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2 boc he-goat; Of a kind of soldier
bocaide he-goat; buck or hart, a he-goat
2 bocán 1 he-goat 2Name of plant; a fungus, toadstool, mushroom or sponge
Buccaite he-goat
cách 1(the) one, each one, everyone, all, all others, the rest 2the one . . . the other, one another, each other 3 he (who); everyone (who), all (who); everyone, all 4 everyone, all; everyone; he who 5in general, on the whole
4 í, hí 1 he who, whosoever; all that; isindí in that, since; airindí for the reason that, because; iarsindí after that, when, since, in as much as 2 the aforemen- tioned
3 ol than; than he (she, it) is; than
poc(c) a he-goat; A male deer, a buck; a roe-buck
poc(c)án a he-goat