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assin there is
asso here is , behold
assút there is
atás than is
attá 1 is , exists, there is , etc.; although; such is; is able; has something the matter, is ailing; feels (inimically) towards, is angry with, worries; treats in a special manner; With words indicating number, quantity in sense of accompanied by, having
beirid 1 carries; In abstract senses adduces; infers etc. (of arguments, facts, etc.) 2 bears, brings forth, in pass. is born; Of animals; Of laying eggs; yields, produces 3 judges, passes judgment (usually with breith, etc. in figura etymologica and with FOR introd. indirect obj.); Hence of dreams interprets, expounds 4 carries away, takes (with one) (opp. of do-beir) (freq. with LA with reference to subject) 5Hence with meaning carries off absol. and in phrr. b. barr, búaid, cluiche, etc. secures, wins (highest place, a victory, a game, etc.) 6 gets, obtains; takes; Legal obtains, inherits (land, etc.); incurs (liabilities), is liable for 7 spends, lit. takes (time) (cf. D 207.51); Intrans. lasts, endures, keeps 8 carries off, away (from etc.) with prepp. A, AR, DI, etc.9 carries, brings to, etc. (with CO, DO, DOCHUM etc.) (= do-beir). (Somet. with LA, cf. IV); V. freq. with prep. FOR (later AR) catches up, overtakes, etc. 1011 For do-beir gives 12In greetings, salutations; malediction, censure, etc. with meaning takes (somet. = do-beir); gives, returns thanks; pays respect, honour (to); gets, obtains information, etc.
búat(a)is legging; (top)boot; booted (?)
1 cet 1 agreed, permission granted, yes 2 must, is to; wishes, commands 3 permission, consent, will; goodwill(?)
corraigid moves, stirs, is or sets in motion
cote what is the nature of? in what consists?; what (is)?; What is? where is? in rhetorical questions inviting neg. answer; whence in general where is
dan, dán to which is
1 de, di 1With intransitive verbs of motion, denoting departure, separation or moving away; arises from, stands up from; darts, springs forth from; removes from; went away, departed; springs from, descends from; springs forth, flows from, sprouts; falls; escapes from; comes; comes from; goes from; falls from; depart from; leaps from; parts with; separates from, parts with; departs from; ceases from; drips from; flees from; ebbs from; denoting removal, abstraction, expulsion, robbing from, &c.; wards off; sweeps off, casts out; takes off, cuts off from; wrenches, strips from; takes away from; steals from; gathers from; keeps from; keeps apart from; gains from; puts away from; removes, expels from; lowers; exacts (a tax) from; puts away, prevents from; cuts off; cuts off; leads from; removes; raises from; takes away from; takes off; keeps off from; lets go, throws, lets down; hunts; flays; throws from; sends; remove from; takes (away) from, keeps from; takes away from, lops off; steals from; clears away from, expels from; moves from; expels from; casts from; cuts off from; loosens from, releases from; sweeps or snatches away from; loosens from; takes off; transfers from; With verbs denoting salvation from, protection from, cure of; helps out of; rescues from; saves; saves from; After verbs denoting cleansing, clearing, purging, washing; cleanses from; With verbs denoting restraint, prevention or prohibi- tion; keeps back from; forbids; restrains from; hinders; restrains from; hinders; abjures; ceases from, rests from; re- vives from; becomes strong from; After verbs denoting surpassing, excelling; surpasses; surpasses, excels; prevails over, outstrips; In the construction of verbs denoting lack or want of; is wanting; remains, is left over; is left over, remains; After verbs and substantives denoting disgust, ab- horrence of; With verbs denoting buying from, receiving from; receives from; buys from; buys from; After verbs denoting asking, begging, demanding; inquires; begs; asks; After verbs denoting eating, drinking from; drinks from; drink from; sip from; eats; After verbs (words) denoting choice or selection out of a number or quantity.; has chosen; profits by, from; Expressing position with regard to, (north, south, &c.) of; denoting derivation, descent, source, starting-point or the like.; causes, effects; Expressing the origin or derivation of a name; name from; derived from; Indicating racial origin, descent; springs, descends from; is born from; of origin, descent, native place; of issue, consequence; makes a part of, belongs to; it follows, comes, results from; is because of; Indicating the material or substance of which anything is made or consists; is made of, consists of; builds up; creates, shapes; brings forth, creates; establishes; from without; on this side of; from the south; from yonder side; from above, de-super; (from the root) from the beginning, originally; from every side; from afar; from afar, of space; for long; away; this time, on this occasion, now; after; from near; at once, suddenly; on the spot; on the spot; hence, then 2 enjoins, commands; is victorious, wins; bids farewell; care; fearlessness, confidence; adheres to, cleaves to, follows; providence; provides for3denoting part or quantity; forms part