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n u, m.

I service (used of the service given by a base client to his lord in return for a fief) : ceni berat turchreic ar imfognam n-airchendai, Corm. Y 81. atmaiter in flaith imfognum ... muna atmar imfognum, O'Curry 2084 ( H 4.22, p. 70a_b ). i.¤ rige rorúad, SR 4918.

II As grammatical term, construction: intan mbís int imfognam fri ainsid dundí as iudica is dú digail teit `when iudica is construed with the accusative it applies to vengeance,' Ml. 72d12 . int immognam i mbí hi sreith rann, Sg. 95a2 . ciall chesta indib ┐ immognam gníma `passive sense in them and active construction,' 142b1 . dligeth nimmognama rann `law of construction of parts,' 2b3 . in immfognam ┐ i ssreith legind `in construction and in order of reading, 30a12 . hi slund gnímo ┐ in immognam, 188b2 .