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Forms: inneam, i., i., innium

n o, n. later m. Mid. Ir. inneam.

(a) gain, increase, wealth: i.¤ gl. lucrum, Ml. 43b6 . i.¤ gl. stips, Sg. 70a3 . inneamh .i. biseach, O'Cl. asberat is ar i.¤ is dénti tol dáe, Wb. 29b12 . corrop hed mo i.¤ crist, 24a6 . ni riat na dánu diadi aran i.¤ domunde gl. non turpe lucrum sectantes, 28c2 . co mbetis i n-indiub fochricce domsa `so that they might be in gain of (the) reward to me,' 10d33 . cid ind indib hisin gl. pecuniae, Ml. 73a15 . as duliu lium cech indiub ┐ cech ret, 45a4 . indeb ł iárfichid gl. adquaesitio, Thes. i 497.37 (Ardm.). bo bri[u]gad cumal n-oig n-inndib `the cow of a `brewy' is entitled to a full `cumal ,'' (Plummer MS. notes), Laws v 400.22 . tic indem na tūath | dā cinniud for cách `from their excelling all others comes prosperity of the tribe,' BColm. 32.12 . nī tucc d'echtres nō d'ōenuch | nā do c[h]ōemhnu nā d'innemh | an sainṡerc ..., Sitzungsb. Pr. Akad. (1919) v 93 § 26 . nírbat santa[ch] immun mbith | nō for ind nim (v.l. indium) chlóen, ACL iii 312 § 6. ar creic a bicc lóin ar indiub romór `after selling his little food for very great wealth,' CCath. 2358. cuir ... isan muir an uile n-inneam fuil occut isan curuch, RC x 86.11 . mor int innem oendeisse great the increase (viz. of descendants) from one pair, Rawl. 84a43 . inneamh póirghine gach cnó dá clárshnoighe, DDána 83 § 16. As vn. dot innium, dot fās `that thou mayst prosper and grow,' BColm. 16.19 . in cnoc for ás, for i.¤ `the hill growing and gaining,' Metr. Dinds. iv 184.x .

(b) power: inneamh an fheartaigh `the Mighty One's strength,' Ó Bruad. iii 166.20 .

Compd. ¤thech treasure-house, treasury: mairid in claidem fos ... ic sil Iuil Cesair inn inniumthigh na Roma, CCath. 5258. doradad asin innimthigh ... aneoch d'innmus dobertsat na Rómhánaig ó Anibhal, 1521 .