of, belongs to; a better warrior; a tribe; a drove; a herd, a troop; a drop; a little; a bit; choice of; a spark; an equivalent; enough; a flock; a burden; a shower; the full of; number; sufficiency; quantity; much 4to make or to do; to seize; to beat, strike, ply upon, scourge; to cut, shear, clip; to break, to injure; to wound, to kill; to throw, fling; to drive, drive away, expel; to destroy; to bind; to write; to shut; conceals; disturbs; makes, does; aids, heals; illuminates; burns; adorns; support oneself by; by means of, by the power of; arbeir biuth he uses, consumes; smears; satiated, satisfied; satiates; supplying wants; serves, attends; from, by, in consequence of, according to; therefore, for that reason, consequently; for that, because, since, cf.; why; of, about, concern- ing; to die of, to be sick with; to reprimand for, take vengeance for; to beat one for sth.; to do penance for; to complain of; to be or become angry for; to be proud of, to boast of; to be envious or jealous of; to be thankful for; sad, mournful, tired, weary; thirst from; intoxicated; weak from; commiserates, has compassion on; for, during; at night; from afar; diligently; clearly, openly; usually, always; much; for the sake of, because of; with the consent of, of free will; over and above, in addition to; because of; according to the judgment; because of; with the permission of; away; on foot; from sorrow; because of; by the will of; by force; on horseback; willy- nilly; on my own account; by means of, in virtue of, on the score of; for fear; on account of the goodness or excellence of; in anger; in truth; in consequence of; abundantly, extra, in excess; through the oppression or tyranny of; in word or deed; continually, semper; for the honour of, under the protection of; in presence of, before; by rote, by heart; from hatred; by sea; ever; of one mind; at one birth; with one voice, unanimously; of one mind, intent; with one accord; together; with special aim, deliberately, exclusively; of one report, all together; according to; takes as a choice, chooses; for love; by land; on account of, owing to; on foot 5 THOUGHT, FEELING OR ACTION; of, concerning, with regard to, in reference to; is of, about; in subject-headings, titles of tales, chapters; speak, tell, preach, mention; asks, inquires; mention of; is called; sing of, write of; prophesy, prefigure; testify; instruct, teach; discuss, dissertate; blaspheme; hear, think, remember, forget; care for, provide for, be confident about, fear for; providence
deiligidir 1 separates, scatters, with FRI (re, le) from, later ó; distinguishes, divides; discriminates, settles, determines 2 parts, is divided; distinguishes between; separates, parts from; differs from, excels (with DI) 3 ceases
deimnigid(ir) 1 confirms, certifies; asserts, avers (abs. or with vn. or clause) 2 makes sure, protects 3In middle sense, assures oneself, is certain
deithiden 1 Care, concern, solicitude, attention (bestowed on a pers. or thing); somet. with bad sense (esp. in later texts) care, anxiety, trouble.; takes pains about, is concerned about 2 Regulation, prescription (?)
dessel 1 direction of the sun, right-hand course. Most freq. ds. as adv. and prep. sunwise, righthand- wise 2From the idea that sunwise was a lucky or auspicious direction comes the extended or more generalized meaning what is lucky, favourable, propitious; adroitly
dliged 1an individual’s entitlement, right.; a right in respect of fair contract as opposed to naidm ‘binding surety’.; thing or action to which someone is entitled; debt, obligation.; as attrib.: rightful.; As adverb: rightfully.; calculation; argument; reason; form; maxim, rule; In sense of Lat. ratio, guiding principle, law, or theory (regarded as basis of belief or action); principle, rule, norm; dictum, authoritative statement; More loosely of a statement or saying in general; reason, argument; reckoning, computation (?); nature, condition, kind, manner 2 law in wide sense, of a prescript, code, or tradition based on authority of some kind and demanding obedience;; Esp. of civil law; legal lore; lawyer; Passing into sense of judgement or jurisdiction; Doomsday; In sense of abstract justice, right; unlawfully 3What is lawful or incumbent, duty, obligation; As pred., is d. (dom) it is right (for me), it is (my) duty 4What is right or due (to someone); due, right, prerogative; conditions 5 Due, tax, tribute 6 Faculty of reason (an extension of I (d) above) 7 deserving
dligid, 1 is entitled to, has a right to, is owed (as a debt)2 deserves, merits 3 deserves, merits 4x is due from y; y owes x; x is required of, is incumbent on y; I am bound to, ought to; absol. it is due, right, necessary 5 ought, is bound to, owes; Of moral or legal obligation ought, is bound to, must; in late texts the condit. is often used of moral obligation; Owes, with DO of creditor; x is due from (owed by) y coming to mean x is due to y
do-adbat 1 shows, displays; demonstrates; Esp. of an author, etc., sets forth, declares, discloses:; In pass. is shown, revealed, hence in wider sense, appears; seems, appears 2Hence in active appears (of vision, apparition, or other sight).
