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7 a 1 Expressing motion, out of, from 2 from, originating in; from (of a number out of a group); Of the ground of proof from; Hence introducing the instrument or cause of an action, etc. by, with, because or by reason of 3 In sense of attached to, compos- ed of, in etc. 4 In later lang. also of time from, since
agad, aiged 1 face, countenance; surface; expanse; front; shape, form, appearance; honour 2 In phrases implying motion, intention; turns towards, makes for 3 before, in front of; towards, in the direction of; against; Up (of a slope, steps, etc. with I N-); opposes, contradicts; for; for the purpose of; on the point of, about to; as an offset to, corresponding to, instead of, etc. 4 forward, ahead; fairfaced; red-faced; flooded; broad-faced; front bones (shin-bones?)
aicce 1 nearness, proximity; near, beside; besides, in addition to 2 fosterage
aindeóin despite, unwillingness; Nearly always in prep. phrases meaning against the will of, in spite of
amáin 1 only, and no more, and nothing else; moreover, in addition 2 one 3 save that, however, nevertheless
1 amlaid 1 thus, so; The meaning varies between the literal in that (this) way and the more general thus, so, accordingly, then 2 thus, so
ammaig from outside, in (with implication of motion).
anordaigthech in- ordinate; irregularly
1 ar 1 before, in front of; before 2 for, for the sake of, on behalf of, etc.; for the sake of, by; on account of, because of; on account of it, therefore; instead of, in place of, as substitute for, in meaning of; counts as; in return for, in exchange for, as price of, in payment for, as equivalent of; preference; for the purpose of, in order to obtain; by virtue of, by means of, through; In general sense of in respect of, with regard to, in the matter of, relating to, etc.; about (of stories, books, reading, etc. In late exx. only. Perh. orig. for in this meaning); from; from; against
1 ara 1 that, in order that; In order that, so that in general
ar-berna makes a gap in , impairs, diminishes
aslach act of tempting, in- ducing, instigating; temptation; Attempt, attack; persuading, influencing, suggesting; persuasion, suggestion; Of petitioning for a parley, truce; wheedling, soliciting
as-toídi Shines through or forth, appears; becomes clear, in- telligible; Generally shines, glitters, sparkles
báeglach off one's guard, unguarded; exposed to danger, in jeopardy; dangerous, fearful, to be feared
1 barr 1 top, tip, end 2Special applications. Of trees, top, branching portion; of plants, tip, flower-head; lock, stock and barrel, completely 3Of the extremities of the body 4 head of hair 5 helmet, tiara, diadem 6 crop, produce 7Gramm. enclitic (demonstr. or emph. pron.); an emphasizing pronoun 8 top, climax, end; crown, supremacy, preeminence, transcendence; superiority 9Of an individual, one who is preeminent, chief, leader 10 more (than, AR); excess, overplus, addition; as well as; for the purpose of; in addition
bél 1 lip; lips, but here usually mouth; (of a hag); (in application of an incantation); (of a witch); (term of endearment); mouth; the mouths; By metonymy person; red (raw) morsel in (the) mouth apparently of property illegally acquired or attached; Of the mouth as the source of speech; By extension word(s); subject of talk; self-judgment, -doom; unanimously 2various things resembling lips or mouth; edge, rim; mouth of cavity, orifice, opening; (used as term of endearment); edge, opening of wounds; upper of shoe 3Freq. of replacing in kingship, headship, etc. one who had the normal claim, before, in preference to, in place of; before, at, close to; on the point of; before; towards, to; over, across; out of 4With FOR (always with possessive) on the face, face downwards; face to face 5 turns to, seeks help from
1 ben 1 woman; As dist. from a virgin; woman of the milking place, dairymaid; wife; kins- woman; embroidress; female, -ess, etc. 2 wife
beus 1 still, yet 2 further; moreover, again; besides, also, in addition; expresses sense of continues, keeps on with the action of the verb 3 yet, nevertheless, in spite of that
bíathad act of feeding; maintaining; Feeding, refection, of the obligatory provision of food for the stranger and his `company' on a journey; the particular foodstuffs to be provided and number of accompanying per- sons entitled to maintenance depended on the status of the visitor; Food-rent which a nobleman or landowner was entitled to from a tenant or base client in return for a fief; refection for the fief i.e. annual payment-in- kind; refection as a legal due from tenants, subjects, etc. to the chief, the amount and periods being fixed by law or custom or agreement; baptismal refection (?)
