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Forms: insnadat, insnastis, atomsnassar, esnaisse, esnaise, insnastis

v indic. pres. pl. 3 insnadat, Sg. 14b10 . Ml. 118d20 . subj. past pl. 3 insnastis, 26c17 . Pass. subj. pres. s. atomsnassar, Wb. 5b30 . Part. esnaisse gl. inserta, Ml. 33c6 . esnaise, Thes. ii 10.19 (Bcr.). Vn. esnaid, q.v., RIA Dict. Fasc. II.

(a) inserts, ingrafts: co atomsnassar gl. ut ego inserer, Wb. 5b30 . a síl ... is ed as esnaise in omnia elimenta `this is inserted,' Thes. ii 10.19 (Bcr.). insnadat gl. iggerunt (recte ingerunt), Sg. 14b10 . in fid do thóbu et fid aile do esnid and `to insert another tree therein,' Wb. 5b42 .

(b) puts forth, thrusts out ?: insnastis gl. (consuerunt gladium ultionis) exserere, Ml. 26c17 .

(c) Fig. in-snaid do brings home to, impresses upon: it he inna gnusi insnadat dunni int sonartae inna múr `which put in our mind the strength of the walls,' Ml. 118d20 .