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Forms: elgon, ealgone

n f. (?) (g s. may be represented by elgna?, q.v. or elgon may be the old gen.) malice prépense, committing a mischief or crime with deliberate intention, also injuring a fellow-citizen (?): elgon .i. eolguin, is eol do cia gontae , Corm. Y 508 . coig anmand cinath conlat ar andug : fa[i]ll, eislis, elgon, imraichne, anfot, ruced didiu eitged conid ainm cach gnīma na dēne nech ar elgoin (of five kinds of evil-doing), O'Mulc. 456 . elgon .i. guin Elge .i. guin do tuaithe ┐ do cairte elgon (gen. ?) 382 . comdiles do cach dib... cia imarbara cach dib ar araile cen elguin, Laws ii 350.21 , with gl.: cen eolgnais comraiti do denam ima brith tar sarugad i fiadnaise `without committing intentional trespass' 352.9 . cach dichmairc cen taide cen elguin, 352.4 , with gl.: saraigthe i fiadnaisi, 352.26 . tiscail gai a halad gen ealguin drawing a spear from a wound without inflicting intentional injury v 490.8 , with gl.: cen eolgnais comraite do denam de, 492.22 . ain cethro as do gu-tir, cin elcuin 'na tir fadeisin, 136.8 , with gl.: cen a mbrisi tre comraiti; no cin eolgnais comraite d' imirt forra, 136.20 . gné ac sloindedh cenail, elguin ac sloinded comraiti species used to designate genus, malice designating intention iii 96 w . a p. ealgone adcomchaissem `wilful crimes we have committed' Ériu ii 122.16 . Cf. is iar suidhe ataella fiacha elguin in cluichi so .i. is iarsan mbasugud ata tadhall do fiachaib comhraiti isan cluichi so, O'Dav. 157 .