1 bith 1the world; inhabitants (men) of the world, mankind, people; land, territory, soil; existence, life; in the world, in existence; hence developing to anywhere, at all; (follg. a noun) any, what(so)- ever, see also s.v. 1 cía; freq. follg. a noun in neg. sentences nothing, no(one) at all; whatever; everywhere 2 Age, period; for ever
breo(in)ne a type of cat
1 bun The thick end of anything, base, butt, foot. Of trees etc. trunk, base; butt (of javelin); Of mountains base, foot; Of rivers mouth, estuary; Exceptionally source; Of parts of the body; base; elbows; end (?); Of armies base, foundation, main force (?); source; customary services; royalties; Usu. in transfd. sense occupied with, adhering to, in charge of, devoted to; is capable of (?); established, in force, in progress; top and bottom, entirely, completely; upside-down, in reverse, vice-versa, at variance; together; cutting the trunk
bunad 1 origin, basis, source; unauthorized (?); dwelling, habitation 2Of families etc. origin, stock, race 3 In Laws original stock, stock belonging to the family, etc.; Hence freq. fer bunaid owner; Of bees; Of water for a mill 4V. freq. in gs. as attrib. original, fundamental; native, hereditary; inherent, own, proper; basic, established; certain, veritable, real, etc.; feud; family name; the owner (?)5 in reality, actually; `originally' ( in fact ?); always, perpetually, for ever
1 cenn 1The human head, head of an animal; in sense, reason, head and body; Of a head of hair; Cathead; Wolfhead; Horsehead; Snakehead; Of the head cut off in battle; front legs; head-wound, serious wound; mouth.; completely; utterly, entirely; headlong; head first; owl; billow, breaker; appears; Of buildings roof; a ribbed vault, a groined roof; covers, tops 2 End, end-point, termination.; sheaves; Of territories; Of the end or completion of an affair, etc. 3Of persons, chief, head person, leader.; battle-leader; headquarters, centre; end, goal 4 towards, in the direction of, to meet; for, to fetch; in the future, afterwards, later; next, following, ensuing; below, in what follows; later, following; in front of, before; awaiting, ready for, in anticipation of; of time in store for; face to face, at grips; to the end, to completion; till the end of, for the duration of; in return for, for the sake of, instead of, on condition of, because of, for; a quid pro quo; towards, against, for; within, during; about, concerning, with regard to, for the sake of, etc.; finishes, completes; falls down, topples; to, in the direction of, towards, against; in addition to; adds to; in competition or rivalry with, in preference to; at the head of for purpose of leading; in store for, destined; at the end of; together; simultaneously; successively; about, around; about, concerning, with regard to; in control of, in charge of; over and above, in addition to; overthrows, upsets, turns upside down; on behalf of, for the sake of, in return for, in lieu of, because of, for, etc.; in spite of, in violation of; notwithstanding; nevertheless; Of begetting offspring by a woman in spite of or unknown to her husband; notwithstanding the fact that, although; head-covering
c(h)erup(in) Cherub(im)
clíamain (male) relative-in-law
clithar, clethar 1 sheltering, protective; protectively, closely(?)2 shelter, covert, fastness; kenning for quert apple-tree in Bríatharogam; protection, shelter; Of a prince, protector, refuge; a milch-cow, an in-calf cow or a ploughing ox.
3 co 1 so that, and (consecutive) 2 In quantitative contexts (to the extent) that, (so much so) that 3 until 4 that 5 so that, in order that.
cóictach having fifties, in fifties; fifty-fold; cleric of a certain grade:
coimchlíamain sister-in- law
coitchinne generality, universality; state of being common property; generally, in general; at large
commandar commander in chief; command
congbáil 1act of containing, keeping in; keeping, holding, maintaining, sustaining, entertaining (in later lang. in uses similar to those of Engl. keep); mercenaries; preserved, available 2 maintenance, entertainment; legal right or obligation as regards entertain- ment 3(monastic) foundation; habitation; establishment
con-osna ceases, stops, desists; rests, remains; ends in (gramm.); ceases from
1 crúd bringing in , collecting, bringing in cows to be milked; act of milking, extract- ing; act of deliberating, taking counsel
cuibdigid(ir) is in harmony (with), corresponds (with); harmonizes with, makes to correspond, adjusts, adapts, arr- anges
1 cumal 1female slave, bondwoman; later woman-in-waiting; servant, maid; maid-in-waiting 2Name of a variable unit of value; generally fixed at three milch cows; or equivalent to thirty-five acres of land3 fine, mulct, compensation; in recompense for, as penalty for
dáirithe 1A certain 2 Particular, especial 3 set, assured, certain, in store for
