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airmitnigid(ir) honours, reverences
aithirgigid(ir) repents
aithisigid(ir) reviles, abuses, insults
arthraigid(ir) 1 appears (to DO) 2 makes manifest, shows clearly (trans.)
bertaigid(ir) With refl. inf. pron. shakes oneself (in exultation, anger, etc.); he exults
boltaigid(ir) smells
bráthnigid(ir) judges
cairigid(ir) rebukes, accuses, blames
ced(a)ir , cedrus cedar
com(ḟ)oics(ig)id(ir) approaches, comes near to; brings near (trans.)
cosmail(ig)id(ir) likens, compares, resembles
cuibdigid(ir) is in harmony (with), corresponds (with); harmonizes with, makes to correspond, adjusts, adapts, arr- anges
cuimbrigid(ir) shortens, curtails
1 cuimnigid(ir) 1 remembers, recalls; records; recorded
2 cuimnigid(ir) impounds (cattle etc.)
cumachta(ig)id(ir) rules, is powerful
cutrummaigid(ir) equalises, makes equal; compares
deimnigid(ir) 1 confirms, certifies; asserts, avers (abs. or with vn. or clause) 2 makes sure, protects 3In middle sense, assures oneself, is certain
dúraigid(ir) becomes hard or rigid
etel(l)aigid(ir) flies
fáiltigid(ir), faíltigid(ir) 1 rejoices, is glad; rejoices at, is glad of; welcomes 2 makes glad; Rejoices for, is thankful for
fergaigid(ir) 1Intrans. grows angry 2Trans. angers, gen. used in passive in sense grows angry
fíachaigid(ir) 1 incurs a debt or liability 2 makes liable; makes a claim (on or against)
fograigid(ir) emits a sound, sounds, resounds
foirbthigid(ir) 1 finishes, completes, makes perfect 2 becomes complete, attains maturity
fossaigid(ir) 1 makes stable, establishes, fixes, stations; Brings to a standstill; establishes, con- firms; keeps up, maintains (a combat ;; supports, provides for 2 remains (in a place), stops, halts
imdaigid(ir) 1Intrans. abounds, increases, multiplies: 2 increases, multiplies; multiplies (in mathematical sense)
inṡuidigid(ir) institutes, establishes, sets up
intledaigid(ir) lies in wait for, ambushes
1 ír anger, ill- feeling; angrily
2 ír long, lasting; further, longer
iressach, ir(i)sech 1 believing, faithful, pious; just, lawful, judicious, equitable 2a believer; one who is in good faith
ir(i)ud edge, margin
ir(r)uphín a cherub, cherubim
ítadaigid(ir) thirsts for, desires
léirigid(ir) is diligent about, tends, attends to; makes clear(?)
lonnaigid(ir) 1is angry, becomes angry 2 angers
moínigid(ir), maínigid enriches, endows; increases; fattens, feeds, pastures (of livestock)
ord(d)aigid(ir) Orders, ordains, institutes; Appoints (to an office); Assigns, allots; orders, commands
úraigid(ir) grows green or fresh