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Forms: innriccso, inruccus, inracus, indrucus, innracais, innraigis, inracus

n (indraic) Orig. u, m. : g s. innriccso, Sg. 59b3 , but otherwise declined as o, m. n s. inruccus, Wb. 29a22 . inracus, indrucus, Laws v 284.5 and 458.y . g s. innracais, O'Curry 286 (< H 3.18, p. 158 ). innraigis, O'Curry 646 (< H 3.18, p. 311 ).

I worthiness, honour, integrity, innocence: ind inracus gl. dignatio, Ml. 51c18 . ni taibre grád for nech confeser a inruccus don grád sin, Wb. 29a22 . dofoirnde inrucus neich gl. significat dignum esse aliquem, Sg. 59b1 . indracus .i. inichus ` sufficiency ,' O'Dav. 1114. iusticia .i. innrucus, Thr. Ir. Gl. lxii 2. cethri srotha déc éicsi ... fele ┐ innruccus, LL 30d31 . oc a bennachad for a fírinde ┐ indraccus, PH 4301. in ben dob ferr delb ┐ denam, enech ┐ inrucuss ... bai a n-Erinn, Ann. Conn. 1269 § 9. ar mbeith i staid an ionnracuis dó, TSh. 513.

II In Laws :

(a) of persons, worthiness, integrity, guiltlessness: airilliudh ocus indrucus ocus endce (three things that confer `miad' and `eneclann'), Laws iv 344.15 . cid dobeir dire do neoch ? airilliud ocus inrucus ocus idna, ... Airilliud .i. im tochus, inrucus .i. im breithir. Idna .i. im gnimrad, v 96.2 - 4 . fo uaislidetaid .i. fo airilledh ocus i.¤ , i 42.14 Comm. fis a n-innracais ga sagart ┐ fis a sealba ga tuata, O'Curry 286 (< H 3.18, p. 158 ). ar innrucus inbleoghuin im cinuigh nech aile `on account of the guiltlessness of the kinsman-surety of the crime of another person,' Laws ii 66.13 Comm. idhna innracuis ar ghait `purity of honesty from theft,' MS. Mat. 462.21 .

screball indracais compensation sometimes due, by right of their good character, to individuals who had no right to, or had lost their right to eneclann ? : o do denait condelg ata eneclann in graidh ... doib ... mani dernad ni fuil doib acht screpall innraigis nama, O'Curry 646 (< H 3.18, p. 311 ). is esbadhach a eneclann uile uadh, gin ach screpall a indracais dó, O'Curry 1029 (< H 3.18, p. 432b ). screball a dualus a indracuis mas indraic e `a screpall in right of his worthiness if he be worthy,' Laws v 16.21 Comm.

(b) of measures or objects, standard character, fulness, completeness: tomus innraic ... is é so innracus fuil and ..., O'Dav. 1484. co n-innrucus chléithe `with a complete set of buildings,' Críth G. 438.