dán 1A gift, bestowal, endowment, present; gifts given to the Church, its goods; a gift from man to God, a spiritual offering; often in connection with idpart or de- pendent on adopair; a divine gift to man from God or the Holy Ghost, a Christian virtue looked upon as an emanation from the Holy Ghost; a natural endowment, faculty, ability or talent, ingenium 2 Skill in applying the principles of a special science; science; skill applied to the material or subject-matter of art; artistic faculty, art; especially the poetic faculty; the art of poetry; , esp. poets 3A poem, song, verse, rhyme; an ode, poem, lay, song or ditty; hymn.; in verse; the name of a metrical system used by the Irish4An industrial pursuit of a skilled nature; a craft, trade, business, office, calling, profession 5A profession as represented by its practisers col- lectively; the members of a trade as a body; captives, prisoners 6An occupation, function, business; an allotted task 7To give in payment; a payment; pro- fession 8 destined to, in store for; espec. destined by fate, fated, allotted; fate, destiny; oppose together, be on the same side against
darírib Earnestly, sincerely; in truth, verily, really, actually, certainly
dead 1 End, conclusion, utmost limit; the end of the day, the evening; the conclusion of a book, a psalm, a chapter; Auslaut, the end of a word, as opposed to tossach `Anlaut'2to the end, always; last, after verba movendi; after, following after; after, in succession to; thereafter, thereupon; after; to follow; to approach; decaying; follow with intent to overtake, pursue; to pursue; to throw after; to call, shout after; to be after, i.e. to seek, to look for, try to get, pursue.; to be left, spared; I drag or trail after me; after; behind; since; bind': to bind or fix sth. to a thing in motion; headlong; to go to the bad; at last, in the end, ultimately; at last, at length; thereupon; last, i.e. at the end, in the rear; finally; in what follows, below 3 Last milking; Last prince or ruler
1 degaid 1 after, behind; of serial order after, following after; after, in succession to2 after, following immediately on.; thereafter, then 3 after, to, denoting the aim or object; to follow with a hostile intention, pursue.; comes for; also comes in pursuit of.; jumps after; throws after4to follow or come after; to be born from, descend from; to be in charge of (cattle); to pursue 5 below, farther on, hereafter 6 after
derbráthair 1 brother (by blood, whereas bráthair is used in wider sense)
díime not to be fenced in , against
dílmaine 1 licence, liberty (of acting or being acted on in a certain way), freedom; corresponding to dílmain (a) that which is allowable 2 freedom, detachment; exemption or immunity (from an obligation or impost), corresponding to dílmain (b); absolutely' (?); free, unattached, independent?); In moral sense; Hence absol. freedom from occupation, leisure, idleness (influenced by dímaíne?); idly, in vain
dingid 1 presses, thrusts, drives in 2 thrusts down, crushes, quells 3 forces; extracts, extorts
díumaidm bursting in , irruption
dlús close- ness, density, tightness, compactness (of units in a mass or crowd); press; Hence in general in- tensity, assiduity:; Explained in Gl. as loves, perh. makes an effort for, does one's best for
1 dlúth, dlúith 1 intimate (eager?) conversation; dense array; a blank refusal; clustering hair 2 dense and rugged; well-knit, flashing armour 3 closely follows
doaisnéis(e), doḟaisnéis(e) that cannot be told, in- describable; unspeakable
do-beir 1 brings 2 gives; surrenders, gives up; gives battle; takes heed; gives in exchange for, pays for; makes for, attacks; of compensation or retribution); gives, gives away; gives out, gives away, dispenses; Of an author cites, adduces; yields, produces; utters, pronounces; promises, (swears); deceives; turns; trusts; takes in hand, sets about; spends; causes, brings about, effects; occurred; makes, renders, causes to be 3 Puts, places, sets; lays upon, confers on, imposes on, inflicts on (both in good and bad sense);; enjoins upon, compels, instigates; put on; brings, puts (into a state or condition); sends; give and put 4 Brings, leads; brings, deduces, traces (of a sequence, genealogy, etc.); brings down, humbles (mod.); brings up, rears, educates (mod.); well-educated 5 Gets, wins, takes; takes from; takes a wife, weds; wins, captures 6 makes for; falls on, attacks 7 comprehends, understands; perceives, observes, is aware of; observe, note , know (common in med. texts); perceives, knows (by looking at); knows (from), infers (from); thinks, opines, considers; means, signifies; understands (of), applies or refers to (freq. in pass.)
docht 1 silent, reticent, reserved; secret (?)2 niggardly, closefisted 3 tight, hence strict, painful, difficult; in straits (?); as name of a hound the close-pressing one 4 firm, strong, exact; Of the sky heavy, lowering (?)