do-airindi 1 lets down, lowers; Lays down, deposits; Transf. presses down, weighs down; bends oneself, bows; lowers, abates, subdues, humbles 2in lit. sense descends, comes down, alights, bends; sinks, abates, is lowered, humbled
do-airissedar 1 Stands, stays, remains; rests ( is supported); Endures, persists; persists (in), continues (to); stands against, endures, etc. 2Hence exists, is , happens (to be); consists of (in) 3 comes to a stand, halts, stops, pauses
2 do-alla 1 there is room for2in personal constr. fits, finds room (in), is contained (in)3 there is room for (on) him, i.e. it is possible for him
do-bádi 1 drowns, extinguishes; quenches, destroys, exterminates 2Intrans. is extinguished, dies out, becomes extinct (freq. in genealogies, etc. of families, cf. díbaid)
do-coissin vb. of existence there is , there are
do-ecmaing 1 hits (a mark, etc.), strikes 2he hap- pens to be 3 happens, occurs, takes place (pers. and impers.); happens to; Esp. is or comes in the way of, meets
do-esta 1 is absent, wanting, lacking; lacks; Esp. in computation where a number is indicated by sub- traction from a larger one 2 is over, has ended, has perished; Esp. of persons, dies, died 3 is required, exacted
do-fil is (are) coming, is (are) at hand; falls to
do-gní 1 does; does with (to); In passive often happens, takes place; fulfils, executes, carries out (a wish, command, etc.); stay; believe; depart; increases; turn it; instruct me; discusses (an argument), pleads (a cause); takes counsel, holds a council; levies; Of a calling, art, etc., practises, plies, performs:; holds, celebrates (a festival, etc.), observes, performs (a rite); journeyed; utters 2 Makes; creates, forms, constructs; forms (by aggregation of units), constitutes, makes up; prepares, gets ready; Of mental or abstract construction, makes, devises, frames; makes x of y = turns y into x; y is turned into, becomes x; makes (changes) x into y; makes much (etc.) of, accounts as; makes, renders; appoints, ordains, arranges; begets; conceives; breeds, increases; bred, raised (?); produces, brings forth; causes, gives rise to; is dejected; becomes intoxicated; wins, gains, obtains; proves, demonstrates 3 does, acts; obeys, acts according to the wish or advice of; deals with, acts towards; does without, neglects; makes for, goes
do-icc 1 comes to me in sense of I get (ó from); denoting place, destination, aim; Usually as prepositional phr. as far as, up to, till: 2 comes; advances, proceeds; lit. until . . . comes as prep. until; Comes back, returns; of transition to a state, mental activity; Of time, comes, arrives; By extension, comes to an end, is spent; comes to me, befalls me; Of states, events, etc., in general comes about, takes place, happens; Comes into being, arises, originates; Comes to pass, is fulfilled; employed to denote state, development, etc., almost in sense is , becomes, etc.; Escapes, recovers; it is not possible; relents, is moved (towards, by); gets on, succeeds; speaks of, touches on, mentions; agrees on; begins with (in gramm.); falls on, devolves on, pertains to; comes out, escapes; recovers; results from; runs out, comes to an end; comes, arises from, depends on, is consequent on, due to; it comes from me, i.e. I am able (to); falls to, befalls; pertains to, applies to, suits; it is time for me to . . ., I arrive at, attain to; opposes, impugns (Laws); it occurs to me, I form the notion, project (of); comes against, withstands, opposes, injures; sub- mits to, agrees to (with); concurs, agrees with, suits; I am able (to), succeed (in); comes (safe) from, escapes from; comes from, i.e. is stated by; transgresses, violates; overcomes, subdues; touches on, mentions, speaks of; deal with; comes in on, interferes with, assails; comes up (with), over- takes (mod.) 3 gives 4 understands, etc. (see do- beir)
