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argam(a)int 1 the means by which an assumption is made clear, argument, evidence, reason 2 contents, subject, theme (of a written work etc.)
elef(a)int elephant
fundam(e)int foundation, basis
in(n)struimint, indstraimint, in(n)strum(a)int instrument, utensil, implement; (fig.) means; Collect. apparatus, instruments, vessels
int(ṡ)ádud, int(ṡ)áthud act of thrusting in, fixing in
int(ṡ)laide Of ornament on a brooch, inlaying
int(ṡ)liucht 1 faculty of understanding, intellect, discernment; mind; act of discerning, distinguishing between; a learned man, a wise man 2 ingenuity, skill 3 meaning, signification (of a word or passage) 4 contriving, plotting, method, plan, stratagem
iúm(a)int , iúment a beast of burden, a pack animal