dochum 1 to, towards (a destination, whether place or person) 2 in order to, with a view to; sets about; inciting, inducing, compelling
do-cuirethar 1 puts 2 invites.3 puts, deposits, places; deposits, produces, brings forth; have been set, planted round; throws, casts, sends; throws, i.e. makes a start, bound 4it puts me; I happen to be; lit. it puts me to (on, towards), hence I meet, come upon, come across; lit. it puts on me, hence it is incumbent on me, I must; they fall out, quarrel 5Of rest, condition 6denoting motion 7 meets, comes upon, falls in with8 encounters, opposes9 falls to the lot of, happens to, befalls 10 comes to pass, happens, takes place; there was 11 Invites, summons
do-éccai 1 looks, gazes; hopes in
do-fúapair, -fúabair, -fóbair 1 attacks, assails.2 rushes in , charges, advances (in hostile manner)
do-furgaib 1 raises, lifts up; takes on oneself; raises, sets up, erects (a stone, building, etc.); later often of building, constructing in general; uplifts, elevates, exalts; raises (a cry, the voice, etc.), utters, enounces; rears, brings up; raises up, produces, causes; raises, begins, undertakes, engages in 2 rises 3 In allied senses arises, appears, comes forth
do-icc 1 comes to me in sense of I get (ó from); denoting place, destination, aim; Usually as prepositional phr. as far as, up to, till: 2 comes; advances, proceeds; lit. until . . . comes as prep. until; Comes back, returns; of transition to a state, mental activity; Of time, comes, arrives; By extension, comes to an end, is spent; comes to me, befalls me; Of states, events, etc., in general comes about, takes place, happens; Comes into being, arises, originates; Comes to pass, is fulfilled; employed to denote state, development, etc., almost in sense is, becomes, etc.; Escapes, recovers; it is not possible; relents, is moved (towards, by); gets on, succeeds; speaks of, touches on, mentions; agrees on; begins with (in gramm.); falls on, devolves on, pertains to; comes out, escapes; recovers; results from; runs out, comes to an end; comes, arises from, depends on, is consequent on, due to; it comes from me, i.e. I am able (to); falls to, befalls; pertains to, applies to, suits; it is time for me to . . ., I arrive at, attain to; opposes, impugns (Laws); it occurs to me, I form the notion, project (of); comes against, withstands, opposes, injures; sub- mits to, agrees to (with); concurs, agrees with, suits; I am able (to), succeed ( in ); comes (safe) from, escapes from; comes from, i.e. is stated by; transgresses, violates; overcomes, subdues; touches on, mentions, speaks of; deal with; comes in on, interferes with, assails; comes up (with), over- takes (mod.) 3 gives 4 understands, etc. (see do- beir)
doich 1 likely, probable, to be expected; I think it likely, it seems to me; likely (in sense of likeable); desirable, an object of liking; proper, right 2 opinion, conjecture, supposition; methinks, I daresay, in my opinion; most likely, verily, surely; in the belief (that), on the supposition (that); hope, expectation, confidence; in hopes, in expectation (of, that); puts trust in, hopes in; forms expectations of, builds hopes on (usually in sense of hoping to attain or overcome); a ground of hope; a likely or hopeful subject (for); chance, opportunity; suspicion, conjecture, hint, cognizance; manner, fashion, way, condition
1 dóigid hopes in , trusts, estimates
1 don Place, ground, earth; In secondary sense place, room, stead:; in place of, in lieu of
dorchae 1 dark, gloomy; Of persons in the dark; Of colour, complexion, etc.; dark-browed; not clear, obscure; `gloomy' (enigmatic?); obscure, unknown (?); gloomy, morose (?) 2 darkness, gloom; a son of darkness; a child begotten clande- stinely 3 obscurity, mystery 4a mound at Tara
dorus Gateway, doorway, opening or entrance; More specifically door, gate (that which is closed); Aperture, entrance, passage in general; portholes (of a siege-tower); openings, incisions; ear-passages; in front of; opening, entrance, passage
1 drech 1 face, countenance; looks (?); appeared 2Of things, places, face, front; surface 3 in front of; under the eyes (direction, care) of:; in front of, in sight of 4Hence person (almost = nech); By extens. kind, race 5-faced, of . . . aspect, appearance; broad-faced; fresh-faced; smooth-faced; smooth- surfaced; with illumined countenance, radiant 6 complexion; face- band (?)
