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Forms: immidcomairc, immechomairc, imchomrac, immechomarcar, imcomaircet, immechomarcatar, imchomarcad, imchomarcam, immechomairsed, im-caemros[s]a, imchomarcair, imchoímras, imcomarctár, immácomraicthe, imroichomairc, roimchomairc, imcomarcaidh, imchomarcis, imchomarc

v Indic. pres. s. 2 immidcomairc , Corm. Y 1059.59 . s. 3 rel. immechomairc, Ml. 27d4 . With metathesis, imchomrac, TBC-I¹ 573. pass. immechomarcar, Sg. 27a2 . pl. 3 imcomaircet, IT iii 22.14 . pass. rel. immechomarcatar, Sg. 138a4 . ipv. s. 3 na imchomarcad , Wb. 28b12 . pl. 1 imchomarcam gl. interrogemus, Ml. 18a1 . Subj. impf. s. 3 immechomairsed, Ml. 20b18 , 63c9 . fut. s. 1 im-caemros[s]a, BDD² 166. pret. s. 3 imchomarcair, 46 . pass. imchoímras, TBFr. 148. pl. 3 imcomarctár, RC ix 484.3 . pass. immácomraicthe, RC ix 486.2 . perf. s. 3 imroichomairc, Corm. Y 690.12 . roimchomairc, SR 7553. As simple vb.: indic. pres. s. 3 imcomarcaidh, IT iii 180.22 . pret. s. 3 imchomarcis, Lat. Lives 65.7 .

questions asks, inquires of (folld. somet. by DO, somet. by direct obj.): na imchomarcad ní `let her not ask aught,' Wb. 28b12 . is cétna netargna dondí immedchomairc (MS. immeb chomairc) `it is the first knowledge to him that asks it,' Sg. 197b10 . frecre do neoch immechomarcar duit `to what is asked of thee,' ib. huare ata tert persin immechomarcatar treo `because it is third persons which are interrogated by them,' 138a4 . ma[i]th i[n] rē immidcomairc , Corm. Y 1059 (s.v. prūll, Anecd. iv 93.3 ). antan atconnairc in tsentainde inna hēicsiu immuscomarcair (imuscomarcatair MS., immoscoemorcair, L) cibtar hē, ib. imchomrac (imchomairc, LU) araile fer dona druidib cid dia maith a llāisin, TBC-I¹ 573. imcōemorcair (imchomarcair, LU) Cūchulaind "cia carnd ngel inso thall," 616 . imchomarcar cía bu chan dóib, TBFr. 65. imchoímras dó cid dodnucai, 148 . rí roimchomairc ... | do sruithib mac n-Israhél, SR 7553. im-caemros[s]a do gaethaib corbom gaeth fo-deisin `I shall enquire of the wise ones that I may be wise myself,' BDD² 166. imchomarcair in rí scéla dí, 46 . co nimchomarcair ... cia ainm inna mna (glossed: ro fiarfaigustar, 252.22 Comm. ), Laws i 250.24 . a n-immácomraicthe ced atconcatár isin tír asbertís, RC ix 486.2 . imchomarcis in drái cia orb halachta in chumal, Lat. Lives 65.7 . īar sin imcomaircid na fāithe ele, ZCP viii 312.31 . imcomairces cách scela diaroile díbh, Stair Erc. 1228. Vn. imchomarc.

3 ré

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n [f.] an indefinite number or set (of persons)? ráe .i. iomad: ráe mhaighreadh .i. iomad bradán ( a number, quantity ), O'Cl. Cf. is ré amhlaidh sochaidhe, Metr. Gl. Ff. 58 v.l. in écsi nó in re foruallach út fil umat, Corm. p. 36 s.v. prull = ind re, Bodl.; ind ne no ind re no in de, Corm. Y 1059 (p. 91 z) . ma[i]th i[n] rē immidcomairc: Senc[h]ān ēges Ērend uile ind so noble is the company whom thou questionest (?), Corm. Y 1059 (p. 93.2) = in re, Bodl. In the preceding exx. in[d] re offers a close parallel to the Welsh y rhai folld. by an adj. or rel. clause (y rhai iach; y r. sydd yn iach `the healthy') and may be, as suggested by Stokes, Corm. Transl., borrowed from it. mor fher ferrda dodechaid iarsna réib rigda sin, Alex. 473 (description of an army on the march).