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gér 1 sharp-pointed 2 keen, intense; Of illnesses acute; Of taste salt, acid; Of satire biting, virulent; Of sounds sharp, shrill; Of per- sons sharp-tongued, railing; intelligent, keen-witted, acute 3a fierce vassal; a painful life; a severe judgment; subtlety; a stern reckoning; exact knowledge; sharp edge; keen-edged; shrill; mortification, austerity; intensely blue; acute danger ;; sharp-wounding; keen-witted, acute; earnestly exhorting; burning fiercely, searing; apprehension (?), intentness (?), anxiety (?); agonising; sharp sight; keen- bladed; close investigation; harsh rule, severity; keen intelligence; fervent prayer 4 binds securely; persecutes; incites (?)