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Forms: indneilbhe, hindile, hinili, hinnile, indeile, n-in- niledh, indilib, hindlibh, indile

n , f. Written indneilbhe, ZCP xiii 173.31 . g s. cecha hindile , Ériu iv 124.24 . n p. na hinili , TBC 1318. na hinnile , Laws iv 90.8 Comm. a p. indeile, BB 25a45 . g p. na n-in- niledh , FM iii 210.2 . d p. indilib, Laws v 192.8 Comm. a hindlibh , FM i 90.7 . See indile, IGT Decl. § 180. Used in pl. and as collect.

property, possessions, hence and more frequently, cattle: innile .i. áirnéis, O'Cl. do cethruib .i. don (sic) inniluib, Laws i 298.y Comm. seoit .i. na scuithi .i. indile, v 496.12 Comm. (contrasted with sealba .i. feranda .i. tír, ib. 11 ). indili .i. indolis graece, augmentum .i. tormach, Corm. Y 766. amail nobit indili comadais cāich is di didiu dognītis na ferniu `now, whatever was the fitting property [?] of any one, it is thereof they used to make the garters' (tr. Corm. Tr. p. 72 ), Corm. Y 586. ba hilarda a indile, Fél.² lxi 36. `cissi indili ?' or Diarmait `secht lenti ... ocus secht n-delgi óir ocus tri minda óir,' Ir. MSS. Series i 176.10 . Perh. of land : cislir fogladh for cin gach cinta ... fair fádesin ┐ ... for innile do beo dile no do marb dile .i. tir ┐ marb- seotu on (his) property in live stock or inanimate possessions ..., O'C. 1595 (< 23 Q 6, p. 2b ). aithne bearur lat' i.¤ fadeisin `a deposit which is placed along with your own cattle,' or perhaps with your own property, Laws v 190.15 . cin as lugha oldas fadeisin, ícaidh dia i.¤ , iv 362.17 Comm. cid bias a mbuain a tuige do tigib na n-innili, O'D. 1696 (< H 5. 15, p. 31b ). eigem do chur i.¤ a feraib `shouting for the pur- pose of driving cattle out of (fields of) grass,' Laws iii 250.18 Comm. isin foghail do niat na hinnile isin geimre, iv 90.8 Comm. do thabairt sét ocus i.¤ , Sc.MMD § 2. cen innmas, cen innile, SR 6438. tan tanic in digail truag | for hinnilib na n-iltuath (of the cattle-plague), 2346 . táin do almaim ┐ indilib, LU 1890. cochit na inili imda imdaiscaire (of deer), TBC 1318. testa tarb do indilib Gargain, PH 6302. gach uile ghalar bhíos ar innilibh becca ┐ mora, Anecd. iii 6.6 . treabhadh is ann as innile, Dán Dé xvi 5. saidh- bhreas díomhaoin do dhuine | innile gan aoghaire, DDána 121 § 4. donend dermar ┐ dith mor for indilib in hoc anno, Ann. Conn. 1407 § 17.

indile láin, indile lethe, indile aithgina ` cattle of full (-fine),' `cattle of half (-fine),' `cattle of restitution .' The exact meaning of these terms, used in the Lebar Aicle ( Laws iii 82 ff. ), is not clear. Compensation and restitution for in- juries done by cattle were divided in certain proportions among the cattle belonging to these three groups. icait i.¤ lain tri ranna as ar dus, ocus tecait i cuibdius co hi.¤ leithi im tri randaib aile, ocus comicat etarru ; tecait i.¤ leithi co hi.¤ aithgina im an raind ata ar scath aithgina, ocus comicait eturru, Laws iii 336.z - 338.4 Comm.

míl indile a head of cattle: madh lat adgeinithar in miol innile no in sét, O'C. 2287 (< Eg. 88, fo. 21c ). amail bit a di áraind a mmíl i.¤ , Ériu iv 152.18 . See also 1 míl.


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v (1 los) grows, increases, is produced; yields, produces : arge graece indolis interpretatur indili arindī lossas i ndile (sic leg. ?), O'Mulc. 53 . lethloss . . . .i. leith in neich ro losus- tar acut, O'C. 440 ( H. 3.18, 237a ). im ini folosas no inasus ona cethraibh; no is foilli losait ac neoch .i. samaisci ┐ colpacha . . . it is the young cattle that are produced, Laws i 190.7 Comm . trian cach neich losas ┐ asas ┐ infoirbres air, iii 126.22 Comm . ni lossat na troich / recait bernaid ṁbraith, TBC 3956 (cloisit, cloiseat, v.ll.). fir daera a bunudh ┐ losuit combít cúicer cona gelfine samluidh ac aen flaith, O'D. 449 ( H. 3.17, 346 ). gentair amal turcu / losfait amal grán, LL 18610 . l.¤ foirbríg fer (fer foirbrig, MS.) `men's vigour thrives,' Ériu xvii 91 § 10 (? leg. grass grows to excess). lossaig [= lossaid?] eo train lige `a yew grew up', RC xiii 222.28 (asaigh, v.l. = ásaid?).