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Forms: immáric, commarí, imondricfa, ima-ricfa, maricfe, mariccfed, immarránic, immeránic

v usually with a petrified infixed pron. indic. pres. s. 3 immáric, BDD § 150. subj. pres. s. 3 commarí, Wb. 5d37 . fut. s. 3 imondricfa , Corm. Y 698. ima-ricfa, BDD² 762. ní maricfe , LU 4637. sec. fut. s. 3 ní mariccfed , Wb. 4b13 . pret. s 3 immarránic, IT iii 244.21 . rel. immeránic, Fél. May 2.

happens, befalls: commarí far ndígal huaimsi `in order that vengeance for you may happen from me,' Wb. 5d37 . ní mariccfed mani tindnised int athir nemde `it would not have succeeded had not the heavenly Father given him,' 4b13 . cindus imondricfa sōn, Corm. Y 698 ( Anecd. iv 58.21 ). bid nessu ar mbás síu marrí `our death will be nearer before it comes to pass,' Ériu i 68.11 . ní maricfe úair is áes comchotaig dúinni, LU 4637. immarránic aní sin, IT iii 244.21 . escomlud Saturnín | co Críst immeránic, Fél. May 2.

In impers. const. folld. by DO : immáric elud dóib `they succeeded in escaping,' BDD § 150. dia 'mari dó tuidecht if he succeeds in coming, BDD² 1091. See also imm-airicc and under imma n-.