doich 1 likely, probable, to be expected; I think it likely, it seems to me; likely (in sense of likeable); desirable, an object of liking; proper, right 2 opinion, conjecture, supposition; methinks, I daresay, in my opinion; most likely, verily, surely; in the belief (that), on the supposition (that); hope, expectation, confidence; in hopes, in expectation (of, that); puts trust in, hopes in; forms expectations of, builds hopes on (usually in sense of hoping to attain or overcome); a ground of hope; a likely or hopeful subject (for); chance, opportunity; suspicion, conjecture, hint, cognizance; manner, fashion, way, condition
do-slí finds room; contain, deserve; Deserves, merits, earns, is entitled to, incurs (in good or bad sense).; brings (on), earns or incurs (for); is subservient to; cringes to, curries favour with
1 ed 12345 though it be, yet, however, nevertheless; if it is , if so, well then, therefore; as it were (ironical); That is , to wit
Etáil(l)is the Italian language
feidm 1 strain, stress, effort, exertion, undertaking 2 work, service, duty, function; steward (?); agent; soldiery; servitors, attendants 3 of a warlike effort or strain (often in broad sense of attack, onset, defence, etc.); day of stress, battle; `exertion of battle', duty of service of a warrior in battle 4 makes use of; causes to work; there is use for; need of; of use, needful; need, necessity, occasion
1 fír 1 true, veracious; he is right; I deem it true, I believe; it will prove true, come to pass; happened; may it come to pass; so be it; if it is true = `according to statement', `it is said'; `righteous' (?); as true as; genuine 2what is true; truth, right; according to truth, really, actually; truly, really (?)3a pledge, guaran- tee 4an attestation; a proof, test, ordeal; a religious ordeal or attestation; compurgation; compurgators; `test-tree,' tree of ordeal; aspen 5 right, due 6`truth of battle,' a just cause in fight; fair play (in combat), single combat; the truth (justice) of the F.; the word of a prince; justice of a ruler; fair fighting 7 veracious, true, just; a just judge; a just judgment; just, true rule; according to right procedure, as is meet; true, righteous judgment; true account; just wrath; veritable, genuine, real; the true God; heathen gods; genuine fury; the true neuters; a genuine friend; a veritable foe; a true cleric; the real God; a true, rightful prince; true King; exact; true, genuine or merely intens. downright, sheer; true smoothness; gentleness; a hearty welcome; true charity; scrutinizing; true love; intense thirst; real profit; a downright defeat; deep envy; selected (?) wheat; salmon; a salmon- weir; fresh milk; a spring; fresh water (opp. to brine), spring water 8 truly, genuinely, downright; very keen; perfectly round; quite certain; really poor; truly learned; just in judgment; truth-speaking; truly the best
fo, fa, fá 1 under, beneath; under sun (heaven) i.e. alive; in the world; Esp. in sense of carrying, supporting; of direction towards, into, through:; undertakes, attempts; esp. of impact, collision, attack; turns on, attacks; assail; throughout, over, gen. of motion; on; about, around (contamination of IMM; Hence hard by, near (?) 2 under ;; thus; secretly; sub specie; in unison(?); on a course (?); of grammatical function, in Glosses (a particular appli- cation of preceding); actively ... passively; as a negative; in the neuter; underlying; under, subject to; submits to, undergoes; assumes; leaves at the discretion (mercy) of:; under (a name, head, rubric, etc.); under = less than; inferior to; according to, in accordance with; in that case, in accordance with that; like, corresponding to; lit. in proportion to i.e. in requital of (?)cf. (q); with numerals as multiplicative; twice; twice; at, by; usually means by that time but occasionally at (with) that; during; Of approximate time of an occurrence, at, about; on Sundays; in respect of, as regards; lavish of; About, concerning; Of mocking; On account of; along with, including (= imm); after vbs. of swearing, asseverating,; in return for,3I intend; is liable for (?); impugns; is decided upon by; incites; I settle down; as (of manner) 4 rather, somewhat
1 fó good; hail!; I deem good, like, am satisfied (with; I care not, am indifferent; it is good (no harm) for me; `well-footed' [?]
