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Forms: immaircedetaid

n d, m. (immaircide) fitness, appropriateness, congruity: int i.¤ gl. consequentia, Ml. 27d21 . trisinn immaircidetaid gl. per sequentiam, 19b11 . ar chuit nimmaircidetad `in respect of appropriateness,' 86d16 . ara nimmarcidetaid frisin precept roprithach, 50d17 . inn immaircidetaid gl. oportunitatem, 87a6 . immaircedetaid gl. obsequellam, 144d2 . is tri immaircidetaid inna mbriathar són, Sg. 213b8 . imaircideta gnima `congruity of action,' Hib. Min. 161. ar imairceta (leg. immaircidetaid) a ceille ┐ a nintliuchta friu, Hib. Min. 137.