drólann the in- testines; As a rule confined to poetry:; an intestine
druim(m) 1 back; Back of men or animals; a pent-house, shed; a calf-shed 2 back, surface (flat or convex) 3 ridge, usually of elevated ground; hill; ridge, crest of a wave; Of a sword-blade 4 one above (after) another, in succession; upside down, topsy-turvy; Backwards; following, in succession (addition) to:; on account of, by means of; Away from, off from; abandons, abjures, re- nounces 5 broadbacked 6 back-leather; tombstone; keel; Of part of a diadem; `superscription', envoy; back-spleen; ridge-beam; Of the cornice of an altar (?) 7 crippled
2 dúalach having locks or tresses; in tresses; fringed (?), pleated (?); cunningly-wrought
dúalgas 1 traditional right 2 custom, tribute or other obligation (due to someone) 3 by right of, in virtue of, on account of, by means of; for the sake of; reward?4 kin (?)5 reward
éccin(n)tech 1 indefinite, undeter- mined (in sense, extent or number), uncertain; in round numbers; a vast indefinite number
éccóir, éccáir 1 Incongruous, wrong, inaccurate, improper, unjust, unfitting 2 Wrong, impropriety, in- justice; Error
éccundail, éccundla heedless, in- discreet, irresponsible
echtra An expedition, journey, voyage; an adventurous journey, an expedition in quest of adventure; goes on a journey, an adventure; a warlike expedition, a hosting, enterprise; a journey, pilgrimage; abroad, on a journey; in exile; a tale, narrative, history
eclaimm a searching out, in- vestigation, examination; discussion; Of birds, pruning (feathers), picking (lice, etc.)
1 écndairc 1 Absent 2 Absence; in the absence (of) 3 for the sake of; instead of
ecor, ecar 1 Arranging, disposing, setting in order; arrangement, array; arranged, set forth, displayed; arranged, regular; arranges, draws up, sets forth 2 Inlaying, adorning; inlaid ornament, decoration; inlaid, ornamented; wrought 3a putting in; making entry; of the pound itself, the `appointed place'
ecraid 1 Fixes, arranges, disposes 2 Equips, fits out; adorns; makes ready, arranges 3 puts in
1 éim, ém 1 further, moreover
2 éis 1 after, in succession to; remaining after, waiting behind 2 for, instead of 3 above, in the preceding context 4 after, later in time than, following, succeeding to; resulting from; after that, after- wards; After (the death, times of) a person: 5 after, left, waiting behind, surviving 6After the departure of, in the absence of; instead of 7 after in the sense of notwithstanding, in spite of 8 behind 9 after, later in time than, succeeding to; resulting from; according to (?); After (the death, times of) a person: 10 remaining after, surviving 11after the departure of, in the absence of 12 for, instead of
1 ellach 1 joining, uniting; union, combination, composition; metre (?); joining in battle, engaging; encounter, battle 2a putting in; entering upon, taking possession of, appropriating
1 ellam, ullam, ollam 1 quick, prompt, speedy; soon, readily 2 ready, prepared, finished; convenient, suitable; finished, complete; ready (for) in the sense of predisposed (to), in- clined (to)
ellma 1 speedily, soon, promptly 2 soon enough, in time (?) 3 ready, prepared
1 enech, ainech 1 honour, repute, good name; honour, repute; dignity, status; honour-price; carries off the honour of (by satire, etc.) humiliates, shames; maintains (achieves, satisfies) honour, reputa- tion; In adjuration; people of degree, nobles; protection, security, guarantee; under the protection of; under the protection of; mercy, clemency, quarter; good faith; faithless ruffians; generosity, bounty, hospitality
éric, éraic 1 paying out, disbursing 2paying an equivalent for, compensation (for an injury, etc.) 3as a legal term, eric-fine, mulct, damages imposed acc. to loss inflicted (cf. eneclann); Esp. of price paid to his kindred for a man slain, wer-geld 4 compensation, return (for something done or suffered); in return for, in requital for; offsetting
esbadach 1 wanting, lacking, deficient; Incomplete, imperfect 2 defective, deprived, damaged 3 injured, disfigured 4 needy, in want 5 lonely, forlorn
1 etarport meantime (?) in the interim (?)
etir 1 nay indeed, not at all 2 in general, in any case, at all; soever, any... whatsoever; at any rate, certainly (?) 3 general, all
1 étir, éter Able; possible, feasible; it is (im-)possible for me ( in my case)
fáenan in the same way, likewise
2 fail 1the place) where 2 near, beside, along with; Beside, seen in comparison with 3 in the place where; where; side by side (?)
fairthe 1that which is provided; preparation, provision, entertainment 2 in readiness (?) hence promptly, speedily
fare, faré along with, in the company of; as well as, besides
2 farrad 1 beside, in the company of, along with; close to (a place); present; in the service of; of living together with; cohabiting; beside, compared with 2 beside, along with; in relation to, compared with
feb 1 excellence, distinction, used of external condition, prosperity, appearance, and also to denote a high degree of a quality or state; for, because of (?); wealth, fortune, possessions, social status: in Laws the external qualifications of property by which (a man's) rank was determined:; divisions (i.e. degrees) of dignity; goods, pos- sessions; way, manner (?); in like manner 2 in the way that', as; just as, exactly as; as, according as, in like manner as; as, when; just as; as if, as though; of excellent generosity (?)