fo-ácaib 1 leaves; quit; Departs from, forsakes; Leaves remaining; Leaves behind i.e. outstrips (in a race); relinquishes, renounces; leaves (in a certain state); sets aside, excepts, stipulates; leaves with, in the hands of, in possession of; at the mercy of; leaves (as a duty) to:; leaves behind (on a battle-field, etc.), loses (of persons and things); leaves behind (at death); Hence bequeathes; leaves (instructions, a charge, command, etc.); Of a salutation, farewell; leaves a word i.e. a blessing, malediction, etc.; placing, inflicting; leaves (on record), hands down (a statement, etc.); leaves out, omits 2 is left, remains 3 departs, gets away
fo-gaib, fo-geib 1 finds, meets with, discovers (in a place); discovers 2 finds 3 gets, gains, obtains, procures 4 gets, induces (some one to do something) causes (something to be done)5 meets with, experi- ences, undergoes; dies 6 gets (an opportunity of doing), is able (usually with vn. obj.; cf. c, d).7 gets = spends, lives (through) 8 invents, devises 9`finds in oneself,' dares, pre- sumes (late) 10 imparts, communicates
fo-geil grazes, feeds on, consumes; lives on (a person), is a charge to, battens on
fo-gní 1 serves, is of use; serves, is subject to; used; renders service as equivalent for; renders, pays; serves = is used (by); is of use to, avails, profits; is practised (?); is used (by), passing into sense is practised (by), is the wont (of); serves with regard to = is construed with (a case, part of speech);
foilches Hiding, concealment; a thing hidden, a secret; it is hidden from ..., ... is ignorant of
fo-loing 1 bears, sustains, supports; of bearing burdens; Transf. supports, main- tains; Freq. of maintaining one in sickness; Upholds, observes 2 sustains, endures, holds out against (an evil, enemy, etc.) 3 cannot (could not) sustain, endure to 4 endures, remains 5 undergoes, suffers 6in Laws (text) is liable to, is responsible for (a duty, payment, etc.) ;7 brooks, suffers, (with vn.) allows
foma it is open to me, I am competent (?)
for-aicci 1 Overlooks, surveys, hence is hard by; Contem- plates (?) 2 is valid for, extends to: [the judgement-path] `cert' serves for sales, contracts, etc.
forcenn 1 end, final limit (generally of time or procedure; A term, limit
for-cumaing 1 is made, created, done, brought about; happens, comes into being; happens, occurs, takes place; happens to be (in a place, etc.) 2 creates, makes 3 is able (used through false archaism for con-icc)
fo-reith 1 succours, helps 2in Laws takes the place of, is equivalent to, constitutes 3 support
for-éta is able; possess, have at their disposal
for-tá 1 is over or remaining, is left, remains, sur- vives; is still to come; is on, over, dominates 2 is on, is upon 3 is incumbent on, is due from 4 there ensues, further- more, also, item 5 is over, is above, with notion of superiority; excels, dominates (cf. I b, II a)
fo-tá is beneath, under
fris-gair, -frecair 1 answers, replies 2 answers (to), corresponds (to), is analogous (with), with DO; Counterbalances 3 answers, responds to, meets (a challenge, combat, etc. or an enemy).4 answers, responds to (a summons, call, duty, etc.), obeys; co-operate with; With acc. of pers. answers (the call of), comes (at the summons of); ? respond 5 answers for, on behalf of; comes to the aid of:
fris-suidi is equivalent to
fris-taít comes against, is at variance with, opposes; Is repugnant (to)
fúachtnaigid is aggressive or violent, makes an attack, injures, does injury; avenges on
1 fuit cold; an exclamation (onomatopeic interjection ) = it is cold ! or merely to express dismay
.i. that is to say, namely; e.g.
íarmobí after, beyond, besides; is after, who comes after.
1 imm, imb 1 around, about; Of clothes considered as encircling the body, around, about, on; With gaibid puts on; more definitely, at, by, along; along with, including; besides; After vbs. of motion, to, into, through, throughout (cf. fo); Of impact, collision (more usually fri), against, on 2Of the approximate time of an occurrence, at, about 3In abstract sense, concerning, as regards, in the matter of, on account of, for the sake of; With the idea of purpose, with a view to; In rel. construction with vb. about which, on account of which, concerning which; Of fasting for; appeals to the judgment in the matter of; In distrib. sense with numbers, for equivalent of to in the Eng. idiom two to one; Of anger and its opposite towards; Of affection and its opposite towards; Of fear, anxiety, sorrow for 4Used idiomatically with the subst. vb.: tá ... imm is engaged in, concerned in, in doubt about; Used of person adversely affected by action (=dat. of disadvantage) more commonly expressed by ar; In impers. const. with vbs. expressing violent un- controlled action to indicate person affected by the action; With vbs. in pass. impers. to express person affected by the action 5 meets; keeps to, perseveres in; puts on clothes; surrounds, troops around; seizes, attacks; lies with; swears by; rises; prevents or hinders y from doing x; deceives, deludes
imm-airicc 1 concerns, suits, is appropriate to 2 happens, succeeds; Used independently as a formula for ask- ing permission to begin anything may it be [deemed] fitting for us (?)
imm-cumaing is able
imm-fogni (fri) is construed (with) (gramm.)
