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aindíles im- properly
decmaing 1 incapable, incapacitated 2that is not likely to be, to happen or come true; unlikely, improbable, impossible, strange; Unlikely to be done, impossible or hard to do; im- possible, difficult; scarcely; something not likely to happen, something impossible or hard to do, an impossibility
decmainge The condition of not being likely to happen; unlikeliness; im- possibility
1 deithbire adequate reason, necessity, just cause; In Laws justifiable excuse or lawful im- pediment
do-cíallathar forgets, neglects, im- pairs (?)
do-im(m)daig- multiplies, increases (?).
do-im(m)diben cuts away, shortens
do-im(m)gair 1 asks, claims 2 asks for, calls, summons 3 perpetrated (?); checked, punished (?); punished, subdued (?)
do-im(m)na 1 commits, entrusts, bequeaths (with DO); I bequeath; Commends, entrusts 2 promises 3 enjoins, commands 4 takes leave (of)
do-im(m)pói turns; vicissitude (?)
do-im(m)thiret administers, serves (someth.); attends, waits upon, ministers to
et(a)im , aitim 1 Spring, leap (?); thrust (?) 2 Chance, opportunity; breach (?) 3applied to a species of pledge
etlaide 1 Tenuous, unsubstantial, subtle (?); starved, wasted and gaunt through asceticism (?); Of a mountain
étrebar wanting husbandry, im- provident, hence not possessing valid security, not capable of being a sponsor
imm-imgaib, im-gaib 1(lit. goes around) avoids, shuns, evades 2 conceals (trans.)
impuide, im(p)ṡuide 1the act of laying seige to, beleaguering; an encompassment 2 seating, relative seats (in court), session
mí- 1 evil desire; an evil fate, death; aversion, loathing; an evil token; ill desert; evil-speaking, bad language; evil counsel; slaughtering; a bad (false) reading; failing to hit the mark; incoherence; bad fosterage; ill nurture; evil plight; mis-disposal (?); ruin; evil custom or habit; evil odour; irreverence, disrespect; disrespect, disesteem; evil prediction, augury; discordant music; wrong; unjust; ill-will, grudge; senselessness, folly; wildly, at random; ravings; evil destiny; disquiet, trouble; ill fame, evil report; breach of covenant, ill faith; evil counsel; non-fulfilment or breach of promise; misfortune, ill-luck; a bad throw, a miss; legal term, an illegal or invalid contract; defeat; ill- behaviour, turbulence; impiety; an evil heart; rancour; an evil recollec- tion; Forgetfulness; a bad share, an inferior portion; misconstructing; (fig.) dis- maying; evil smoke; ill appearance, ill looks; evil-doing; Not doing; Bad shape, form; ill appearance; bad colour; an evil eye (glance); an evil example; evil fate; ill-treatment; evil anticipations; distrust; want of hope, despair; an ill wish; ill will, malevolence; a misdeed; dishonour; inhospitality; evil report (?); leaving (animals) unguarded or in danger?; an ill welcome; mistake, delusion; an evil word; A word of ill omen; evil speaking, bad news; Reviling; an illegal or unjust proceeding (Laws); disqualifications; Hence in general a wrong, grievance (generally in pl.); bad help, a hindrance; cowardice; an evil deed, misdeed; ill favour, dislike?; disfavour; dislike, aversion; low rank or status; evil result, consequences; playing false, deceiving; maltreating, injuring; evil meditation, ill thoughts; evil intent; unwarlike behaviour, cowardice; bedless; dis- figurement; an evil omen; evil desire, disposition; Dejection (?); discouragement; dejection; misjudgement, mistake; Disesteem, disrepute; of ill fame; a bad or dangerous morsel (of food); dis- honour, reproach; unfriendliness, hostility; shamelessness; debility; an unchaste woman; dishonour; disfavour, dislike; a bad share; an evil lot (?); bad luck, ill fortune; a breach of rule, transgression; an evil course; disobeying, not com- plying with (the wishes of); an evil choice; an evil secret, mystery?; evil intent; ill will, malice; an evil report; bad tidings; ugliness; bad writing, mistakes in writing or copying?; ill-luck; dejection (?); want of sense, ability; mistrust; an evil fit, paroxysm, turn; guile' (?); dis- pleasure; mishap, accident; ill-repute; gloom; misfortune, ill luck; a false opinion; Suspicion; evil will or inclination; Unwillingness; evil fruit; ill-profit, unprofitable- ness; decrease; mercilessness; an evil foreboding or omen 2 having evil desires; giving evil counsels (? ill-advised); of evil behaviour; of ill fame; scurrilous; plying an evil trade or calling; unconscious of; not in one's proper senses; infamous; ill-famed; backsliding; impious; unbelieving, infidel; misshapen; forgetful; ill-fated, unlucky; devilish; unworthy; hopeless, despairing; incapable of brave exploits; given to evil speaking; foul-mouthed, scurrilous; wanting proper qualifications (leg. term); unkinsmanlike; of evil or pitiable aspect; ill-speaking; unwarlike, craven; ill-cared, ill-nourished; immoderate; unnatural; shameless; inordinate; grace- less; unlucky, inauspicious; not smooth, rugged; a rough or uneven place; ill-intentioned, malicious; unsightly, hideous; anxious, distressful; reckless; troubled, uneasy; unhappy; ill-attested; of evil report, infamous; unfortunate; evil-minded (?); ill-provided, lacking necessaries; im- prudent, foolish; weak, inefficient; merciless; merciless; Failing to obtain mercy, doomed; hapless; inconsiderate, foolish; merciless' (?)3 counsels ill; defames; keeps (observes) ill; profanes; disorders, throws into confusion, mishandles, maltreats; disordered; dislikes, loathes; wishes ill (to); does ill; plays false, deceives; treats with disrespect, dishonours; dishonours; displeases; believes or thinks evil, suspects
óen 1 one; one, a single; only; unique, without equal, peerless; the same; in one place, together; with one voice, unanimously; on one path = to- gether; (lit. `of one profession') united, in concert; in co-operation, in concert; simultaneously; together; simultaneously; (= as) 2 one, an individual; the One im- passible, invisible; any one 3 together, at the same time (with); together (with) 4 one- horned; a unicorn; one-legged (-footed); one- hoofed; only child or descendant; Also of any propertyless man of the fer midboth grade, even if he had kin,; one-footed; a rider; a particular place
stúag 1 rainbow; halo (?); handle (of a pitcher, etc.); Of the tail of a meteor; sheet of parchment; Of a legal im- pediment or restriction of some kind 2 hero, warrior, prince, chief 3 arched doorway; curved back, broad back; curved blade; arched slope; with arched neck; bends