fégad, féc(h)ad, dégad, déc(h)ad 1 looking at, beholding, scanning, (often implying close observation or examination)2transf. of that which is seen 3 considering, taking into account; in view of, in comparison with
fénach pertaining to (suited for, abounding in ?) waggons; full of waggons
1 fer 1a man (as opp. to a woman) 2 a husband (opp. to ben `wife') 3 churchmen; a tribesman, relative; a king's bedfellow; `per- petrator' (operator); a companion; the traitor; a man of violence; to denote an occupation or calling (often in stereotyped phrases; a watchman; a fosterer; miller (?); grinder (?); a standard-bearer; visionary; a craftsman; a poet; lawyer; churchman; a hunter; serving-man; spy; an Interpreter; a deputy;; a professor; lector; miller; dispenser, butler; diviner; plough- man; a lover; a teacher; a husbandman, house-holder; host; husbandmen; a candle- bearer, acolyte; lawgiver; owner, possessor 4 in pl. folld. by gen. of place, inhabitants; men of the sídhe, elves 5 chessman; Of a drinking-horn:; Of a bird; Of a fish; a salmon; ivy- men' (some kind of bird ? see eidenn)6 in gramm., person 7pertaining to a man or men, intended for a man, manly
1 fíad 1 before, in presence of; openly, publicly 2 in the eyes of, in the opinion of
fíadnaise 1 witness, testimony; in Laws evidence, attestation; I testify 2a witnessing, being present at, hence presence;; in presence of, before; (absol. ) present, in view, looking on
fissi that ought to be found out or known, worth knowing; to be sought for, in- quired
fo, fa, fá 1 under, beneath; under sun (heaven) i.e. alive; in the world; Esp. in sense of carrying, supporting; of direction towards, into, through:; undertakes, attempts; esp. of impact, collision, attack; turns on, attacks; assail; throughout, over, gen. of motion; on; about, around (contamination of IMM; Hence hard by, near (?) 2 under ;; thus; secretly; sub specie; in unison(?); on a course (?); of grammatical function, in Glosses (a particular appli- cation of preceding); actively ... passively; as a negative; in the neuter; underlying; under, subject to; submits to, undergoes; assumes; leaves at the discretion (mercy) of:; under (a name, head, rubric, etc.); under = less than; inferior to; according to, in accordance with; in that case, in accordance with that; like, corresponding to; lit. in proportion to i.e. in requital of (?)cf. (q); with numerals as multiplicative; twice; twice; at, by; usually means by that time but occasionally at (with) that; during; Of approximate time of an occurrence, at, about; on Sundays; in respect of, as regards; lavish of; About, concerning; Of mocking; On account of; along with, including (= imm); after vbs. of swearing, asseverating,; in return for,3I intend; is liable for (?); impugns; is decided upon by; incites; I settle down; as (of manner) 4 rather, somewhat
fo-ácaib 1 leaves; quit; Departs from, forsakes; Leaves remaining; Leaves behind i.e. outstrips (in a race); relinquishes, renounces; leaves (in a certain state); sets aside, excepts, stipulates; leaves with, in the hands of, in possession of; at the mercy of; leaves (as a duty) to:; leaves behind (on a battle-field, etc.), loses (of persons and things); leaves behind (at death); Hence bequeathes; leaves (instructions, a charge, command, etc.); Of a salutation, farewell; leaves a word i.e. a blessing, malediction, etc.; placing, inflicting; leaves (on record), hands down (a statement, etc.); leaves out, omits 2 is left, remains 3 departs, gets away
2 fochair nearness, proximity; near, with, in the presence of; together; Beside = compared with
fo-gaib, fo-geib 1 finds, meets with, discovers (in a place); discovers 2 finds 3 gets, gains, obtains, procures 4 gets, induces (some one to do something) causes (something to be done)5 meets with, experi- ences, undergoes; dies 6 gets (an opportunity of doing), is able (usually with vn. obj.; cf. c, d).7 gets = spends, lives (through) 8 invents, devises 9`finds in oneself,' dares, pre- sumes (late) 10 imparts, communicates
fognam 1 serving, rendering service; servitude; serves; an attendant; labourers; functions 2 use, utility, profit; of use, in health, thriving
foimte on the look-out (for), prepared, in readiness (for)
foimtiu Being in readiness for, antici- pating, being on one's guard against
1 folach 1 hiding; the act of covering, or hiding; roofed (?); hiding-place; harbourage; Of burial; in hiding, hidden; hidden, secret 2 In concrete sense a covering; my veil; veils; the caul 3A hiding-place 4something hidden; a hoard
folachta ? in hiding, on one's keeping: living a nomad existence (?)
