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Forms: in-tinnscana, in-tinscana, in-tinnscan, in-tinscanam, intinscanat, in-tindarscan, in-tinscantar, intinscanta

v indic. pres. s. 3 in-tinnscana , Sg. 136a1 . in-tinscana (gl. orditur), Ml. 145c5 . Tur. 40. in-tinnscan, LB 125b23 . pl. 1 in-tinscanam (gl. arripimus), Ml. 23c3 . intinscanat, Sg. 157b3 . pret. perf. s. 3 in-tindarscan, Tur. 49. Pass. pres. s. in-tinscantar, Tur. 47. Part. intinscanta (gl. inceptum), Sg. 148b3 . Vn. intinnscetal, and later intinnscanad, qq.v.

Trans. and intrans. begins, commences, sets about: dég is ua guthaigthi intinnscana in fers dodiarmorat `because the verse which follows it begins with a vowel,' Sg. 136a1 . ind liter hua tinscana in chetna persan is uadi dano intinscanat inna aimsir olchenae, 157b3 . amal as ho molad ┐ adamrugud in choimded intinscana in salm sa, Ml. 26b10 . is dí iohain intinscana side aisndis `it is of `John' he begins to speak,' Tur. 40. intosgaigther .i. intinscantar (gl. initiatur), 47 . intindarscan iohain forcital inna ndoine, 49 . intinscana eipistil int Ṡlánícceda, Ériu ii 192 § 1. intinnscan side o ... conice Ioppén (of a territory), LB 125b23 .