imm-rádi 1 thinks (of), reflects (on), meditates (on), considers, plans 2 treats of, discusses, mentions, commemorates; mention is made of 3 sends
imm-tá 1in lit. sense is around, is about 2 figur. meaning is so, even so, thus; as ... even so is; even as is ... so is
imm-téit 1 goes around, goes about, travels, sets forth, comes, goes (in general sense); goes away, departs; Fig. passes away, is lost; Fig. proceeds, walks (of manner of life); befalls, happens; has to do with, deals with; changes, varies; is lost, is done for; dies 2 circumambulates, travels on, traverses; goes about in the sense of encloses; in- cludes; goes round protectingly, guards
2 in 1 whether; to know if, if perchance 2 whether ... or not 3 is it that ... not
inásaid grows, increases, is produced
indaas, indás than, than is
indbadaigid intrans. abounds, is rich; trans. enriches
in-dérig deserts, abandons, goes forth; refuses, rejects; is rejected
in-díxnigedar is in, exists in
ind-midethar is zealous for, devotes oneself to
in-gainethar is brought forth, is born
ingantaigid 1Trans. wonders at, marvels at 2Intrans. wonders, is amazed
ingantus wonder, astonishment; strangeness, wonderfulness; is astonished at, marvels at; wonders at, marvels at; professes astonishment at
ingeinid springs from, is brought forth
ingremmach one who is persecuted ?
in-loing 1 joins, unites, brings together, puts together; puts upon, lays upon, imposes, bestows, inflicts; Of literary composition, puts together, composes 2 imposes (usually a contract or obligation on someone); puts in a claim for, maintains a claim; enters, takes possession of; is manned
in-tairissedar impends, is present
inunn, in(n)onn 1 alike, equal, the same, identical, the one; that is to say; similar, same, identical; in the same way, alike, equally; the same (thing) as, just as; equal to; not as now; that is to say 2`one and the same,' identical
1 is 1 who (or which) is not, that (it) is not; that (it) is not; that (it) is not; who, what ( is ); why ?; how ?; how many; although, that.; so that.; whoever, whatever; whoever they are; whatsoever 2 whether; whatever; although, that; nevertheless; whether (it be) ... or ...; whoever it be; though it be; even; either, or; although; who, what 3 if I were; although
1 ís below, under
2 ís a man
1 Ís(s)u, Ísa Jesus; Jesukin
3 má, ma 1 if; if . . . not, unless 2 if it is that, if so; if so, in that case, then; nevertheless; if it were not . . ., but for . . .; if it be thou; as for, with regard to; according to; up to this, hitherto; just now 3`but if', unless; even so, nevertheless; unless it be . . ., except, saving . . . only; unless indeed 4 unless; Scarcely, hardly; `it is little if', scarcely 5 whether
maidid 1(the battle) breaks before A on B = A defeats B.; x is routed, put to flight, and in wider sense, flees, (or without notion of flight) rushes 2in physical sense breaks (= is broken), bursts, gives way; of persons, is routed, flees; rushes, makes a dash; of things, bursts forth, gushes, springs up, arises; breaks, vanquishes 3 breaks, defeats, shatters
maith 1 good; a good man; of quality, state, etc. good (of its kind), profitable, excel- lent; denoting ability, fitness, proficiency; good for, to the advantage of; good to, kind to; pleasant to; it seems good to me, I like, approve; of rank, station, wealth; wealthy(?); persons of rank, nobles; well, as interj.; it is better for me; I think it better, I prefer; the better of, for 2That which is good; good; his virtue; of state, condition, etc., a good thing, a benefit; good, prosperity; for good unto, for the sake of; concrete, goods, property, wealth
maraid 1 lasts, persists, is extant, remains (in existence); Of remaining, persisting in a certain place; remains with, is in the possession of; Of persons often remains alive, survives, is left; Often simply = lives; long lives, hence happy, fortunate; a long time, for ever 2 lives to see, experience
mebal, mebul 1a cause of shame, a disgrace; it is a cause of shame to me; I am ashamed 2transf. in concrete sense pudenda 3 deceit, guile, treachery (common later meaning); treacherously
medraid 1intrans. is exhilarated, merry (esp. of social or convivial enjoyment); Trans. intoxicates, excites, perturbs; was infatuated 2 discourses joyfully, is voluble, loquacious
meilid, melaid 1 grinds, crushes; of grain, etc.; of weapons, grinds, sharpens; of crushing, bruising, a person; Hence over- comes, destroys 2 uses, consumes; esp. of food; In wider sense uses, enjoys, has the benefit of:; serves, is of use to?3 wreaks, inflicts(on);