fo-lámathar 1 Attempts, is about to 2 Comes near to, is in danger of; threatened me
fo-loing 1 bears, sustains, supports; of bearing burdens; Transf. supports, main- tains; Freq. of maintaining one in sickness; Upholds, observes 2 sustains, endures, holds out against (an evil, enemy, etc.) 3 cannot (could not) sustain, endure to 4 endures, remains 5 undergoes, suffers 6 in Laws (text) is liable to, is responsible for (a duty, payment, etc.) ;7 brooks, suffers, (with vn.) allows
1 for, 1 on, upon; over, above; on, at, by; upheld, supported by; being worn; carried by; over, up; attached to; in , amongst; forming a portion of; on, over, to, towards 2of form, appearance, hue, etc.; of arrangement, state, process; division, classifica- tion, naming; of point of time; coincidence of occurrence; on; with words expressing quality, talent, success, etc.; over, of rule, sway, superior might; upon, in addition to; in succession to, after; on i.e. affecting, afflicting; governing object of blessing, cursing, punishing, etc.; on, by means of; relying on; depending on; in; at; is incum- bent on; owing from; expressing worth, value 3 on, upon; over, above; on, over, above; Often = in; above ground, anywhere on earth, in existence; alive; Of wounds, bruises, etc.; Of approximate position, juxtaposition, on, at, by; Freq. in sense upheld, supported by, also being worn (esp. of weapons, ornaments; IMM is regularly used of clothes) or carried by; after vb. of placing, hoisting, over, up; Of things attached to, or forming part of a body, etc., as, parts of weapons; hair, limbs; leaves of trees, etc.; In , amongst; forming a part of, mixed with; After verb or vn. implying motion on, to, towards; Across, by way of 4 on (of that by which something is evident, known, recognized, etc.); over (of rule, sway; superior might); upon, in addition to (see do-formaig); in succession to, after; in addition to, along with; on, i.e., affecting, afflicting (of emotions, physical or mental states or conditions, joy, sorrow, fear, anxiety, sickness, pain, hunger, etc.;; existing on, by means of (a food, diet); a similar use is relying on, depending on; some- times = content with; in (a state, con- dition); in exile; in error; in the right; inclined; `by dint of' (cf. j); At, engaged in (an occupation or task); in despite of, to the detriment of.5 on account of, because of, for the sake of; on behalf of
foraire 1 watching, keeping guard; watchman; in ambush; Of religious vigil 2 a watch, sentry; as collect. or in pl. a watch; watch- men, guards
forairech guarding, watchful; in ambush
forcenn 1 end, final limit (generally of time or procedure; A term, limit
fo-rig 1 holds back, detains, delays, keeps waiting; remains, abides 2 keeps, preserves, prolongs; retains in possession 3 binds 4intrans. remains, stays, continues:; waits for
forlethan 1 Broad above 2 Wide, extensive; far and wide, at large; Wide in scope; undefined
forminde stammering, impediment in speech
foróil, furóil, fuláir 1 in excess 2 excessive; is necessary, incumbent; it is not too much for me; I need, have a right to; I may as well, I ought; I deem it too much, excessive; I deem it proper, fit
fós 1 still, up to the present 2 still (more, longer), further, also, in addition; likewise:; however
fo-sern lit. `strews under'; arranges in due order, spreads abroad, publishes (?); places himself, is seated; is circulated; well-known, notorious.
1 foss, fos 1 rest (oppd. to motion); remaining quiet or stationary; a state of rest or quietude; Remaining (in a place), continuing (to do something); perseverance, steadiness; Halting, stopping; a halt; perseverance; firmness 2 residents or sedentary folk; immovable, steady 3 in a state of rest; stationary, remaining in a (certain) place, hence here, on this side, often nearly = at home; Here, on the spot, in this place; Often here, in this world (oppd. to `tall'); now
fostaid 1 stops, detains, retains 2 retains ( in service), engages 3 keeps, holds to, observes (?) 4 remains stationary, stays (?)
