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Last Revised: 2013


n , f. (? part. formation of *guthaigidir, Phil. Soc. Trans. lxiv (1965/66) 156 ) a vowel : is ua guthaigthi intinnscana in fers, Sg. 136a1 . inna nguthaigthe (sic leg.) ib. 53a1 . issí ám inne ainmmnichthe guthaichthe, 4b4 . [cidh] nach guithaigthi tucad and ?, Laws i 34.2 Comm. is i ndi guthaigthi airdíxi dofuasilcther deogur `the diphthong is resolved into two long vowels,' Sg. 18a6 . ní rela a ainm amal guthaigthi `it does not manifest its name, like vowels,' Sg. 6b27 .