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adj o, ā questioning, interrogative: adv. ind i.¤ gl. interroganter, Ml. 78b16 . Mainly used as subst. an interrogative: isa i.¤ ceniuil sidi indí as quis `it is the gentile interrogative of quis ,' Sg. 203a19 . aithaisṅdisnecha .i. tuasailcdecha do immchomairsnechaib, 30a13 . ataid da imcomairsneach and, imcomairsneach ilair, ocus imcomairsneach uathaid, Laws v 4.29 Comm. in t-imcomairsneach ilair imorro, ataid tri fogla fair, 30 Comm. in t-imcomairsneach uataid ... ataid se fodla fair side .i. cuin, con, cia ... cair ocus cid ocus ceasc, 6.1 Comm. se himcomairsnig airme filet lasin nGaidel, Auraic. 3041.