méit, mét 1 high spirit, pride; excessive greatness or arrogance?; of number; how much (many)?; how many times; how often; how much more 2 such is the greatness (amount, etc.) of:; not only; so great (much) is; it is much, it is of moment; it is no great matter; it is not surprising; I deem it much, of importance; I desire?; it would be desirable, fitting, natural; it is (would be) likely; as much (many) as; those who (whom) 3 so much, to such a degree; as big as; as much as, as far as, to the extent that; because; in proportion (as); in so far as, inasmuch as, because; however great, much (late)
menid almost, nearly?; if it is not
minaigid 1 breaks, shatters, comminutes; diminished 2intrans. is broken, shattered (rare)
mithig Timely, seasonable; it is time; it is time for me (to . . .); I deem it time (to . . .); proper, fitting
mod 1 manner, mode, way, fashion; In more restricted sense, way of behaviour, manner, habit, etc. 2(grammatical) mood 3 measure, limit 4 function, work, service; Deed, performance, achievement 5 honour, dignity, consideration (due to a pers. calling, etc.);6 it is the limit if (that). . . .; a way that is (really) no way, i.e. hardly, scarcely
mór, már 1 big, great; blustering (?); a great while; a great thing, in Glosses used adverbially = greatly; beyond counting; great = mighty, famous 2a great amount, a great deal (many); very often 3 greatly, to a great extent; especially; more and more 4 it is not (too) much for me, I require, I ought to (have, do); I think it much, excessive; I think much of, esteem, value, etc.; I think much (highly) of:; very little, hardly at all; almost; it is not much that (if) . . . = scarcely, hardly; almost; not more = nor . . . either; not more than, only 5a great battle; great guilt, a great crime; strong ale; a great birth (child, scion); a great circuit; as adv. (absolute or with i n-) all round, about; great Easter; big-headed; pro- lific 6 very; very great; much greater; the great battler; sluggards; very valiant; of mighty deeds; deserving much praise; great-billowed; bearing great (? many) apples
mothaigid 1 is amazed; wonders, is stirred (?)2 becomes aware of, perceives; In sense feels, becomes conscious of:
1 noch 1 but, however, and yet 2 that is to say; and
3 ol than; than he (she, it) is; than
1 ón 1 that is so becomes later a formula of assent = yes
ondar this is , here is
óthá, (ótá) from [where] is; from
ro-finnadar 12 know 3 finds out, discovers, learns; find out; find out 4 knows; is aware of, seldom is acquainted with); knew 5 is known; was known 6 finds out (knows) against (to the discredit of)7 surely, certainly
ro-saig 1 reaches, comes to, arrives 2 arrives; extends; comes (falls) to me (as a share, due, turn, duty, etc.); I succeed (in doing), accom- plish; comes to an end, is finished 3 comes up to, attains; attains to = gets, acquires; can, is able to,
sechmi-ella, sechmo-ella 1 passes by, passes 2 neglects, passes over, omits3 is lacking (in)
són 1 that is to say, namely
taebaigid trusts, sides with, is partial to, indulges in
taidbsigid is shown (do to), appears
taitnigid 1 shines, is bright 2 pleases, gratifies
1 tar, dar 1 over, across, covering; across; Of covering with clay, burying; Of wearing, being covered by clothes; Of wearing a belt; seizes, takes hold of; a cross; over, across; Of crossing rivers, the sea; over the wall of a city, rim of a vessel, etc.; across; Hence in Laws Comm. of stranded persons, etc. alien, foreign; an hostage, pledge; past, around; astray; over- throws, upsets; past; misses, escapes; mentions, refers to, treats of; through, out of; through (clothes, etc.); back; appeal; on behalf of; from that forth; is imminent, falls due; past; after 2 in addition to, besides; in excess of; exceeds; excels; preference, comparison, distinction; excelling, surpassing, beyond; in preference to, rather than; Approximating to of in Eng. of all things, persons, etc., above all; in comparison with; distinguishes x from y; substitution; on behalf of, for the sake of (?); on behalf of; in return for; in violation of, against, generally governing a noun meaning law, treaty, etc.; transgresses (see also tairmthecht); against, in violation of; in spite of; yet nevertheless; by
tathluither is released
techtaid 1 has, possesses; Gramm. has, possesses (meaning, case, sound, etc., of words, letters, etc.); In Laws possesses legally, has a legal claim on, is entitled to; `legalizes') 2 contains, holds; has dominion over, rules over; overcomes, takes hold of (of sin, age, etc.)