fot, fat 1 how long 2 so long 3 how long ?4 through; throughout; all over (?); through; throughout; afar, far away; Of time, for long; At length, in full; Absol. to the full extent, alto- gether; along, through 5gramm. length (of sound), long quantity 6 length and breadth 7 vigil, watching; long grass; long-headed; long-lived; long-winged
1 frecnairc, frecndairc 1 In gramm. the present tense 2 present, on the spot, in evidence; techn. term for a fault in prosody 3 presence
2 frémach pertaining to roots; abounding in roots; native or original
frestal 1 receiving (as a guest), meeting, welcoming 2 waiting on, ministering to, serving (freq. of supplying physical wants); Hence ration, supply; fill; Of serving at table; Of handling tools, etc.; attending to; Attendance, service; attendants; With gen. of thing supplying, furnishing; entertainment 3transf. of serving a church, office, etc. 4to join battle 5hence in hostile sense responding to (an attack or opponent), encountering, coping with; opposition 6 in preparation for; anticipating; in prospect of 7by extension matching, keeping up with, being equal to
fri 1 towards, facing, turned to; against (touching; cf. d); alongside, down along, by; against; next to, at, in contact with 2To express association, along with, beside 3to express direction of feelings, behaviour towards (cf. I a);; to; of opposition to, hostile feeling, attitude towards; to express protection, guard, watch against, also limitation, boundary;4to express difference, distinction from 5 with respect to, with regard to; on account of; on behalf of; according to, in agreement with (cf. II).6 in the opinion of 7 through, by means of 8 before 9 towards, facing, turned to; against (touching), alongside, down along by; In local sense of attached to or pending from; against; next to, at 10To express association, along with, beside (of local or mental relations, cf. V d); Passing into sense in addition to; moreover, besides; with 11 antici- pating, forestalling; to express direction of feelings; behaviour towards,; of prayer, etc. to; of hostile feeling, attitude, conduct towards; To express protection, guard, defence, watch against; but perh. FRI here = because of; see V b 12to express difference, distinction from 13 with respect to, with regard to (cf. III c); on account of (cf. VI b); on behalf of; according to; in agreement with, with pers. somet. = in obedience to 14to be at, engaged in or about to engage in (some occu- pation, process; cf. III a); denoting the occasion (event, cause, etc.) on or from which something takes place15To denote mental subjective attitude, in the opinion of 16 by; to denote instrument, through, by means of, by dint of 17 by day, in the day-time; by night; before; bare, exposed, uncovered
fris-gní exercises, practises (an occu- pation, pursuit, virtue, etc.); applies labour, etc. to; serves, esp. serves in office, renders service or goods in return for, performs reciprocal services; serves with, in the matter of
-frisnéid `relate' (? in- quire)
frithaiscid a counter-boon, a gift in return
frithbacán a hook used as brake to secure a chariot when not in use
frithchétfaid 1 in opposition to 2 opposite, in front of
frithchrec counter-purchase, goods, etc., acquired in exchange for something:
frithguin counter-wounding or slaying, used of resisting an attack or attacking in retaliation; Of reprisals in battle; on the other side, in retaliation
frithing i f. backwards, back, in the reverse direction; homewards; again
frithissi 1 in the reverse direction, back; again, once more (of repetition); again i.e. subsequently, afterwards; Passing into sense in addition; in return, in requital
frithrosc adv. with vbs. implying motion in the sense backwards, in an inverse direction; reverted, standing on end, erect (?); barbed (?)
frithsétaigthe that which goes in a counter direction, that which is encountered
frithslicht in the reverse track
fuirigech abounding in provisions, festive, hospitable
fuirim, fuirem composing in metre (?)
fuirired 1Act of effecting, effectuation, bringing about, completing; owing to the action of, in consequence of, by means of (?) 2 Food or refection given to a chief as due; in wider sense refection, entertainment
1 fulacht 1Freq. in the meaning cooking-pit, fireplace (usually out of doors, in a wood), hence also the act of cooking, esp. roasting or baking; cooking-booth
1 fúr Preparing, getting ready, providing; in readiness, prepared for, awaiting; prepared, ready for use (?)
ga-ín a little javelin
gné 1 kind, species 2 form; of outward appearance, appearance of countenance; way, manner; like; proportioned to (?); under the appearance (semblance) of, in the manner of, as 3a legal point, an argument, a case 4a version
i 1 Place; Denoting place where; in; among; at, on, upon; on foot; seizes; Denoting state or condition in which; properly; as quickly as; Denoting manner in which : by means of, through, by; in the matter of, in respect to, in regard to; according to; instead of, in compensation for; in contrast with, as against; for the purpose of, with a view to; to the extent of; there, therein; Denoting place whither; Denoting state into which; for, on account of; as 2 when; then, in that case; thereupon 3 against, opposed to; against; as well as, in addition to; at the end of; after; after; towards; in front of; along with, in the company of; here; with, in the company of; in regard to, with; at the beginning; at the beginning; then, thereat
4 í, hí 1 he who, whosoever; all that; isindí in that, since; airindí for the reason that, because; iarsindí after that, when, since, in as much as 2 the aforemen- tioned
íadaid 1 closes, fastens, clasps, joins; encloses, encompasses; closes up, seals up, blocks, (of water) dams; finishes, brings to an end 2 closes, closes in , draws near; closes about, closes around, gathers about; Of the meeting of lines of descent in a person; seizes upon, encloses, closes; closes (a transaction), closures, estops
1 íar 1 after; then, thereupon, after that, thereafter; thereupon; after that, then; after this, hereafter; hereafter; hereupon; afterwards, then; thereafter; after some time; after a while, presently; in turn; gilded; being 2 across, along; beyond, on the farther side of; behind 3 according to, in respect of, by reason of; truly; in general 4 after