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Last Revised: 2019

Forms: indlung, asdloing, indloingtis, indail, ro-darn-inlaig, -indlachtu

v (as- may replace in- in pretonic position) pres. indic. s. 1 indlung, Sg. 15a5 . s. 3 asdloing, Ml. 48c32 . impf. pass. pl. indloingtis, Thes. i 496.35 ( Ardm. 175b1 ). fut. s. 3 ní indail , Ml. 96a8 . pret. perf. s. 3 ro-darn-inlaig, LL 149a24 . Part. d s. -indlachtu, Ml. 96a8 . Vn. indlach, q.v.

(a) cleaves, parts, separates: huan chomacnabud nephindlachtu .i. ní indail a trocairi `from unparted custom, i.e. He will not part His mercy,' Ml. 96a8 . tar áesi indi as intercidentis .i. asdloing `who cleaves,' 48c32 . indlung gl. findo, Sg. 15a5 . indloingtis gl. disecabantur cordibus suis, Thes. i 496.35 ( Ardm. 175b1 ). cetlud ríg ro-darn-inlaig the companionship of kings has divided us, LL 149a24 .

(b) slanders, complains about: is uime sin ro ionnlaigh Meadhbh Cormac friom-sa aréir 'that is why Meadhbh maligned Cormac to me last night', BDC 254.510 ​.