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Forms: infinit, infinite

n i, f. in pl. prob. invariable in sg., see GOI § 302.2 . (Lat. infīnītum) n s. ind infinit , Sg. 54a16 . g p. infinite, 154b1 .

the infinitive mood: foxlaid anme triuin á infinit `the ablative of a substantive from an infinitive,' Ml. 36b1 . is fo infinit dutiagar fun dul-so ám manifestare fil isind salm, 101c7 . arberr ciall cech muid a infinit , Sg. 190a3 . fri cech n-infinit , Ml. 42c33 . infinit gnima on brethir gneithig `infinitive active from the active verb,' Ir. Gl. p. 136 n. 2 .