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[n u, m.] vn. of imm-clói.

(a) act of changing, turning, returning; change, alternation: ní fil imchloud cenéiuil na diill and, Sg. 31b12 . Imchlód Aingel (title of a poem), KMMisc. 254. re himclód m'aidhedha-sa `with my reversed fate,' MR 302.13 . dia n-ernea ... ind ccoiblidhi leccim imclogh co sidhamail dó `I allow him to depart in peace,' Stair Erc. 1306. an uaimh ifreannda ... do bhagar ar na peacthachaibh dá n-iomchlódh óna n-olcaibh, TSh. 6784.

(b) reversal, defeat? : doberim me duit ar n-imclodh (dislighim me fein duit arnam chlaí v.l.), RC xix 48.16 . ( Fier. 63 ).