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archocaid hunting-hound , stag-hound
árchú 1 war-hound , slaughter- hound 2 watch-dog(?)
athchú new hound
cermna name of a wild, black hound
1 cú 1 dog, hound 2 wolf; wolves; Name of plant 3 fox 4 creature, insect, parasite; vermin, louse; moth, bed-bug (?)5 stranger, castaway (?)
1 cuib hound; wolf (?)
Doélán name of a hound
1 dranaire name of a hound `the Snarler
Duardán a hound
duine Human being; man (in general), mankind; gs. and gp. oft. equivalent to adj. human; a particular individual or class of individuals; person, people; elders; monks; Oft. taking the place of an indef. pron. anyone, with neg. no one; everyone; one (of a number, class of people); a friend, follower, etc.; in pl. of family, adherents, countrymen; assembly of people, mote; lit. man-fold, a curved line of people (soldiers) formed to enclose or entrap an enemy (?); trespass committed by a person; crime committed by a human being; lit. man-hound; of warriors; human shape; descrip- tion in verse of a person's form and appearance (?);; human booty, captives (coll.); of surface of earth peopled by men; manslaughter, murder; murderer, homicide; torment, destruction of human beings; lit. man-stealing, i.e. murder with concealment of the body, secret murder
écht 1A slaying, slaughter; murder, manslaughter; a horse worth a blood price 2a slain person; casualty, loss (in battle); pity, grief, sorrow, mourning 3 Exploit, prowess, deed of valour; a feat, exploit, achieve- ment'4Of a hurt inflicted
ferchú a male hound , a savage hound
fíadach 1 hunting; stag-hound; hunters; searching, probing 2 game, prey (living or dead); hunting-nets (for snaring deer); resort of game; venison; prey 3 a hunting-ground, resort of game (late) 4a hunter
1 lorg 1 trace, vestige, mark, impression; track, trail, path, course; in pursuit, following after; supporting staff(?); sleuth-hound; example, pattern, model 2 rear, rearguard; harrying the rear, inflicting loss on a retreating army; troop, band, company; row, array; Of a flock of birds; progeny, descendants 3seeks to follow
4 lúan dog, hound
mílchú a greyhound, a hunting hound; wolves; Name given to a letter-group in a species of Ogham
seichill act of going or straying beyond; a hound which strays beyond the bounds of its master's territory
1 sról(l) 1Of banners, standards; banner, battle- standard 2 image of a hound worked in satin; banner, standard; satin cloth; weaving in satin
1 tríath lord, chieftain, king; chieftain; princess; princely host; having princely hosts; princely height; noble hound; noble heir; peopled with nobles; nobly angry; noble anger; having lordly standards (?); noble king
úainecda greenish, verdant; Of grass; Of sandals; Of canopy of chariot; Of a shield; Of chain-thread; Of a rainbow; Of a hound's tail