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imḟolang , imḟulang

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Forms: imfhulaing, imfulaing

n o, m. (perh. orig. o, n. See Críth G. s.v. folog ). vn. of imm-foilngi.

(a) the act of causing, effecting, accomplishing ; cause: imfolang nach gnima `the effecting of any deed,' Ml. 80d2 . dind imfolung, gl. de effectu, Ml. 24c17 . oc immfolung ind óir promthi `making proved gold,' 38d18 . do immofoluṅg déesse duitsiu, Acr. 6c3 ( Thes. ii 3.29 ). ma dogabthar chetamus a fít is imfolang galir són `if a man's allowance be suddenly diminished, that will cause sickness,' Mon. Tall. 152.8 . fodáilter dona tuathaib fri himfhulang n-ícce, PH 6358. tria imfhulang in aicnid spirutalda `per effectum spiritualis potentiae,' 6747 .

Here seems to mean effect: imfolang a chomairle son `the effect of his council,' Ml. 30d22a .

(b) the act of sustaining, supporting ; means of support : fri imfolang ar mbethad `to support our life,' Ml. 20d5 . batir banbrugaid son ┐ batar maithi do imfulung na fían, Corm. Y 1018 ( Anecd. iv 87.12 ). ata lanamuin i tuaith dlegtai a notrus .i. a nimfulung, Ériu xii 10 § 9. d'imfulang a mathar ocus a n-athar, Laws i 138.18 Comm. imfulang na cetmuintire fri re tri mbliadan, 232.22 . (gl. folach cetmuintire, 230.24 ). nocha nindlightuch do ma cunic a imfulung (of receiving a large supply of stock), ii 226.9 Comm. atait secht n-imfuiling, no sechta imfuilingter isin tuaith ┐ is doilig a n-imfulang `seven cases of maintenance,' v 312.6 Comm. bo bis ac imḟulang a cisa do fhlaith no do eclais `a cow which pays (viz., serves as payment of) his rent to the chief,' 260.12 Comm. do gebhdis a sasadh do ghrés gan saothar ndaonna aga niomḟulang, Mart. Don. 102.16 . ic a nertad ┐ ic a n-imfhulang co riachtatar sruth nEordanen, LB 123b39 . go ndarubdatar féithe do chride ... connach fail féith itir ic a immuluṅg, TBC-LL¹ 4387. is e connic ind uli dúl aicside ┐ nemaicside do airitin ┐ do imfulang, Alex. 451. a n-imfhulang ┐ a gcongbāil suass a mbethaidh ┐ a n-edaigib, Fl. Earls 180.18 . go ffuil a uile riachtanuss ┐ imfulang ann badhdēin `all its necessaries and support are supplied by itself,' 182.7 . diarraidh ... choblaigh go n-iomfhulancc lóin ┐ ordanais móir do chor co hErinn, AFM v 1728.x .

Gen. used attributively, enduring, strong: da tharb ... ua chuing adbail imfhulaing , TTebe 212 . co slabradaib ailli ordaib imfulaing eistib, 465 . tre eirr imchail imfhulaing ... chath-sceith, MR 266.9 .

(c) the act of permitting, allowing: is socar duna tuathaib imḟulung na ndaine co cintaibh accu tall isin tuaith `to suffer the people with crimes among them in the territory,' Laws v 30.3 Comm.

(d) the act of carrying, removing: cethrar aca imfhulong `four carrying him,' Ir. Review 1912, 250 § 12 . masa cunntubairteach bāis an t-othair nocha ndleagar a imfhulaing co haithle na naomaighi, O'Curry 305 (< H 3.18, p. 167 ). baegal a imulung ria noemaid manar foccail liaig, O'D. 1666 (< H 5.15, p.24b ).