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? inin

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n is cutruma a droch-ailchi fria mathair im roind i.¤ athair `as to sharing the property of the father' (of the son of a cumal), Laws v 456.14 Comm. ? read : ... imn[a] athar, Plummer MS. notes. See 3 imna.

? intintúd

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n reversion to ?: bennachais P. a gin-sum ... con debairt, .i. Inintintud i ngeintlicht ocus inbreth `"it is the strengthening of Paganism, etc.," and the judgment,' Laws i 8.12 (= intuth in gintlecht, O'Curry 758 ( H 3.18, 358b )). [ inin tin]tud (? leg. is intintud) ngeindtlechta (gl. .i. nertadh and) gnim olc mad indechur, 16 . Cf. tintúd.