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baíglenn goblets
benn 1 mountain, crag, peak, point; crest, summit; pre-eminent person; Transf. of outline of land 2 pinnacle, spire; gable; corner, etc. of building, structure, etc. ;; a high top, pinnacle; Hence in plant-name 3 wing of an army, fleet 4 horn of animal; (of a whale ?); a pledge given in respect of impounded cattle; a (buffalo) horn; hence drinking horn, goblet; Of musical instruments 5 prong, point (of various forked and pointed objects) 6 crest, diadem, etc. (of a helmet, head-dress, etc.); By metonymy (?) of a horse 7 yards; sail-tops; Of a shield; Of a garment; king of peaks (?), one of three classes of kings8 for ever (and ever) 9Freq. in nn. loc., usu. in senses point, peak, hill; In late use heed, attention, regard 10a steeple; tower; peaked crosses11 yellow-tubed; rugged-topped
bleide drinking-cup, goblet; bowl
1 cailech chalice, cup, goblet
cingit cup, goblet; spoon, ladle
con-caithi consumes, gobbles
coppán cup, goblet; cupbearer
corn 1 drinking horn, goblet 2 trumpet, horn 3 curl (of hair)
creithir container, vessel, drinking-cup; bowl(?); goblets
cuäch 1 cup, goblet , bowl 2 cauldron, large vessel; bowl, cup
1 cúachach furnished with cups, goblets
cuipe goblet
cupa cup, goblet
3 dlochtán kind of sprite or goblin (?)
ech A horse (incl. mare or gelding) genly. of chariot or saddle-horse,; the stallion; baggage-horse; an unbroken horse; a British (Welsh) horse; a winning horse; wooden horse; riding-horse; a water- horse (a goblin ); crocodiles (?); horse-boy, groom (?); white of steeds, having white steeds; horse-mouth, horse-lipped; horse-headed; stallion; centaur, horse-mongrel; of swift steeds; horsecloth; rod, horsewhip; mounted on, or possessing swift steeds; tameness of steeds; great in steeds, rich in steeds; plant name, horse-clover; bridle; horse-thief; a horse-contest, horse-race
eredech, eridech drinking-cup, goblet
2 escar a cup, goblet
fíthal a calf; a fairy, hag or goblin
gobae a smith
gobaid pecks
gobairde (of horses) star-gazing (?)
gobang a cattle-pound, an enclosure; imprison- ment, duress
gobar a horse
Gobbán a famous Irish wright said to have been a contemporary of St. Moling
gobél a gap or opening (inlet); generally of the sea.; Fig. a strait, a difficulty
gobur a horse
grúacach 1 hairy, long-haired, long-maned 2a goblin , a wight, an enchanter (?) 3 wizard-like, wise (?)
íarla an earl; a ruler, a lord; As the name of a goblet; the blood of earls
líne 1Of line of writing or poetry 2Of line of battle; Of reins, cord; Of mountains; Of engraving on goblet 3 lineage, race, generation; Fig. of life- span 4Of birds clutch (of eggs), brood 5act of abandoning legitimate line of succession, of exceeding one's bounds, abandoning tradition; line by line; in a straight line
púca a goblin , sprite
reidgair , reid gair the foot or stand of a goblet
tulchube 1a large vessel for holding wine, vat 2 cup, goblet , bowl
1 umaide bronze, brazen, copper; Of the brazen serpent; Of musical instruments; Of a palisade; Of pillars; Of doors; Of a reliquary; Of a goblet; Of a caldron; Of the wheels of a chariot; Of a brooch (?); Of globular lumps; Of figures of oxen