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n o, [n.] (vn. of fo-accomla) subjunction (gramm.): hiter remsuidigud ┐ f.¤ , Sg. 18a2 . hitar remṡamugud ┐ f.¤ 212a15 . ua buith i f.¤ oc lathur thestimin (gl. subiunctiuus ... a constructione nomen accepit) 154a1 .


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u, m. vn. of remi-suidigedar.

(a) a placing before, anteposition : a rremṡuidigud do rannaib, Sg. 215a4 . hiter remsuidigud ┐ foacomol, Sg. 18a2 (refers to vocales praepositae and v. subiunctivae). Placing between, interposition : remsuigeadad dā sillaeib eter in dā comuaim, Auraic. 1596 = remtsuidiugud, 4676 .

(b) in gram. a preposition ( = Lat. praepositio), common in Sg. where it is always contracted: a buith ind remsuidigtheo fo deod, 212a10 . graif forsna huilib remsuidigthib , 212a13 . ind remsuidiugud grecdai asberar sin ( = Gk. σύν), Hib. Min. 9.308 . in remodigud, ib. 300 . reimshuidhiughadh (translates praepositio), Auraic. 301 . fri sed, air ni erlond is sed, is remshuidiugud, 594 .