolgae: gaibt[h]i Cú cona ladair, TBC-I¹ 2689 . illadair ra teilgthea, TBC-LL¹ 3873 . tre ladhair a choisi deisi, TBC-LL¹ 3929 (St. 3256 ). ra ritháil C. illadair a chossi, TBC-LL¹ 3943 . cus na ladraib `with the toes', Gild. Lor. 196 . tolleic sis dint [ṡ]et ┐ giuil a ladair aire namma (with d s. for n s.) only his toe clung to it (of climbing down cliff), RC xi 452.3 . ó ladhair a choisi có [a] urla from top to toe, Acall. 1917 . do-chúaidh in brat sleamhuin slán / dhi go ladhair a láodagán, Duan. F. i 334 § 16 . a ladhair an lúdaigén, A IV 3, 814.4 .

(c) Extended applications. Of a bird's claws: a chāith līn i lladair fiaich (lagair, laghar v.l.) `wisp of flax in a raven's talons' Bruchst. i 30 § 67 ( IT iii 80 § 54 ). Of branches of tree: lem . . . ┐ di laidir a oinboin ass, Trip.² 916 . amal bad i ind [fh]idbad . . . rothuited i ladraib glac ┐ i llamaib aroili, TTebe 2810 . Of a warrior: in ladhar gé tá ar dtoitim, Magauran 742 . Of the teeth of a comb: cír aga cur a cend Adhna / míl seng dubh gach ladhra lé, IGT Decl. ex. 967.

Compd. ? ¤gair: as glas . . . bái for ladargair in ichtair tuaiscirt in muide, Hib. Min. 66 § 9.