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1 Gall 1a Gaul 2a Scandinavian invader; Northmen; Danes 3an Anglo-Norman, an Irishman of Norman descent, an Englishman 4a foreigner
1 íar 1 after; then, thereupon, after that, thereafter; thereupon; after that, then; after this, hereafter; hereafter; hereupon; afterwards, then; thereafter; after some time; after a while, presently; in turn; gilded; being 2 across, along; beyond, on the farther side of; behind 3 according to, in respect of, by reason of; truly; in general 4 after
2 íar end, hinder part; end, back, west; the end of the day? evening?
íar(n)gáes after-wisdom, wisdom after the event, second thoughts
íar(n)gáesach wise after the event, given to changing one's mind ?
íar(n)gáeth wise after the event
íar(n)giunnach epithet of Amergein father of Conall Cernach. `shaven behind
íar(n)glus `the after-glow,' the dotage of old age?
íar(r)atas a petition; petitioners