1 téit 1 proceeds, goes forward, turns out; goes away, departs; passes away, vanishes; yesterday; dies; continued 2 dies, perishes 3 goes upon, sets out on, etc.; Of sexual union; resorts to, indulges in, becomes subject to; is inflicted upon, comes upon (of misfortunes, etc.); is given to; is buried (?); y becomes liable for x; attacks, overcomes; x prevails over y; changes into, is exchanged for, becomes; x inspires, causes, gives rise to z in y; goes towards, for, etc.; goes out of, leaves; departs; escapes; elapses (of time), passes away, vanishes; dies; goes to, towards; Of marriage, sexual union; departs from, leaves, abandons; outstrips; surpassed; escapes from; x fails y, y fails to accomplish x; x fails; goes to, towards; ` is gone thither' =has died; expressing purpose goes to, goes for the purpose of; dies; applies to; is given to; y succeeds in doing x; fares with, turns out for; suits, becomes; goes to communion; Goes between; comes to pass between (of quarrels, recon- ciliations, etc.); goes under; be lost; undergoes, submits to; dies by (the sword); goes towards, throughout; attacks, assails; set; éiric; goes towards, against; opposes; devotes oneself to, adopts, takes a certain course; guarantees, goes surety for; takes after, resembles; goes into, enters; embarked; penetrates, invades, attacks; goes into (of numbers, etc.), fits into; goes to, sets about, resorts to, indulges in (of actions and states of being); becomes; results in; x results in y for z; Gramm. ends in (of words); amalgamates with, is assimilated to (of sounds); goes with, accompanies; is let go (unpunished) with; x succeeds; pleases; goes from, departs from; be off; is sent (on an errand) by; outstrips; escapes from; gives up, forsakes; y is deprived of, loses x; goes before, precedes; goes on, fares forward; goes past, passes; goes over, across, past; overcomes, overwhelms; exceeds, surpasses; transgresses, violates (a law, etc.); becomes necessary for, becomes due; passes by, is omitted, lost, forgotten by; escaped; goes through
2 testaigid 1 is lacking, wanting 2 dies
tláthaigid 1 consoles, appeases 2 softens, is appeased
2 tóaid is silent
tochomrachtaigid is weary
tochor 1 act of putting; overturn, upset; legal what is thrown on shore; jetsam; act of throwing, sending 2 act of happening; act of journeying (to), meeting 3 act of opposing, fighting; act of fighting; battle, fight; act of attack- ing; attack; con- tention, quarrelling, strife; warlike; boxing- gloves
tochtaid is silent, becomes silent
toga, togu 1act of choosing; choice, will, wish; election; Of Doomsday; preference over; Of choosing shares after division 2 wishes, desires 3In Laws consent, agreement; age of choice, of consent; agreement, consent; woman to whom a choice is allowed 4act of electing, election; Hence person elected; bishop-elect 5 choicest, best 6 right, due
1 toich 1 natural, proper, inherently right; it is X's natural, here- ditary right; Hence is proper, fitting for; fair, pleasing; more natural; it is better for me; I prefer 2 inheritance, property
tol 1 will; division by agreement (?), arbitrary division (?); is pleasing (to), is desired (by); consents to; Also loves; waiting on, pleasing, satisfying 2 goodwill, affection, love; desire, appetite; Hence pleasure; sexual desire, sexual intercourse; semen virile 3 according to the will of; spontaneously; of set purpose; by the will of, with the consent of; in subjection to; for the love of; according to the will of; in the power of; according to the will of; willingly; willingly; with good will, willingly; against the wish of
toltanaigid 1 pleases 2 is pleased, consents
tongaid 1 swears, takes an oath; Common in formula of asseveration (see , ) 2Legal swears, is of status to swear 3 swears by
tostaid grows silent, is silent
tráth 1 period of time, hour, point of time; day.; three full days; until the same time the next day; canonical hour; oratory; canonical hour of none; evening; in the evening; it is time to ... 2 when 3 moreover
tre 1 through; along roads, across bridges, fords, etc.; through the midst of a crowd of people, army, etc.; Of the body or parts of the body; on fire; throughout; absolutely, completely; lit. goes through (of an attack, battle-charge); violates, breaks (an oath) 2 for ever, everlastingly 3 figuratively 4Instrum. through, by means of; Causal on account of, by reason of (frequent with follg. vn.); in return for, on condition of; therefore; is brought about by, is due to
treb(a)raigidir is prudent
tromaigid 1Intrans. becomes heavy, is aggra- vated 2Trans. intensifies, inflicts on (for)
trúag 1 wretched, pitiable, miserable, sad; invalids; thin, lean, emaciated (of persons and animals) 2 wretch, miserable person; the strong and the weak, all, everybody; In voc. as term of abuse or disparagement 3In various phrases indicating sorrow, regret, fore- boding, etc. (copula frequ. unexpressed); alas for, woe is , woe to; x is sorry for, that; regrets
túaisid is silent
túalaingid is able
tuismigid 1 brings forth, delivers (of children); In pass. is born 2 impregnates, makes fertile 3 creates, produces, engenders